Peter Ato – RIP 1959-2012

On behalf of all the management and staff of audie61 and friends of the late Peter Ato(second right-former PRS Supreme Council member) we would like to express our mosts sincere condolences to the wife,children and family.

He was a kind hearted person and had the mosts pleasant personality and would always stand beside us and would encourage me and whisper to me the correct ways/techniques when we were colleagues in the Supreme Council in the early years of PRS.

We are all  going to miss your laughs when we have breakfast or tea at least once a month but I know you are watching over us and we pray that the almighty God will reserve a special place for you in his heavenly kingdom.

Thanks Peter for the pleasant memories and the invaluable advises you imparted to all of us.


14 thoughts on “Peter Ato – RIP 1959-2012

  1. Its a sad day for everyone in Sarawak. We prayed upon hearing of the crash but we know God has taken you into his heavenly kingdom. R.I.P. Peter ato.

    • ZAINUDDIN!!! DIAM LAH KAU… We are trying to make a few seconds of silents to pray for the late Peter Ato and hope we can find the rest of the passenger soon. You are just not helping. Shame on you!

  2. It sad to receive a phone call and inform by someone that you has depart us. Anyway your good memory us stay inside our heart is forever.

  3. Saddest day for SPDP,Womg Judat confirmation to leave them on 31 July making Mawan the sole ADUN left in state assembly.

    • Base reliable sources,Gang of 5 will be following Judat’s footstep soon.Memang,in politics,it’s money that counts.

      Dont under estimate Taib Blue Eyes Boy,Larry.

  4. To all members of SPDP,how can you say BN Best Friends Forever where you cant look after your own members.Isn’t it just shallow ideas for cheap publicity.

    Jagalah Perahu sendiri yang berlubang-lubang yang hampir KARAM.

  5. Kasihan Mawan now lone ranger in DUN, Is he tasting his own medicine that he applied to kill SNAP and James Wong before OR he feels the wrath of Rakyat.

  6. A light in a world of darkness.
    A principle man he was.
    A beacon of us all.

    In tragedy we see a beacon of light.
    Peter you light is shine bright for Lord.
    Till we meet again.
    Glory be to God.

    • with regard to Wong Judat quit from SPDP,Taib answered reporters why do all ask small matter to me.What does he mean Small Matter SPDP should know better

  7. While SPDP pending branch is busy planning and enjoying with its so called Main-Main Malam 1 Malaysia by frequent visits to VVIP,Ministers and YBs,its president,Mawan was left alone without any helps from its members.Perhaps they should organise an Open Air 1 Malaysia Dance Party at Waterfront too after MM1M.haha

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