3 thoughts on “P195 & P196 Night with Friends..

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Obvious soliciting votes from Chinese and Indians by BN;

    More than 800 China universities due to recognised,increase intake of civil servants for Chinese in govt, recognises 70 programs from KTAR, Free tuition for students in Selangor, Extra 1000 seats for Indians students to study in Matriculation college.

    Why all these never happen before and is it too late for Najib ?

  2. alan newman, new zealand says:

    BN/UMNO/PBB, every day, year after year, decade after decade, they never run the country for its success and advancement, everyday just politicking to sabotage the Opposition and at the back, do more deals, projects for $$$. Just the opposite of German Angela Merkel, or UK’s Cameron or Japan’s Noda. These BN/UMNO criminals should have been shot years ago. Not another day! Zero Tolerance NOW! I see clearly and judge fairly from a neutral, distant Country that’s fully democratic.

  3. Graham Vantine says:

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