PKR “Enemies Within…..!!”

There was an air of expectancy within the group in audie61 that the “GREY DAYS” are things of the past. The motivational energy was very high and many were under the impression that all the years of grafting and toeing the line would reap its rewards.

Bang ! Dush! Dush! Dush !

The inflated balloon was punctured by some seemingly unnoticeable forces who were touted to be “friendlies” and will fight to the last breadth if it means to safeguard the honour of the group.

The family secrets or misdeeds musts be kept within the four walls of the family home is now a thing of the past. The Abel and Cain stories which is naratted in the Bible and in the Quran has resurfaced again in a different form.

This time it appears and involves powerstruggle,jealosuly and in a bigger context,”THE ENEMIES WITHIN” We were taken aback to say the least when one of our closest friends in a component party said,‘You will be surprised who has bad mouthed and done the collateral damage to your political career” You would have thought its the people within the party but when you look deeper its your “own extended family members”

The modus operandi unlike before”when I dont like you I get rid of you personally(mafia style,triads ways   but now its more deadly as it seeps into the brain cells. The poisoning of the mind of the family members and using it to their advantages and maximising it fully by pushing aside the trusted siblings declaring them as UNTRUSTWORTHY is more than normal. Its worse than pushing a sword at the chests.

Our CM Taib  like any other political leaders at the top would know very well how to handle and what has been going on within his family circles. Certain circumstances the people in power needs to address the situation as such at the expense of the “capable and innocent” ones. It is the enemies from within that mosts political leaders would fear. They would not fear their politcal strategists nor their close allies.

They will fear the “extended family members who at times open their mouths unnecessary and planting the seeds of discord. It will take time to heal but very often the good ones will emerge stronger and able to hold their own as their TRACK RECORD speaks for itself. { Can’t keep a good man down forever }

The good times will flow like the rivers taking their normal courses when the TRUST levels are grasps back and held together by both hands. Leaders are human beings and they will atone and make good of the people who have been suppressed and reward them. The leader who sees through all “bickering and distrusts” will not only have a group of loyalists but also one that will ride the storm out together.

We came across this blog and had some interests in the story which we read. This happens to many new and upcoming “STAR” politicians and this guy is no different.  We had a breakfast meeting with one of former CEO of a multi national companies and he said,There is a difference between an ACADEMIC and A POLITICIAN and it so happened that we were talking about this subject”Rafizi and his resignation as CEO”

We would know much about him as a person but what we have seen of Rafizi in the internet blogs,you tube and debates with Khiary Jamaluddin he is a STAR in the making. The only common thing we share is LEEDS though as he studied in Leeds University while I support Leeds United Football Club.

This blog we reposts what has been written might justs shed more light in why we are writing on this subject.


Rafizi letak jawatan:

The untold story For a qualified chartered accountant, it is a surprise he quits his rm40k job knowingly he was the current blue eyed boy of Anwar. From his prime days as a star debater form MCKK and was already in the radar of Anwar.

 After he resigned from Petronas, he was already waiting for offer from Anwar. So for him to resign is a bit mysterious for some but not to his rivals within the party. If Anwar resigns , nobody will be surprise as he is not much of an economist.

Rafizi has the background as he would have learned the economics essentials during his chartered accountancy days. So why did he resign? Rafizi lives in Bukit antarabangsa, Azmin’s constituency.  After finding his chances to win in Kemaman dwindles , he is now struggling to find his place in PKR.

 The question is Where can he go.?  He was then already pictured as a machai for Anwar, and so onvincingly he was treated that way by the peers in PKR, not knowing that this lad has also big ambitions. Can blame him, he was a brilliant and best student in MCKK. But He needed a platform to launch him to a higher level of political limelight.  As a master debater, he has an asset that he can use to attract attention of the younger generation. 

No matter how revolutionary the ideas he may have, he needed a forum to  attract a massive attention.  Debating series with Kj on the NFC and PTPTN issues has propelled him to some kind of political stardom.

Pandan is a BN seat even though the state seats are all under The Opposition.  Knowing he has no chances in Kemaman, Pandan and Ampang are the next 2 clear choices. Rafizi has lost many things when he left Petronas. He is not stopping just to be a machai .

He is brilliant then Bard, the teacher. He is much better debater than any kid on the block. He is aiming for something more. And this time around he is not standing down, even if Anwar asks him to make way for other much senior than him. He has sacrificed too much when he was in Petronas. He cannot give in any more. He wants to contest. Mak lamper and Azmin is standing his way. 

Anwar is asking him to stand down. He said no way.Not again. The last time he had to stand down was during the AmK chief contest.  He is too smart. In fact he is much better than Azmin, Khalid Ibrahim and Zuraidah combined. No way

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11 thoughts on “PKR “Enemies Within…..!!”

  1. Fiery_Fury says:

    I agree that the enemies within the family is the most scariest of them all. That feeling of betrayal is the worst of its kind. Urrggghhhh!!!

    A common mistake made by “family members” is that they think that they are the smartest and the most successful when in fact they are just insecure. If you are so clever and smart, why not rule the world?? Look in the mirror first la…

    Especially when that person they are bitching about is a rising star, this type of jealously will lead to a full retaliation later on.

    If you know where the poison comes from, better to treat it “directly” before it spreads further….

    • 2012 hope says:

      It’s norm in Malaysia politics,backstabbing and sabotaging each others for PPPW or famous and commonly known as Popularity, Position, Power and Weath.

  2. bloggers unite says:

    Rafizi is a “STAR” Everyone will point towards him and thus he will be shot and if he is over enthusiastic his presnt glass window will break into pieces. PKR like any other parties fighting for power will have its share of struggles.

  3. iBan says:

    (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    This is what we all having. If you agree vote bnorpr.

    Nero slept will Rome burnt to the ground.

  4. phyllis says:

    Remember the “boy next door “looks does not mean the guy is harmless. It is usually the opposite and most loud mouth guys are actually harmless while the quiet ones are the ones who have the mosts poisonous sting.

  5. 2012 hope says:

    Sesco CEO says Sarawakians all lack knowledge and dont have the credibility to lead,i am just helping Taib for just drawing RM 400000 per month,

  6. iBan says:

    There is always some one to do the bidding. I is written all over the history of how sarawak came about. It takes a pirate to help another.

    Politicians are like soil with high water content. They tell you what you want to hear or listen and you soak them all lock and barrel.

    Behind you they make and loot the best they can.

      • rentap says:

        iBan…PRS is not takut of SWP…SNG can come to julau my birth place and put his candidate there…either it’s collin balla or wong judat…kami iban julau saja enda nyukung bala sng agik…laban ya udah kala nipu kami di julau….nadai cina nyak bisi ati amat ka nulong kami iban….bala cdak josephine nyak ukai nama nadai ulih muai sng laban udah kelalu maioh makai duit ya…so they are sng slave….org ka nitih ka sng nyak mina ka nutu duit ya aja ukai ati amat ka nulong rakyat…peda dik pendiau bala kami di julau tok enti nadai joseph salang…lama udah tinggal pembangunan…nama utai ulih gaga wong judat…mina nyabong baka sng and mimit org bejako ka ya bala menyadi ya nyau baka samseng ngelaban kami julau dito..alah samseng cina….it’s not about takut but it’s about truth behind all the lies that sng have given us all those years before….kami di julau saja enda nyukong ya laban kami enda gila duit baka kita…mimit2 alu duit….bangsa ingat ka kitai ukia duit…..

  7. 2012 hope says:

    Deputy speaker,Wan Junaidi reminded Swakians not to vote and send pieces of deadwood into the August House.

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