FACEBOOK Comments on SWP”Battle of Selangau”

The news media have highlighted this story the last few days Natasha a columnist at audie61 said “its a battle royale as Entulu the Deputy Minister has thrown a challenge to Larry Sng to come to Selangau to contest.” Its on Facebook and PRS loyalists have come out to comment. These are some of the postings:-

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    • Apai NuelNot scare at all. Even we are please Larry SNG to contest in Selangau! Let see ! People are know well who is Larry Sng! Where is the banana’s now ???

      24 minutes ago · “}’>LikeUnlike
    • Alexander Donald If Larry wants to save himself from humiliation and embarrassment he should stay away from Selangau. He should stay away from any PRS seat for that matter. Dayak have now come of age in politics. SWP cannot fool us with their rhetoric and cheap politickings. In the final reckoning we know who can and should represent us.

OUR PREVIOUS ARTICLE below garnered a number of comments 33 in all and some of them can be read here:- https://audie61.wordpress.com/2012/06/16/swp-another-fiasco/#comments

Its only fair we dont take sides in our postings and this we took from the previous to show the other side which PRS members musts also take into account.

 One of the many are listed here:-iBansays:

Interesting times. Everyone like a good things when it comes around. Whether SWP is good of the voters , that we are all sure except for Prs which has nightmare since at every mention of SWP.


Ruthless is only going to write facts.Whether you accept it or not is not important. For PRS members is ok cause they cannot accept reality. Like i say early they only can accept words can out from they smelly Boss mouth?? Ha Ha

Not a registered member,No consent,No attendance at Annual General Meeting

Basically these sums up an article which appeared in an internet portal which USED THE WRONG LOGO in a Bernama article when a lawyer said he was not a member of SWP(Sarawak Workers Party). The article used SPDP(Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party) logo which a reader told us the portal unknowingly overlooked. The article:-http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=34976:larry-sng-fiasco-another-member-doesnt-want-to-be-in-his-supreme-council&Itemid=2

Well, two(2) gentleman have left Larry Sngs SWP in President of the Sarawk Teachers Union (STU), William Gani Bina as Vice President and the now Jefferson Jingan Nanang as Supreme Council.

These words from the Prime Minister Najib on SWP ,””illogical, irrational and non-consistent” and also CM Taib and also Assistant Minister Karims statement which appeared in Borneo Posts musts have swung their minds.

(word on the ground..they have been coaxed to join the opposition tsk,tsk.tsk)

Karim Hamzah said“I don’t think the Prime Minister and Chief Minister would have two sets of  advice or direction whenever they give speeches – one for “public consumption” and another for among our colleagues,” You can read more here: http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/06/06/karim-believes-najib-taib-mean-what-they-say/#ixzz1xwBqVSbV

Earlier before the pressure mounted CM Taib had already said very kind words to Larry and these are the extracted statement”“I tried to dissuade him. I told him a young man like him probably would find a  better opportunity to come up once the political situation among the Chinese  settles down in a couple of years’ time, but it seems he is firm with his  intentions’

CM Taib also said on SWP”“Show your friendliness in the way you campaign, but still if our seats are  challenged we have to fight back.”

These are indeed tough times for Young Larry and his party SWP and he will need a lot of political manouevring and strategising to STAY RELEVANT in the current political climate that exists.

18 thoughts on “FACEBOOK Comments on SWP”Battle of Selangau”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    No1 , Larry of SWP Vs No 2, Joseph Enutulu of PRS will lock horn in a great anticipating election show in Selangau.

    In order to garner the supports of the constituents prior to this so called battle of royale,each has openly or rather specifically listed all their sacrifics and contributions during their tenure as politicians.

    Entulu is trumpeting his invaluable efforts in Selangau,turning kedai kayu to kedai batu, jalan kampung to highways,muddy water to clean water and oil lamps to modern lighting and etc.

    On other hand Larry was fast to retaliate with his famous 1 million Larry Education Fund which he started in Pelagus in 2001.

    The funds was said to be benefited about 800 students and still going on though not longer YB.He promises to bring similar funds to Selangau should the electorates there welcome it.

    Larry has brainchild-ed another strategy which was rarely or never seen in Malaysia.” Free RM 10000 Accidents Insurances to all SWP members with RM 10 hospital benefits per night.

    Nonetheless,, will all these attractive gimick be able to change the mindsets and decisions of the wise voters in Selangau,only time can tell.

    In general,most modern rational and right thinking voters will put all hose goodies as secondary to candidates’ credibility,personality,accountability and integrity.

    Good luck to both candidates,remember it’s public interests and not personal interests at higher stake if elected.

  2. PRS 30 says:

    Larry can tell everyone he has done this and that for Kapit. As assistant minister what did he do to the other areas? Only kapit is it?

    • iBan says:

      Prs is basically a racist party in front to hook win the rural voters.

      get contracts and get the Chinese to bank roll the project.

      These are facts. Maseng should repent and not think he is god.
      Can charm the voters of Balleh but cannot fool the urban voters.
      Seems quiet these days.

    • 2012 hope says:

      I am either pro BN or PR,best for two potential candidates is to show their report cards or so called KPI report mooted by PM to the public and let them judge and evaluate.

      Students burning mid night oil wouldn’t fare better than those who constantly do their revisions and home works.

      It is pointless and waste of time agreeing with each others especially among supporters.

    • ruthless says:

      Before PRS 30 asked this question he should ask himself what has Entulu don’t since he is the ass’t minister for rural development minister ????? His department expedition is more than rm 100 billion a years???? what has approve for the state of sarawak???

  3. iBan says:

    Okay all the nonsense to entertain us here.

    My take is the taukey will be standing in ulu Rejang.
    Billy the kid and ugak will both give way to jangan lawan taukey.

    Well wll know masing stole prs that is the fact. With such a friend who need enemies.
    Ask masing is he a politician to lead the people or leading all sarawakian to the wilderness.
    A vindictive person and only cares for his marbles is a poor leader.

    For almost 30 years after been elected to CN. What has the taw key got to show. I do not know whether to cry or to laugh. It is time for the workers to show who is the real taukey


    • dny says:

      Iban…i caya sama lu,the Prs no 1 man is not leading the peoples of various races in swak to prosper…instead he’s flourishing himself and his close allies. A very wander, why cant the native Iban population stay united, dont split, fight for your rights and rules sarawak wisely alongside with your allies (if there is)…now we have more than enough talented dayaks to rule sarawak…why make the present old white man still there…or at least work together with PR to oust BN first…goid lucks my fellow oppositions friends..

  4. iBan says:

    Click to access 2118_my_sarawak_090106.pdf

    Read the article before putting comments and we will have a great discourse.

    In 1974 all I remember is the then BN federal leader come to Sarawak and threaten us in we want development we must support them.

    These politicians I cannot believe them anymore. Show me the dough now otherwise will be another 40 years in the dersert.

    The fake/bad politician should just take their loot legal or not and get lost.

    • 2012 hope says:

      From reliable sources,PutraJaya was built with staggering cost of RM 12 billion as at today.

      Just sad to mention, most of the funds came from oil and gas revenues from Sabah and Sarawak.

      Wonder how many rural illiterate who live from hands to mouths know it.Perhaps they think that BN can print its own money,actually rakyat money,or taxes to help the rakyat.

  5. 2012 hope says:

    The 101 km kapit-kanowit road which costs about 800 million will be awarded to Untang Jaya SB, a company registered under James Masing’s wife base in Kapit.

    As to day,the company had won more than RM 100 million of projects in Kapit.

    Wonder why james masing’s wife is so good in construction sectors.Is there any murky practices in tenders ?

    • iBan says:

      It is design and built. The road only lead to three long houses more or less. 10 million per km.
      My friend ah Ming is the financier.

      Look like a duck, quake like a duck, smell like a duk.

      That is what prs is doing looting for profit. That is the real reason they are worry about SWP.
      Losing their ill gotten loot.

      • 2012 hope says:

        Bet my last cents if the road can be completed in 2020 with more than 60 % of whole projects still pending approval from Putrajaya.

        Questions remain whether govt is willing to fork out 800 million for such uneconomical project which only benefit a small population in rural parts of the state.

      • ruthless says:

        it Is the government obligations to built but by the years 2020 do they still has MONEY to built it ??? I would not be surprise that the fund has been HIJACK for others location. It happen in Pekan so it can happen anyway in sarawak as long as salang is still MP for Julau. Beware of him kapit folks.

  6. 2012 hope says:

    Ignore,forget and once and for all vote out politicians who are looking popularity,power,position and wealth. ” PPPW minded YBs “.

  7. ruthless says:

    Today Borneo Post :page 9 Section HOME dated 18/6/2012

    Inspection on proposed Kapit water Treatment Plant Extension Project

    By looking at the Photo taken at the construction site, you can SEE yb Mohd Shafie minister of KKLW) and yb Alex working through in progress building with very POOR housekeeping. ON the floor you can SEE plank, wood, brick and steel bar are all scatter around on the floor. I am wondering as the Minister of KKLW and Yb, did he know the government regulation that while you are the constructions area you are require to were “HAT HARD”??? Did he ever reads the content of his tendering document on SAFETY??? Did he know that he can STOP work on POOR working condition??? Did he minister of KKLW know the safety rules and regulations working on the construction sites??? Did he minister compromise SAFETY against work progress???

    I really feel ashamed when our minister didn’t know Basic safety rules working at construction site.

  8. Merinsa Udu says:

    Aku ada di Dijih Tamin, there is almost nothing that I X know about what had happened in this area. At one time I was bz fighting to protect engkabang tree ditanam di tanah kebun x di tanah temuda -Kena Curi…… I had to bring d kes to the attention of Bukit Aman. Development?..BC ga jalai tanah liat. Projek to generate income?…honestly,.. zero..bala k rajin nya bc nanam sawit kediri empu. Bc ga k bernasib cun..bulih projek paung sawit (lebihkurang 300 pun) ari 100 bc k 5 ikoq bulih. Pemansang sekula….graduate ulih itong ngena jari sepiak, baru ka sa…dua…tiie…megai pengawa nyadi pegawai ba perintah? blantantly kosong wai…. BC ga nguji minta pemansang ke ulih generate income…kenak blok sulu…

    Political issues dito?…..jalai tanah liat, jambatan, plywood,…….. (Kebun getah skala sederhana, sawit…tok x tau disebut…baka tangling carrot..umpan seribu guna.

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