PM Najib “Well Done…!!”

Lajim you should know this…..

In running a country a leader needs to ensure that rules and policies are being followed. If not the whole country will be ruled by Jungle Law. What PM Najib has done to remove Lajim which of course is his prerogative “was in accordance with clause (3) Article 43A, which was read together with clause (5) Article 43 of the Federal Constitution.”

Lajim thinks as an UMNO Sabah warlord he can bring the party down on its knees and his bargaining power is so strong that he will not be removed as a Deputy Minister. There are times when you can play hardball and this time Lajim played wrongly his cards.


It will not be too long that his followers will leave him as they too will feel that their positions and livelihood are being compromised.

Najib has now come hard on those who threaten UMNO and his Cabinet and very soon this message will have a POSITIVE ROLLER BALL EFFECT on the rest of the component parties in BN.

Najib needs to make a stand and he will not let the warlords have too much say or freedom. He listens ,watches ,compromised but will not succumb to overzealous politics of confrontation. It’s never too late to make a decision and Najib has wielded his sword and the STATEMENT IS LOUD AND CLEAR.

Lajim had his Day and Now Najib will end it for him.

11 thoughts on “PM Najib “Well Done…!!”

  1. alan newman, new zealand says:

    We NZ are neutral (ranked among the highest in non-corruption index & democracy) and we see through your PM who has zero sincerity or integrity. Faced with problem he bribes and buys his way through. Some say his rat eyes and dog moustache are more akin to a dishonest used car salesman than a statesman. In Sibu, S’wak, he declared along the line of …You help me I help you. BN wins then $xmillion to the Chinese school… Like Dr MM they go for twin towers, submarines, mega projects for maximum kickbacks, but never bother building the essentials like the trunk road for Sarawak or Sabah. He condones colossal corruption (Taib, Musa, Shahrizat…) and pretend they don’t exist. His men tortured Teoh B H to death on his wedding day over a few thousand $. He is a big disgrace to your Nation. Why haven’t you impeached him for treason – undermining & destroying the Country?

  2. alan newman, new zealand says:

    BN’s collapse has started. It’s God’s will. After all the people own the country and elect the gov’t to SERVE, not to rob them.
    UMNO leaders are always creating and raising false issues. Treating people like fools. These morons – the greatest disgrace to Malaysia. These won’t last 3 months in bersih, democratic countries like NZ, Aust, US, UK & Canada; and you’ve given them 55 years & lost what experts assessed at over US100billion = RM300,000million = RM300,000,000,000.
    Gerrymandering. Frauds in electoral roll with aliens, duplicates & phantoms. Buying & bribing…all using your money!. Biased EC Chiefs from UMNO. Unfair monopoly of media, heli, vehicles, boats, venues & resources. All using your money to destroy you!

  3. alan newman, new zealand says:

    Even in far-away, neutral New Zealand we are boiling mad, your BN Gov’t is outrageously crooked and dishonest, & for how many decades now! GOSH! Horrific plunder and robbery, skinning & fleecing the whole country. eg Taib in Sarawak, holding 3 supreme portfolios of Chief Minstr, Finance Minstr & Planning & Resources Minister, plundering for 31 yrs. Your PM pretends nothing’s there… he revenges on Rafizi for the NFC cows, even after 3 murders: Ross Boyert (Taib’s former US aide), Manser (native & rainforest activist) & Altantuyaa (Scorpene $$ claimant), & after BN lost over RM300billion in 55 yrs. Yr PM flies a new RM200m plane & Taib rides Rolls Royce. In NZ our PM flies 2nd Class; here Taito P Field, an MP was jailed for a few years for corruption (using Thai immigrants to paint his houses). How long would yr Dr MM, Najib, Taib all the BN/UMNO/PBB cronies, MACC, Police chiefs last in a democratic country like NZ, Aus, UK, US or Canada before going to jail? 1 mth?

  4. alan newman, new zealand says:

    In a democratic country, Dr MM, Najib, Taib, etc would be arrested and tried for treason, undermining and destroying the Nation through: a) Apartheid & racism. b) Deception of the public with controlled media and rigged elections. c) Weakening almost all institutions of governance including the legislature, judiciary, police, ACC/MACC, the Election Commission, and the Attorney-General’s Chambers. d) Mis-management, manipulation and corruption causing losses in hundreds of billions of RM$. If convicted all stolen assets to be returned and then the Convicts executed for treason. It is appalling these people behave like heroes, saints and kings without the slightest remorse or sense of shame. MM’s sons are directors of 200 companies and drive some of the most expensive cars in the world, eg the Ferrari Enzo & the RM5.5million Bugatti Veyron…Am writing from a truly transparent and democratic country, NZ.

  5. alan newman, new zealand says:

    What they – BN/PBB give to entice voters is the tax-payers’ money! Day in, day out, deceiving & fooling the people. What about the billions that went missing? What about MACC’s investigation of Sarawak’s Taib, 31 years in power with all resources, contracts, activities under his thumb? They only care about staying in power at the expense of the Rakyat, at the people’s poverty & misery. Crooked, rotten, shameless, despicable. Vote them out! Am writing from a truly transparent and democratic country, NZ.

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