Winnie Lim {Wanita Chief SPDP Pending Division and Wanita State Exco SPDP }

17 thoughts on “UNITY IS STRENGTH -Winnie Lim

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Bravo,just another cheap publicity -seeking stunt,Jagalah bangalow sendiri yang hampir runtuh serta sedang menghadapi pelbagai masalah.

    • iBan says:

      cheap publicity is still publicity.

      a politician will take them all. bravo bravo.

      seem all politician in sarawak is staying on a boat where everyone knows everyone.

      where is swp and prs war lords now.

      when the rain come we all make hay.

  2. 2012 hope says:

    What a joke and first of such events in Msia,charity movie night for politicians.You will be badly cursed by your party member who are still living in dark without proper facilities in rural areas.

    Political in Movie Box,a laughing stock to the world.must be enjoying lah,a SPDP member says

  3. Cinta Negara Ku says:

    When in trouble, they need UNITY, watching movie together and hugging one another. Once the storm is over, start killing and back-stabbing one another. Joke of these politcians. Winnie, you are just kidding!!!!!

    PBB – “F” says the Chniese youths will surely support and vote BN; well, let see, my dear. Believe or not, many youths are not even patient to wait to vote you out….why, because of BN goverment long forgetting about taking care of Sarawak and its general people. Listen to the bullshit talks from CM and his gangs, feel like vomitting. No surprise many Malays are prepared not to vote BN this round, teach them a lesson

  4. phyllis says:

    First have to comment the girls or wanitas of taking up the cghallenge to organise this programme. BN is not the cup of tea at the moment but with woman power it will prevail. Its BN perception v Pakatan perception or i say DAP in urban areas while rural its more the dollars and cents.
    2012 comment is uncalled for and you should know how Adolf Hitler did his propaganda.
    Sarawask has rural and urban and all the urbanites mostly look at what you have to offer not receiving if you know its $$$$$

    Please give the girls a chance! Dont be so

    • 2012 hope says:

      Wonder how would this high-class and lavish lifestyle program benefit its party members ?.

      This lacked substances and in-depth program from such shallow mind is just a waste of time.

      Mungkin ada tujuan disebalik batu.

  5. observer says:

    I agree give the girl a chance. maybe should screen film in the longhouse and motive them like what SWP is doing. Where are you prs?

  6. dayang says:

    agree with phyllis. something is definedly wrong with 2012 hope as he seems to have losts all the plot. Lavish why dont Kapit or Betong have Spring lah! he musts have got his bearings wrong,
    The DAPs using whatever ways to get the votes why not give SUPP the chance to prove.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Wrath of God,Vengeance is mine,what comes around goes around.

      SPDP on the way to SNAP,perhaps SNAP Ghost is coming to haunt them.

  7. alan newman, new zealand says:

    More defection from BN/UMNO in the coming days. God always punishes evil. BN/UMNO. Dr MM. PM, MACC, EC, PBB, …don’t dream, repent now before it is too late. Besides, the whole world sees through your zero sincerity & moral We will do all we can to put Taib, Taib’s families, Hamed Sepawie, Awang Tengah, Len Talip. James Masing, Alfred Jabu, Asfia, Geroge Chan, Stephen Rundl……..dozens of them in Jail. Just wait and see. We are in touch with international NGOs, with Adrian Fozzard, International Coordinator of the Stolen Asset Recovery…….Ask your conscience, pray to God! Twitter quote: ‘Mubarak cried and resisted leaving the helicopter that took him to prison.’ Let this, Gaddaffi & Saddam etc be a warning to others. Alan Newman, NZ.

  8. alan newman, new zealand says:

    What they – BN/PBB give to entice voters is the tax-payers’ money! Day in, day out, deceiving & fooling the people. What about the billions that went missing? What about MACC’s investigation of Sarawak’s Taib, 31 years in power with all resources, contracts, activities under his thumb? They only care about staying in power at the expense of the Rakyat, at the people’s poverty & misery. Crooked, rotten, shameless, despicable. Vote BN/PBB out! Am writing from a truly transparent and democratic country, NZ.

  9. alan newman, new zealand says:

    In New Zealand, PM John Key flies economy class. Taito Philip Field, an MP was jailed for a few years for corruption (eg using aspiring immigrants to paint his houses), and after 31 years your Sarawak Chief Minister is still flying private jet, Rolls Royce, walking and talking proud and indirectly stealing billions from you. In NZ He would have been in jail 30 years ago. Why are you so gullible & forgiving? For me, NOT ANOTHER HOUR! Seemingly, few of you have righteousness & guts. Tragic. .

  10. alan newman, new zealand says:

    BN/UMNO/PBB, every day, year after year, decade after decade, they never run the country for its success and advancement, everyday just politicking to sabotage the Opposition and at the back, do more deals, projects for $$$. Just the opposite of German Angela Merkel, or UK’s Cameron or Japan’s Noda. These BN/UMNO criminals should have been shot years ago. Not another day! Zero Tolerance NOW! I see clearly and judge fairly from a neutral, distant Country that’s fully democratic.

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