ANWARJETANDA ..Ooh la la..Jetsetters!!


The mass media.tweeters and blogsphere are just CASHING on the latest Pakatan or Anwar spunned Propaganda to boost up Pakatans image that they too have “FRIENDS” in the Corporate World who are willing to take the risks.


We tweeted this morning

1. Mohd.Taufik Omar says to Utusan Malaysia’he is not Anwar’s friend and rental service done professionally.


2. Mohd Taufik Omar rents d jet Sarawak businessman pays d rent? Who is Sarawakian who paid?

  • Did not Nurul Izzah(maybe some conveniently does not know that she is Anwar’s daughter the MP for Lembah Pantai) tweeted “”wht’s d issue w a jet trip loaned by a friend? Aint ours, aint public funds.

Ooh la la Next its ANWARJETANDA..(translated ..IT’S ANWARS JET)

One by one its coming out of the closet and its revealing itself as Propaganda 916 as we mentioned failed and Anwar is trying to get BN off his back by using another BOHONG of pitting the intelligence of the rakyat to vote for them and using a private jet is nothing.

  1. Whatever happened to Everybody can Fly?
  2. Is Air Asia/Maswings/MAS too inconvenient for Anwars itinerary? 

We should look further than what it all boils down too.If they come to power all his cabinet will be loaned with Private jets. They might justs have private escapades and meetings outside the country. Many businessman would be cashing on  $96000 for them to crisscross to Sabah/Sarawak.


I still will ask PKR YB See Chee How to tell his boss to tell me looking in my eyes and say,” Audie do you believe me now.

14 thoughts on “ANWARJETANDA ..Ooh la la..Jetsetters!!

  1. Fiery_Fury says:

    Belum apa apa lagi, basic target pun tak dapat achieve, sudah mok naik private jet… Loaned or pinjam sekejap or whatever you wanna call it … Seeing is believing lah PKR supporters, when it comes to money and luxurious lifestyle… they will “ubah” alright

  2. ruthless says:

    Insider source told me that Soon Koh is very worry that SUPP is going to leave BN Sarawak. With SUPP leaving Sarawak , SUPP is going to lose both Sibu Paliament seat instantly and all Chinese is going to blame him for it.

    Without leaving BN Sarawak, Both Kuching seats is gone. So the cards is on CWC CC hands. Like i say, either kill or be kill??? Ha Ha

    Now we have to wait and see what is the next move by Soon Koh and CM????

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Automated enforcement system should be installed in Kuching to detect and trap thousands of reckless and inconsiderate drivers.

  4. Dayak Sarawak says:

    With all the plans and promises from PR and BN, it looks like we Msian are going to have very good, better and heaven-like lives after GE13 regardless who win to the final line and host Putrajaya. If all these come true, Malaysia is a good place to stay and live but dont forget to upright laws and orders, enforce effective crime prevention and most important is to increase and standardize the required penalty on corruption, robbery, housebreaking, snatching, rape, murder, injuring, organized crimes and drug problems.

    We want an efficient Home Ministry and Home Ministers to promise a safe living place, not a sleeping and talking-no-action home minister only focusing playing politic. A good and efficient Home Ministry is vital to better a effective police department and law enforcement

    May God Bless The King, The Country and People of Malaysia

  5. Awang Semaun says:

    SUPP is going to lose a lot of seats just like MCA or Gerakan whether staying or leaving BN. The problem is where will Soon Koh be if SUPP pull out? But then nobody is going to lose a nights sleep if Chin and gang kick out Soon Koh and Gang.

    • ruthless says:

      Soon Koh is going to hold on to CM Sarawak tail. Ha ha Once CM retire, he is going to hole onto CM tail and cry and say don’t leave along. Just like when Mahatile resign , this Rafidah cry in front of UNMO assembly and tell PM to reconsider his resignation. Soon Koh mana boleh dipacaya??

    • 2012 hope says:

      Tahukah berapa hutang anda sebagai seorang rakyat Msia ?

      5024000 million/28 = RM 18857 setiap individu.

      Adakah negara kita kaya ?

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