” WHO AM I..??”

At the Euro-Football the countdown before the kickoff at Ukraine and Poland starts from 10,9,8,7 to 1. But here we give you only 57 seconds to answer us which means you don’t even have a minute to play with before you answer the following three simple words…

“WHO AM I..?”

OH! U are really thinking about the Jackie Chan’s movie..No,no. For those who are wondering who this Jackie Chan is lets give you a brief introduction( Chan is one of the best-known names in kung fu and action films worldwide, known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons and innovative stunts).

Well.some of you might be scratching your heads again.What”s the game plan with this blog? If we know, we would not be asking the questions but we will be providing the answers. Could it justs be one of those days when its the beginning of the week. Monday..remember the Boomtown Rats single….(I DONT LIKE MONDAYS) which was Number 1 for four (4)weeks in 1979.

Hold On ! Surely, by the time you have read so far you musts have 20 seconds left to answer “Who am I.?” Shall we give you further clues?

One of my FB friends even wrote “sometimes I feel I’m a men and at da same time I’m a lady…hmmm....Wow! there were many comments and one in particular answered the writer of the posts..{ Am not worried but u shud coz u had the statement hahahaaaaa}

Or could you be this?

My body looks decreasing I don’t know who am I? My foot is black,But I dont know who am I. I am in a big hand.But I don’t know who am I. Oh. I know I am a Pencil. I am just being used.

TIMES UP..Thats 60 seconds and a minute is up. Have you made up your mind who you are.?

Gosh! Don’t be worried you are who you are, you are here on this earth for a purpose. Did we answer you ? You still scratching your head..Don’t bother, as the MIRROR IN WHICH  you are facing is giving you all the answers you need to know.



WHO AM I..? 


13 thoughts on “” WHO AM I..??”

  1. phyllis says:

    Great next it will be all about gone within 60seconds.. Mind boggling but not all the time politics is gud. Refreshing..

    • 2012 hope says:

      PPPW, popupar,power,position and wealth as well as syndrome of 4Bs, Bungalow,Benz,Brain and Body best describe politicians nowadays regardless of divides.

  2. Julian Dawson says:

    Well its away from the norm. Light hearted but something for us to ponder. My answer within 60 seconds” I am what I am”

  3. sarawakiana says:

    We are sarawak. The Country which is rich in natural resources and many others. Unfortunately now we are lagging behind other Malaysian States. U will know why. Ask who shall not be named..Who am I?

  4. 2012 hope says:

    How many of the following issues will affect Najib’s PRU 13 results ?

    Electoral rolls reform, PKFZ scandal, NFC loan, PTPTN loans, Lynas plant, East Malaysians grouses, Mas and Proton Billions bailouts, 500 million’s Submarine commission and near 500 billion national debts besides commonly known rampant corruptions and abuse of power.

    How many Malaysians are aware,concern and fully understand all these issues ?.

  5. 2012 hope says:

    Mahatir blames vernacular schools for keeping people apart.

    Actually Chinese schools welcome and accept any races while bumi institutions like UiTM,MRSM,SBP,SM sains,Matrikulasi, Asasi IPTA .and many more others admission are totally base on races,ONLY for bumis.Who is segregating the rakyat ?

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