PBB “Supportive for Solidarity”

The journalists and UMB BN cyber troopers that attended the courtesy visit of SPDP Pending Division to Fadillah Yusof (Deputy Minister of Science,Technology and Innovation , PBB Pending Chairman and Sarawak State Youth Chairman ) got what they wanted to hear,”In terms of solidarity PBB is all out together for solidarity with all the other component parties in SUPP,PRS and SPDP. Thus this P195 and P196 Friends of BN we are fully behind supporting the idea through.”

Meanwhile,Wanita Chief of Pending Winnie Lim mentioned to the journalist this will make us work harder to strenthen the BN machinery in anticipation of the upcoming GE13. We are not competing with anyone and we are playing a supplementary role to assist our component party SUPP in P195 and P196. The programme/concept is collectively well received by members of 4 component parties. 

If the opposition parties thinks that its going to be a “walk in the park” against BN they are in for a real fright come this GE13 says one of the BN Youth Exco.  

10 thoughts on “PBB “Supportive for Solidarity”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Chinese youths supports improving or waning for BN ?.

    Decades of discrimination under the guise of NEP by eroding their basic rights,steal the fruits and labour of their hard work,use admin barriers and quota system to stifle their entrepreneurship,denied them their rights of children scholarships,threatened them with bloodshed should the show dissents to discriminatory polices and ultimately insult them as Pendatangs,will the support BN ?

    Latest statement from TDM and Perkasa; Non- Malays in Msia are lucky and privileged to be able retain their race identities,cultures,languages and given citizenship.How is ur stance SPDP,PRS members who are non-malays ?

  2. iBan says:

    Honestly supp never had my votes. Only interested in business.

    Dap I only pad them with votes in the pass. Now dap only talk and sing.
    We do not need entertainers but visionary leaders.

    Think before you vote, take ge13 as referendum on Malaysia.

    Ask your candidate questions and listen to their answers.

    Do not just listen to what they say. You will regret later.

  3. phyllis says:

    Not everyone will vote for DAP in Bandar Kuching. They sound so confident that its a sure win seat according to my friends. The candidate for DAP and SUPP will be new faces and its a whole new ball game. It really depends on the party machineries.
    If SUPP is still in a quarmire/infighting thats bye bye SUPP.

    • Awang Semaun says:

      Bandar Kuching is sure to be retained by PR this coming election!. BN will be just wasting their money ,time and manpower. So do other town areas sure will be retain by PR.. Those still under BN will go through with thin majority. Mixed areas with malay majority will have major surprises! PBB candidates better watch out. Dont be too confident the malays/muslims will support you. If dayak areas split 50 – 50 the myth of Sarawak as safe deposit may explode in this coming election. PR may actually going to be in Putrajaya pretty soon. The sarawak state govt may be one of the few retain by BN. And will be in the opposition at federal level. Is the State govt ready for this?

  4. PRS 30 says:

    We will be supporting the BN candidates. SWP will tests the wrath of all of us in BN4. Why not SWP fight DAP too? Takut kah!

    • iBan says:

      Go do your homework and tell your boss masing to bring out his loot and get ready to spend.

      The long house people has suffered enough under prs. What is I’ll gotten will not last.

      What you doing here prs30. Get to work otherwise prs will lose all 6 seats.

  5. PAS SARAWAK says:

    Delay polls see what is written in Harakah:-
    PAS vice president Mahfuz Omar meanwhile reminded Najib that the five-year mandate given to Barisan Nasional at the Federal level was under his predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    As such, Mahfuz said it was wrong to suggest that Najib was ‘honouring’ the mandate from the people by going for a full term.

    Najib had earlier argued that holding snap elections was “shortening the period given by the people” to BN

  6. 2012 hope says:

    With only 4 MPs left,instead of putting your time and mind on half-baked SUPP,i would suggest you help yourselves first before others knowing SPDP is under threats from both inside and outside in coming GE.

    SPDP must now move its generals and think-tanks to areas contested not just looking for easy tasks in P195 and 196 which have minimal significance to its political survival and movements.

    To be frank,any urban SPDP branches are just liability cos it only contest in rural areas.

    • iBan says:

      Be smart like swp defined its objective knock out thr bad politicians of prs.

      Knock their loot out too to boot.

      Now you see prs working their pangs off. Seems the real winners are he voters.

      Good job swp keep frying the ikan.

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