Shhhhhhh..Pay Back Time.!!

A former youth chief of a component party said to us,”It’s seems that one can enjoy success and power for only a while when they forget the people who assist them to get there.”

This article which appears at todays main stream media, “ goes as far back as July 25th 2005. That particular afternoon the Supreme Council meeting turned into more or less into a “shouting match” and started the animosities which followed between two factions and the eventualities that followed which is history today . Soon it will be 7 years and …..

He said “What comes around goes around

Isn’t it ironic that the people in the picture shown were once his very own supporters and they have now turned around against the very person they support.

The youth chief said the political lesson is simple “Its a double edge sword and ensure you keep your promises…….

10 thoughts on “Shhhhhhh..Pay Back Time.!!

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Very True. Heard this man promise too many people and he said he is also very close to Chief Minister Taib .

    • ruthless says:

      What happen to PRS cyber trooper? why no comments from you side?? It is the phone that being given to you already broke down?? Or instruction from your boss to stop writing on the blog?? Now you can obviously seen even, Mr Donald want to challenge PRS?? it is that your president has created so many enemy within PRS???

  2. PRS 30 says:

    This Donald his name already Lawan and he always like to think he is so good and that PRS should recommend his son to be Assistant Minister. He can forget it and unless he starts his own party he can try to put his name in. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    • ruthless says:

      Macam mana dapat ass’t minister post??? Dikalau Jabu is CM , maybe or else jangan harah. Being told he was re-comment by masing to be the ass’t minister?? You think, CM tidak tahu dia punya character kah? Kalau dia di-appoint ass’t minister, nama baik minister sarawak akan spoiled by him.

  3. PRS Tamin says:

    Oh No! woof woof woof also seem to support this Donald Lawan guy. We all behind TS Masing and Donald can forget about Masir be his man again. Stupid guy Donald!

    • ruthless says:

      Do you believe Donald and masing ?? Maybe is games plan by Donald and masing to see who is the enemy within the party???Snoldom is worst, ?? can you trust him ?? if you lihat action dia itu, he think he is the only handsome and richest man in Kuching lah. Lucky CM tidak kasih dia ass’t Minister post, if given , apabila dia jalan , gaya dia macam jalan di atas awam??

  4. 2012 hope says:

    Ist ever Political party provides Free Personal Accident Insurance to pits members.

    SWP president,Larry Sng says those who join his party will be given insurance as mentioned above.

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