All’s Well That Ends Well..

We knew it from the start. It was nothing much as Wong Judat and Joseph Salang are bests of friends and there are no animosities amongst them. All it needs was an intervention of some sort. The misunderstanding came between the duo was due to AN APPROVED FUND WHICH WAS DIVERTED AND URGENTLY NEEDED FOR USAGE ELSEWHERE.

OF COURSE some would not let it rests. They will try to use it to their advantage especially so when a Parliamentary seat is in the offing. The Julau Constituency has seen many battles from the PBDS days (infighting) to today PRS who will not have it easy too.

The former Deputy President of PRS Sng Chee Hua is the man behind SWP. He has declared that he will go after only the PRS seats which he feels that he knows very well the terrain and the background of the seats and are considered winnable. One would hear Sng singing from the corridor,”Wah Lai Loh-Bo Pang Koi Lu” (I’m Coming and not letting you off

According to a protem member from SWP Sng has not forgiven James Masing for the wounds are cut very deeply into his heart. This new lease of life “BN-friendly party’ in SWP will gauge after the GE13 where the party is heading and also for the Sngs faction”

Meanwhile, PRS member from Julau welcomed the news of SPDP working together to fight against the opposition parties and in a common enemy in Pakatan. SWP is also a threat to BN /PRS Joseph Salang and with Melaun division on our side it has ‘diffuse a potentially explosive affair’

There should not be COMPLACENCY as far as PRS is concerned and there will engage all detractors and ensure that PRS will maintain the seat for the ruling Barisan National.





25 thoughts on “All’s Well That Ends Well..

  1. Do anyone believe feud between wong and salang is just over like that???? Do you believe with wong street fighter leadership would just defuse with litter persuasion??? common sense would tell us that it is a TIME BOMB just waiting to be explore again??

  2. Iban u cannot see dayaks unite is it? U and ruthless must be from the same “litter of pups” if we say it together its louder woof woof woof, Sng and SWP will be after the GE licking their wounds.Amat!

    • Prs Iban are unite in disunity cos the leaders are selfish to the core with the likes of ikan masing.

      Take example the NCR policy. What nonsense is that?
      Even the court says that is illegal. Prs is only agenda is to loot the contracts and the forests.

      AcTions spoke volume. Prs 30 you should not hide your head in the sand.

      Tell your leaders to repent. Never too late. Give the loot back to the voters this time.

  3. Political observers says only a return to BN,s customary two-thirds majority can guarantee Najib,s hold on power.

    According to the latest survey,BN is able to win at least 146 seats with 80 sure or white seats.

    One cant rule out the possibility of Najib being the shortest PM in Malaysia while Putrajaya might fall to the hands of opposition after 5 and half decades UMNO-BN,s rule.

    Selamat Hari Gawai,Gayu Guru,gerai Nyamai.

  4. Is Judat BN man ! Stupid writer !!! From where do you get an info!!!

    Judat should resign from SPDP and join SWP!!!
    Or Mawan should show him the door way out !!!
    If Judat think he good enough ! He should stand against Salang !!! What say you dude !!!

  5. From what I see here, most of the articles are about PRS!!! Tell me dude !!! That you are one of SWP agents now !!! Stupid writer !!!

    • apai nuei, don’t you know that the writer is BN man??? just like you??? How can you call him stupid, than how should others people call you than ??? Bodoh??? I think you are still very new in politics?? so write with facts. So young boy, get more facts than write??? Boleh ke???

      • The fact is Sng spend $1 PRS will need to provide voters $10 benefit stolen from us middle class workers.

        Bottom line SWP is good for the workers and rural development.

        Example: government gave lots of project to Pelagus yet voters voted Independent candidate in last state election.

        On of the immediate benefit SWP brings to Julau is PM Najib will spend Gawai in Julau. May the spirits flow freely.

        MY conclusion SWP is good for the voters and nightmare for PRS30 and gangs.

        Selamat Hari Gawai,Gayu Guru,gerai Nyamai.

      • apai nuel,the most stupid prs cyber trooper. No brain and ideals in writing blog. He has been thought only to write himself “STUPID” and also no brain.

  6. From malaysia chronicle

    Monday, 28 May 2012 16:37
    Larry Sng is now Sarawak Workers Party president
    Written by –
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    SIBU,– Former assistant minister Larry Sng Wei Shien was today elected Sarawak Wokers’ Party (SWP) president at its inaugral annual general meeting here.

    SWP is the latest local based opposition party in the state.

    Its prime mover is Larry’s father, Datuk Sng Chee Hua, who is former deputy president of the Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and former Pelagus state assemblyman and Julau member of parliament.

    Pelagus state assemblyman George Lagong, who won as an independent in the last state election, and who recently joined the party, was also elected the party’s deputy president.

    Its two senior vice-presidents are Josephine Randan Mawat, and William Gani Bina who is also Sarawak Teacher’s Union president.

    The party has two other vice-presidents and 14 supreme council members who include part-time lecturer Ellison Ludan and former senior police officer Jonathan Jalin who are tipped to be its candidates for Kanowit and Lubok Antu, respectively, against PRS’ Datuk Aaron Dagang and William Nyalau.

    Speaking to reporters, Larry, 33, maintained SWP would be a Barisan Nasional (BN)-friendly party but would contest against the state BN component party, PRS, in its six seats of Lubok Antu, Sri Aman, Hulu Rajang, Kanowit, Julau and Selangau.

    “We will be friendly to the rest of the state BN component parties and look forward to working with them.

    “We are a multi-racial party with our headquarters in Kuching…currently, we have about 10,000 registered members state-wide,” he said, adding the party was also a blend of new and exprienced politicians from both urban and rural areas.

    Meanwhile, Larry said he would soon announce his resignation as special advisor (youth matters) to the state government.

    He won the Pelagus state seat in the 2001 and 2006 elections on a PRS ticket.

    He was appointed assistant minister in the Chief Minister’s Office, and later, assistant minister for industrial development.

    In 2002, Larry was sacked from PRS, reportedly for insubordination.


    • Seems SWP is telling non-PRS you back us we back you. It may be true considering what is say and what is done behind the scene.

      Sarawak politics will be returning to the wild old days.

      It is a high stake money and propaganda game.

      Bye bye PRS ring in SWP.

  7. Let the battle to help the worker begin.

    I will try to stand as independent if I cannot a SWP ticket to contest in a non PRS area.

    We shall see. New broom sweeps well, see how this one does.

  8. Where is all the PRS so called Bloggers???Why worry larry being elected swp president?? All went hiding it is ???ikan masing must be hiding inside fish gill when Larry being announce the president of swp?? Now let RUMBO??

  9. SWP Dinner at Sibu has attracted 4000 crowd as per Senior VP Josephine Mawat in Rajang Port auditorium. Ask entulu, is all this delegates imported from Selangau?? Selangau is a gone case for prs, it is one up for SWP? Well done SWP

  10. We not in hiding. You can woof woof woof lets see whether Larry dare to challenge Entulu or not. ? Who win we see…Woof

    • The battles is just begin. When the news was announce that Larry is the president of swp, entulu went and hide in KL ,?? For PRS 30 , you better go to selangau to help your deputy president he is on the losing ground to swp now?? 1 up for swp?

  11. Aiya. Larry is not Iban and want to stand in iban area. No way Entulu eat him for porridge.Hidup PRS!Hidup BN!

    • race is not an issue and the only question can he serve his newly elected constituency. For Larry, we know how well he serve pelagus constituency during his terms as yb for the area. So PRS 30, i can assure you that he serve better than entulu. Habislah entulu kali ini, larry would bit him flat???

    • apai nuel, this morning did you SYOK SENDIRI when you dream larry beat entulu in your dream last night. Time is up for change on yb for selangau.

  12. What happen to massing?? what happen to his parrot mouth?? why he keep quiet when larry is appointed the president of swp??? Somethings is not right??? Did someone on the top ask him to keep his parrot mouth shut???or he know that he going to lose a few seats to swp and so he keep quiet??

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