Pakatan “Truth or Lies..??”

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”

Please don’t lie to me, unless you’re absolutely sure I’ll never find out the truth.

3 thoughts on “Pakatan “Truth or Lies..??”

  1. From bad to worst,SPDP looks set to lose another elected representative today.

    Wong Judat’s planned meeting with Mawan is a farewell of sorts rather than solving problems.

    Wonder why SPDP pending can still hold upbeat moods in regard to others p 195 &p196 night with SUPP Tan Kai,Perahu sendiri pun nak kalam

  2. when judat resigns there will be two elections. very interesting.
    Be happy while the music is still playing.

    Seems Masing is sing a different tune. Now he is using colorful as an adjective.
    Masing said PRS weakness plenty. oh my my now the whole world knows about it.

    Hope SPDP not a one man lawman party after GE like SWP now.

  3. Jangan susah susah. Kasih undi saja itu PKR atau DAP, ho liaw. Pakatan Rakyat ambil alih kerajaan pusat, habis cerita. Everything ok already. Sudah moleh lulok keday chiek kopi o. How you think brada? Babut punya idea?

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