All’s Well That Ends Well..

We knew it from the start. It was nothing much as Wong Judat and Joseph Salang are bests of friends and there are no animosities amongst them. All it needs was an intervention of some sort. The misunderstanding came between the duo was due to AN APPROVED FUND WHICH WAS DIVERTED AND URGENTLY NEEDED FOR USAGE ELSEWHERE.

OF COURSE some would not let it rests. They will try to use it to their advantage especially so when a Parliamentary seat is in the offing. The Julau Constituency has seen many battles from the PBDS days (infighting) to today PRS who will not have it easy too.

The former Deputy President of PRS Sng Chee Hua is the man behind SWP. He has declared that he will go after only the PRS seats which he feels that he knows very well the terrain and the background of the seats and are considered winnable. One would hear Sng singing from the corridor,”Wah Lai Loh-Bo Pang Koi Lu” (I’m Coming and not letting you off

According to a protem member from SWP Sng has not forgiven James Masing for the wounds are cut very deeply into his heart. This new lease of life “BN-friendly party’ in SWP will gauge after the GE13 where the party is heading and also for the Sngs faction”

Meanwhile, PRS member from Julau welcomed the news of SPDP working together to fight against the opposition parties and in a common enemy in Pakatan. SWP is also a threat to BN /PRS Joseph Salang and with Melaun division on our side it has ‘diffuse a potentially explosive affair’

There should not be COMPLACENCY as far as PRS is concerned and there will engage all detractors and ensure that PRS will maintain the seat for the ruling Barisan National.