DAP “We want Your Votes Sarawakians..!!”

It’s not even Election Campaigning period yet and still there was a Ceramah At BDC Kuching, Sarawak where Kuchingnites turned out in droves to listen to DAP SG and Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng.  

It has become a norm where mosts opposition events,rallies and ceramahs where the interests is growing and sometimes thousands turn up just to be seen and listen. LGE broke the ice when he said ‘when MP Chong Invited him to Kuching for a ceramah he jockingly said to Chong in Hockien{ A Boh,Bo Lang Lai } Can or not no one will turn up

Who will want to listen to me? At that instant he said,’Wah! This morning at the MBKS Community Programme 2012 themed “My City,My Home” at Tabuan Jaya he was told by YB Violet that only a handful meaning 1000 turned up to meet CM Taib. He said he is honoured that Kuchingnites and Sarawakians have given him an overwhelming support to turn up tonight for this UBAH Night at BDC and he was told the crowd has swelled to over 5000.

So he said Ah Jin “Chong Chieng Jin must be correct to say people are giving a listening ear to DAP. DAP knows that Stampin Constituency is under SUPP and the incumbent is Yong Khoon Seng but he has already signalled that he is not seeking relection. Chong is eyeing this constituency of 80000 voters and he knows that his Bandar Kuching Seat is a safe seat for a new face in Dr.Tang (his personal assistant)

DAP knows that SUPP 7 parliamentary seats are all up for grabs as the Chinese Community are turning their backs on the party. It is and will be a tough battle for SUPP judging from the turnout at BDC. LGE hit the right chord and many in the crowd were nodding ,clapping as he said he has proven that he has tried to run a state by being Mr.Clean. He mentioned,”The decision is yours to follow and if you want to follow what Penang government has done its your choice in putting the right people in the right place.

HE and DAP are on a crusade and that is getting into the minds of the voters in that,”Pakatan needs Sarawak to give them the votes to form the next Federal Government” LGE has previously targetted 12 seats in Sarawak and he will try to woo the voters by whatever means possible and he judging from the DAP collection boxes and the amount collected at all this well planned and marketed well ceramah SUPP will have problems a plenty.

SUPP will have their own strategies to counter but they need all the help from all the component parties in whatever ways and however ways to ensure that BN Sarawak will still remain a bastion for the coalition. When a former ADUN and an assistant Minister said,”posters and propaganda does not vote” he was proven wrong and he losts miserably.

This day and age with so much advancement in the technological field even the rural voters are becoming voter smart. The urban voters they say cannot be swayed but till now we are not convinced that “its a lost hope”. SUPP needs to work their programmes well and musts be collectively responsible and reach out even to the last minute of the midnight hour to secure that one (1) vote.

DAP are reaching not only the hearts of the urban voters but their propaganda have reached the brains of the voters/sympathisers who will just blah blah out from their mouths”DON”T WASTE YOUR VOTES ON SUPP”

SUPP needs to up their ante and with fresh faces,new ideas,highly motivated team they will give DAP a run for their EGOS and chip away the winning edges from them. The people will know as SUPP will field the potential candidates who will fight for them in Parliament and will ensure that they will be proud to have voted for them.

Not only DAP have calibre candidates but SUPP does have too and they need to be the ones who needs to reach out and convince the voters that they are the one. Nothing comes easy on a platter and SUPP needs to conjure up their resources and ensure their party workers are on the same wave lenght as the candidate themselves.

The team factor will bring them through but all strategies needs to be planned and carried out not mediocre manner but with enthusiasm and giving 100 percent.

Sarawakians will vote wisely and DAP knows that Sarawkians are no fools and they need to also work hard to maintain their 2 seats which are in their hands at the present time. SUPP needs to prove to all the detractors wrong and ensure that they maintain their iron grip on the 7 seats allocated to them by the BN coalition.

It goes without saying that DAP and SUPP will eyeballing each other till the elections are over

8 thoughts on “DAP “We want Your Votes Sarawakians..!!”

  1. iBan says:

    Supp is finished. The most is riot win one seat.
    I have always never supported supp because they only give lip service. I have never see the need to vote for supp and I am correct. Now I do not see the need to vote dap any more.
    Penang is not Sarawak.
    I vote independent this time. Why because the dap candidates in p208 are former supp gangs.
    It is just grudge match.

    Dap only NATO and sing like canaries. We need true sarawakian to get elected and resign after one year and cause by elections. Think outside the box.

  2. 2012 hope says:

    There are 1001 reasons why Chinese are shying away or turning their backs at BN except those politically and business linked.

    Decades of discriminatory polices had angered and waken them while more will be joining them especially younger generation in future.

    55 years on,Msians are still divided into 3 classes, Bumiputera=Malays, Bunyiputera=Lain-Lain and Non-bumiputera=Chinese and Indians,

    Latest shocks on Najib by Canadian newspaper that puts Najib in the same league as Putin,Mubarak,Molosevic and HunSen who practise autocrats.

  3. phyllis says:

    SUPP has nothing new to offer. Most members are just interested to land contracts and also hardly seen in campaigning or visit constituencies. DAP members very enthusiastic and down to earth and people are accomodating them.

    • 2012 hope says:

      PPPW minded politicians are thinking and targeting the Goodies of the gravy train which are too difficult too miss. ( Kangtows or Lucrative projects from Govt ).

      How many really look after the well being of Rakyats,All are NATO leaders,-No Action Talk Only.

  4. PRS 30 says:

    DAP promises everything lah! Not yet government can bah. People will be hookwinked.Hope the people will vote for the leader that cares for them and bring issues up in Parliament.

  5. iBan says:

    My comment is in sarawak it be a 49 year or better still 50 years referendum on Malaysia.
    When you are in a relationship and your partner abuse you what do you do?

  6. alan newman, new zealand says:

    In a democratic country, Dr MM, Najib, Taib, etc would be arrested and tried for treason, undermining and destroying the Nation through: a) Apartheid & racism. b) Deception of the public with controlled media and rigged elections. c) Weakening almost all institutions of governance including the legislature, judiciary, police, ACC/MACC, the Election Commission, and the Attorney-General’s Chambers. d) Mis-management, manipulation and corruption causing losses in hundreds of billions of RM$. If convicted all stolen assets to be returned and then the Convicts executed for treason. It is appalling these people behave like heroes, saints and kings without the slightest remorse or sense of shame. MM’s sons are directors of 200 companies and drive some of the most expensive cars in the world, eg the Ferrari Enzo & the RM5.5million Bugatti Veyron…Am writing from a truly transparent and democratic country, NZ.

  7. alan newman, new zealand says:

    BN’s collapse has started. It’s God’s will. After all the people own the country and elect the gov’t to SERVE, not to rob them.
    UMNO leaders are always creating and raising false issues. Treating people like fools. These morons – the greatest disgrace to Malaysia. These won’t last 3 months in bersih, democratic countries like NZ, Aust, US, UK & Canada; and you’ve given them 55 years & lost what experts assessed at over US100billion = RM300,000million = RM300,000,000,000.
    Gerrymandering. Frauds in electoral roll with aliens, duplicates & phantoms. Buying & bribing…all using your money!. Biased EC Chiefs from UMNO. Unfair monopoly of media, heli, vehicles, boats, venues & resources. All using your money to destroy you!

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