SWP “Confused or Convince”

Todays headlines in the main stream media obviously is all about the Sarawak Workers Party helmed by Youth Advisor to the Chief Minister Larry Sng.  Our Rocket scientist Bugi Wijaya from Sabah in audie61 is now scratching his head as the political situation in the Sarawak he says has gone”murkier’ and thrown a spanner in the works in the very existence of BN4.

If you are not confused he said I am and and its really confusing as we can see from this statement and moreover its not so convincing.”

Larry, 33, maintained SWP would be a Barisan Nasional (BN)-friendly multi-racial party but would contest against PRS in its six seats of Lubok Antu, Sri Aman, Hulu Rajang, Kanowit, Julau and Selangau.

“We will be friendly to the rest of the state BN component parties and look forward to working with them. We are not against the policies, but we do feel that there are better candidates who are willing to serve the people and we believe that we have that kind of candidates under SWP”

BN3 out of BN4 we are friendly but the other is my enemy as we are attacking PRS. If i was to extract this from a FB posting from a fellow BN component party member I should think we may manage to get through the day unscathed and more or less does not need to enlist in a mental instituion of some sort or to take “depression pills”

The extracted FB posting” Amai…SWP= Suka Wang Punya… Jangan diberi support. Hanya PBB, PRS, SPDP dan SUPP adalah BN Sarawak… Ingat! Sekarang kitai nemu dini hati Larry… Ukai ya hati BN Sarawak… Kepentingan diri ya, baka apai ya… Orang baka ya patut dibuai negeri…”

We would love to translate for you all but it speaks for itself

Those two phrases”BN-friendly but fighting the BN/PRS in their constituencies” and friendly to the other component BN parties.. SUCH CONFUSION …….Oh Boy!

Its more or less like telling us the opposition in Pakatan you are now fighting one true BN and the other BN friendly party says an opposition member. BN tries to confuse us but we will still be fielding our own  candidates and we will try to wrestle the seats from the infighting that is in existence in BN.

Whats more the statement from Wong Judat will give us an indication of whats to come. This appeared in the STAR”Wong Judat Meluan assemblyman from SPDP who was invited tothe event,launched an attack on Entulu and asked voters to vote him out. He also told the reporters that Joseph Salang was not interested in reconciling with him after SPDP President William Mawan called for them both to make up.

He(Salang) did not attend a proposed meeting between himself and I. This showed that he was against reconciling.”he said.

The opposition member who wants to remain anonymous has this parting words,”





(..We know the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God)


25 thoughts on “SWP “Confused or Convince”

  1. As a wise man in sales always says, “If you cannot convinced them to buy it, then confuse them.” This is one way to get the voters confidence. We as humans beings are never happy and contented with what we already have and are always looking for greener pastures, but are we so sure that the opposition or BN-friendly parties won’t do the same mistakes in the future if given enough time and power?

  2. Ya lah Larry is only hanging on to CMs coattails. He is and musts be confused. Now only want to show true colours after being dropped in the last state elections. Already enough crying to mummy and daddy kah? Now want to be Hero. come lah and fight my boss Entulu.

  3. It’s not that confusing really. YB Tan Sri James and Datuk Sng have fought since the formation of PRS. In the PRS internal fighting, PRS (Pending HQ) vs PRS (Green Heights HQ), YB Tan Sri James won Round 1. Now in Round 2, the fight is external. PRS vs SWP*. As for who will win Round 2 , we shall have to wait and see when GE13 comes along. As usual, the one who ends up with more YBs, wins.
    If there’s one thing that’s confusing me, it’s the actions of SPDP YB Wong Judat. He sounds and acts as if he wants to join SWP. That’s basically the perception he’s creating for himself. Since SWP is BN-friendly, maybe YB Wong Judat is SWP-friendly. Who knows?
    * Is it me, or does SWP look very similar to PRS (Green Heights HQ)?

  4. rimau atas kerusi it seems you have it spot on with Wong Judat. Wonder what ruthless the woof woof woof has to say about this? Does $$$$ speak volumes for the man enough to quit SPDP?

  5. Just a stupid man will getting confuse! SWP is not BN!
    Judat is one of the stupid YB! While Mawan is not in power even holding Party President.
    Same goes to Audie Chua who is wanted to replace Toyat! Shame on you !!!
    My advice, step to KLCC rooftop and counting 1,2 and 3 to jump!

    Stupid !!!

    • Insider source told me that when sng say, cleaning up “bad politics” in PRS, is must be referring to the person like apai nuei?? His brain was infected with masing viruses and stated calling himself “BODOH”. After GE 13, party PRS is like game over?? So by that time you would call your ex president “Stupid”. Keep the work for him.

    • Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

      :mrgreen: :evil: apai nuel :twisted: is an IDIOT….better don’t make me :oops: ANGRY :oops: ….you don’t like me when i’m ANGRY…arRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH grrRRRRHHH !!!! :mrgreen:

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  6. To all the PRS members:
    Larry first sentences , is like a knight directly hit at massing heart and cause prs office bearers of guilds .
    It says,: Sng, SWP aims at cleaning up “BAD POLITICS” in PRS.
    Who is all this ” Bad Politics” is he referring to???

  7. apai nuel reserve your cybertrooping to yourself and please do not ask people to jump down from KLCC. Are you propagating death to people ?? We have spoken to your head of UMB and we think you should just step down and lie low for a while. Next we should think you will propagate people to drink blood (if you dont know ask your bosses .you too young to know)
    This is serious my friend. I spoke to Majang for your information thanks..

  8. Taken from free malaysia today,

    PRS warns Taib over cosy SWP ties
    Joseph Tawie | May 29, 2012
    Sarawak Workers’ Party is set to shake cocky Parti Rakyat Sarawak’s influence in six constituencies.
    KUCHING: Newly registered Sarawak Workers’ Party (SWP), it appears, has successfully driven a deep wedge between Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and his Dayak-based allies in the state Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.
    Throwing caution to wind, Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has warned both state and federal BN leaders that any endorsement of SWP’s decision to field candidates in BN-held seats will be akin to signing BN’s death warrant.
    PRS secretary-general Wilfred Nissom said any assistance by BN to SWP would hurt not only the state but also federal level BN.
    “First we were told that SWP intended to be BN-friendly. Now it is being confirmed that SWP is set to fight BN in the six BN MP seats held by PRS.
    “Should SWP be given the assistance to succeed in this, not only PRS but also the federal BN would be hurt,” Nissom said when asked to comment on the election of Larry Sng, 33, as the president of the new party.
    There’s bad blood between the Sng family and PRS leadership.
    Larry who won the Pelagus state seat under PRS ticket was sacked for insubordination in 2006. His father Sng Chee Hua was also sacked.
    But despite being partyless, Larry was retained by Taib in the state cabinet as Assistant Minister in charge of Youth Affairs.
    Numerous attempts by PRS president James Masing to dislodge Larry, who is seen as Taib’s blue-eyed boy, proved futile. In the 2011 state polls, Larry’s every attempt at defending his seat including seeking to be a BN-direct member was thwarted by Masing despite Taib’s public support for him.
    Post 2011 state polls, Taib again retained a now partyless and seatless Larry in his cabinet.
    With Taib’s blessings
    Yesterday Larry with Taib’s apparent blessings became the president of SWP and immediately announced that they would be contest against PRS in six seats Lubok Antu, Sri Aman, Hulu Rajang, Kanowit, Julau and Selangau.
    The PRS six seats are considered among ‘BN’s fixed deposit’ in the 31 parliamentary seats in Sarawak.
    Although Masing has dismissed SWP as a threat, a rattled Nissom however said the latest development showed the ‘true colours’ of Larry and his father Sng, who is reportedly vengeful.
    Sng allegedly has more than business ties with Taib. It is rumoured that Taib himself had encouraged the Sngs to find a party and start afresh.
    In fact Taib had reportedly said that SWP had created a “fresh setting” for politics in Sarawak and that its existence would give electorate another option to consider in the coming election.
    So far Taib has not made any denial.

    Judat wants revenge
    Meanwhile speculations abound over SWP’s fight in Julau, whose incumbent is PRS vice president Joseph Salang. Salang is also a federal level deputy minister.
    Julau parliamentary constituency includes Merluan state seat now held by Sarawak Progressive Democractic Party (SPDP) Wong Judat.
    Judat has an axe to grind with Salang over a contentious road project and has since thrown his support behind “any candidate” SWP fields in Julau.
    It is speculated that Larry will contest in Julau, while his father Sng is likely to stand in the Selangau seat currently held by PRS deputy president Joseph Entulu.
    Salang meanwhile has welcomed Larry’s presence saying: “I hope he is less a stranger to Julau as I have been to a certain individual.”
    Salang was alluding to Judat who had accused him of being an outsider and not from Julau. Larry will be a newcomer in Julau, which was once his father’s former constituency.
    Meanwhile Larry’s uncle, George Lagong who is the current Pelagus assemblyman has declared his intention to contest in Hulu Rajang.
    Lagong, who is SWP deputy president, is likely to face off with Hulu Rajang incumbent Billy Abit Joo or Masing’s private secretary Wilson Ugak Kumbong.
    In Kanowit SWP is tipped to field part-time lecturer Ellison Ludan while in Lubok Antu former senior police officer Johnathan Jalin is set to contest against PRS’s William Nyalau.
    SWP is yet to identify its candidates for Sri Aman held by Masir Kuja

    Wilfred, are you telling BN , PRS is going to join PR??? CM must takut sama u punya statement lah? PM lagi takut?? are we going to see some crack in PRS soon or are we going to see some movement ???

  9. okay do not be confuse. Here is the story.

    Masing stole PRS and later the gangs all get juicy contracts. Now is the time to spend the loot.

    The voters are waiting for the cash from PRS masing. My chinese friend now has to dish out the cash for PRS to give back to the voters.

    Seems only SWP creating buzz it is good for the voters.

    • Since party PRS become in-relevant to BN sarawak, is better for than to join PR??Wilfred, what is your party latest status with sarawak BN???Like what Larry said is true, all those bad politician in PRS need to be clean up with water canon???

  10. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: HoHoho we were BORN TO LOVE n not hates,kill people with c4,push innocent people off building,shoot peoples with bullets + tear gas….like those :evil: evil + corrupted REGIME….we must RISE n CHANGE this useless n FAKE gomen !!!!! :lol:

  11. Just a stupid people will getting confuse! Doesn’t matter you are OTAI or NOT! Because OTAI won’t change your stupidity !

    Yes pls! Someone in BN will act on Judat ???

  12. Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:


    Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

  13. It seems that politicians main aim is to confuse and then when they are confused many more are convinced that they are doing the right things. Ask James he said”jangan lawan tauke” isnt that making a mockery of the intelectuals that is In Sarawak.
    He is now paying a heavy price and very soon he will have to even relinquish and abdicate his throne in PRS.
    The evil will be taken over by Good.

  14. It seen to me, PRS has to fight SWP and PR along?? Where is the friends forever and if you fight one you fight all concept?? like i say, in politics there is no permanent friends and permanent enemy. All those party that is bond to you is your alliance??

    • To me permanent friends and permanent enemy is not the biggest challange. Tell me how to get rid the virus like Judat !!!

      Gunting dalam lipatan, duri dalam daging !!!

      • Better get rid of all the bad politicians in PRS who only drain voters.

        Look at the contracts the PRS guys get and what they do with the huge profits.
        An also the NCR land scam. Bring out the cash PRS 30 do not hide the cash.

  15. Taken from free ,alaysia today

    Mawan’s dilemma over vengeful Judat
    Joseph Tawie | May 30, 2012
    Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party must decide on its next course of action involving Merluan assemblyman Wong Judat.
    KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) chief William Mawan is in a quandry.
    His man Wong Judat has gone rogue and is backing newly registered Sarawak Peoples’ Party (SWP), which incidentally appears to have Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s ‘backing’ but has been scathingly cast aside by state Barisan Nasional component parties.
    Judat is the assemblyman for Merluan constituency while Mawan represents Pakan. Both state constituencies fall under the Julau parliamentary administration.
    Julau’s MP is Joseph Salang, whom Judat is bent on booting out, and SWP has been ‘assigned’ the job.
    Mawan now has to decide on whether to keep Judat or take disciplinary action against him for his anti-PRS stand and for slandering Salang.
    Both SPDP and PRS are Barisan Nasional component parties in Sarawak. Between them are 10 parliamentary seats – SPDP’s four and PRS’ six.
    SPDP’s four seats are Mas Gading, Bintulu, Baram and Saratok. PRS six seats are Lubok Antu, Sri Aman, Hulu Rajang, Kanowit, Julau and Selangau.
    SWP which declared itself a BN-friendly party has already said that it will be contesting in all six PRS seats.
    Infuriated PRS leaders and members are now demanding to know SPDP and BN’s stand – will Judat face disciplinary action or not?
    Many have cited an incident in the 1990s when Dr Patau Rubis – who was then Assistant Minister in the Taib Cabinet – was sacked from Sarawak National Party (SNAP) after he was found attending a function organised by the opposition.
    SNAP was then a member of the BN coalition. The scenario, they claimed, is similar.
    Arrogant Judat
    For the past few months Judat has been attacking Salang, accusing him of being an outsider as well as calling him a ‘leech’ for allegedly taking away funds for a road project at Nanga Entabai, in Julau.
    On Monday night, in a SWP hosted dinner in Sibu, Judat again attacked Salang, who is PRS vice-president, and called on the people to him out. Judat also urged the people to vote out PRS deputy president Joseph Entulu, who is Selangau MP.
    Clearly in Judat’s case, he has committed indiscipline on several occasions against PRS leaders.
    Based on the latest incident, many PRS and some SPDP members feel Mawan should take action or at least reprimand Judat.
    Failure to do so, will not only encourage Judat to be bolder, but it will also affect the relationship between SPDP and PRS.
    Mawan’s predicament is understandable. His party has only two state seats left – Pakan and Meluan.
    SPDP lost two of its eights state seats in last April’s election. Since then four of its elected reps, who were part of the infamous ‘SPDP 5′, have been sacked for insubordination.
    Taking disciplinary action against Judat, including expulsion, would now leave Mawan with only one seat.
    But Judat, it appears, does not care because any action taken against him will force him to join SWP.
    Judat is noted for his arrogance. Anyone questioning him or crossing his path would certain to be challenged to a fight.
    ‘Mawan’s dilemma’
    In one particular incident he accused Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu of depriving other divisions in Sarawak of development funds when he (Jabu) moved money meant for projects elsewhere to his area in Betong.
    In Sarawak, no BN leader ever dares to chastise or accuse another BN leader, but Judat did.
    Judat’s character is a huge contrast with that of Mawan’s.
    Mawan who is a Senior Minister in Taib Cabinet is known for his soft voice and diplomatic approach.
    Even when the ‘SPDP 5′ passed a ‘vote of no confidence’ on his leadership, Mawan initially refused to take disciplinary action against them.
    He only took action (expulsion them from the party) against them after years of protracted leadership crisis.
    But so much damage had been done not only to his leadership but also to SPDP.
    “That is Mawan’s dilemma,” said one PKR leader.

  16. No dilemma here. PRS is has a den of bad politicians. SPDP practice co-habitation. All is well ends well.

    Slug it out, Call it the battle of Julau. Should Mawan sack Judat then he can join SWP.

    Call it BN + G5 + SWP

    Shall we call it the rumble in Julau. May the cash follow freely from all involved.

  17. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: Dei!!!….No ‘1’ penakut NAJIB ah!!!! pi FRANCE la dengan you punya MACC dogs punya syaitan dan tengok siapa kuat???? :arrow: http://bit.ly/L2Escl :oops:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

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