We have often seen in the news about military personnels “killed in action by friendly fire” More often than not the enemy escapes unscathed and unhurt and live to fight another day. The intel given by forces on the ground did more damage than good. This GE13 Malaysia there will be, it seems “personnel fights within the BN” as far as Sarawak parliamentary seats are concerned. 

BN engaging with BN friendly will give extra “HOPE” for the Pakatan strategic team to work on. The Pakatan team will be looking from the high ground and they will concentrate on the spillovers of the fight within BN to further strengthen their cause. We can write a number of thesis and have it submitted but often have we not question the WHY its been done?

There are obviously one thousand and 1 answers and you will have one answer already. We have heard too , the hearsays and the whatnots which spilled over at the carpets of the corridors of power. Many will not even leave their DEAR LIFE TO SAY THATS THE TRUTH.

The point of matter is with regards to SWP(Sarawak workers Party) and GE5 (BN Club) remnants of former PRS and SPDP engaging head on not only with the BN4 coalition in Sarawak but 1BN Malaysia made up of other BN partners. GE5 says if their candidate is not nominated they will stay out and support BN.

(Are you pinching youself in the face..Ya kah..??.)

We were fortunate to sit down with PRS YB Alex Vincent (Ngemah)  and SWP Protem Deputy Chairman YB George Lagong (Pelagus) and also PBB YB Len Talif (Belawai) at lunch during the recent DUN sitting. What was interesting was the question that was put to George Lagong?

“BN friendly but SWP is going against BN in PRS held seats? How can that be termed friendly when on one hand you are considered BN friendly but when election comes you fight us. Shouldn’t you be fighting the DAP or Pakatan?”

 Surely, this will be a major talking point in the run up to the GE13 says a political observer who was also at the table.

True enough, todays STAR news “let’s Tango,says Entulu” PRS deputy President was quoted” Come,face me in Selangau if you dare”he challenged Sng,the prime mover of SWP.He even said,”I will be sad if (Sng) doesn’t show up in Selangau as a candidate on nomination day.

Entulu even welcomed the candidacyof Sng’s son Larry or daughter,if Sng senior felt that they couldbeat him in Selangau. Sng would not be drawn into a war of words against Entulu but said that they SWP will field a candidate against Entulu.


What is friendly are the words which SPDP President has uttered which has caught the headlines. I’m sure you will agree with us these words are more BN tuned and in the spirit of a coalition which Taib and Najib would be praising the SPDP president.

SPDP to help PRS Vice President Salang win Julau

Spdp President Mawan said SPDP and PRS are friends and partners in BN,”We are not enemies.Our enemies are the opposition parties” He pointed out that the recent disagreement between Salang and Wong Judat was only personal differences and it was not fair to drag the party and accuse the whole party that it is against PRS in Julau.

As much as BN thinks that this tactic would benefit the coalition the Pakatan knows already the tried and tested formula. BN wants to openly bring in and lure the fish to the net says a Pakatan spokesman but we are ready to challenge BN in all the 31 Parliamentary seats. They will not be one seat returned unopposed says the spokesman. The BN friendly fight doesn’t work anymore as we are ready to face headon Pakatan v BN.

A political observer said,”Entulu should also throw down the chalenge to Pakatan instead of justs SWP. The enemy is outside but it seems now it has come back to haunt PRS from inside. However a win for SWP isn’t it also a win for BN? It’s BN friendly.?”

We would not like to drawn into the mix of it all and as far as audie61 is concerned we know,” 



35 thoughts on “BN”Friendly-Fight”

    • ruthless says:

      Insider source, PRS is dreaming that they are going to win selangau? All the feedback i gather is that SWP crows and attendees is true from the areas. So, entulu jangan SYOK sendiri sahaja, we are quite sure that you are going to lose this time? So PRS 30 go to the ground and get the feedback and not get your statistic by remote control from KL?

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Entulu must have charmed all his constituents that will guarantee his victory by contesting against anyone.

    He must remember majority of rural folks are termed as ” See Money Open Eyes ” voters.

    In term of financial strategy ,Entulu may be as rich as Sng but to what extend he dares to splash,that remains in question.

    Generally one has to accept the fact that Sng as brave or do or die gambler will simply be care free to spend any amount in order to win.

    Vitamin Bomb $$$$$$$$$ of Sng should not doubt be more effective and destructive compare to Entulu.

    • ruthless says:

      Entulu is just like his boss talk using is big mouth and not using his brain, so ask sng to challenge him in Selangau? Like Sng says don’t worry we got a candidates to challenge him? Personal money for election campaign for entulu? forget about it? If BN, don’t allocate a big sum of funds and helicoptor for him, how is he going to bit Sng?? Cakap besar sahaja?? Sng know what you are up to, so don’t talks big like your tawke?

  2. Ahmad Sham says:

    Of course Entulu would prefer Sgn or any body from SWP to contest in Selangau, meaning there won’t be a straight fight between BN and PR. If that happens then opposition votes will be split. Pr strategists are not moron Entulu.

  3. observer says:

    Why is massing hiding in Baleh. May be waiting for his chinese business partner to paid him.

    Seems PRS is partnering with Chinese behind the voters back to do business. While SWP is open door partnering with the Ibans.
    My guess the Iban is going to have to make a choice this time. Vote PRS and get a tauke that is going suck them dry and high. Or vote SWP and be the tauke themselves.

    This PRS is going around in circles PRS tauke asked Sng to contest in Kapit but his deputy ask him to contest in Selangau. Seems massing is doing a moggie reversal hiding in Sarawak instead of venturing to KL. I recollect the last time 1987 Moggie hide in KL. What kind of leader is this masing.

    We all know a devil when we sees on.

  4. PRS 30 says:

    The Sng guy give we take but we still vote BN, Thats the way to win right. Give us more and we thank you for a late gawai gift Sng and Swp.

    • Ruthless says:

      you are dump right ? What BN gives, takes? cause that is RAKYAT money that they has taken for the pass 5 years and this is the pays back time? Votes for SWP is the vote against iKan masing , the tawke who is selfish and arrogant. Ikan masing also know that his time is up if his party didn’t perform during GE13?

  5. Bee Enn Mann says:

    SPDP and PRS are now facing and fighting the Politics of IRRITATION (of G5) and Politics of CONFUSION (of SWP), respectively. But in the end, the BN will carry the obligation to observe common understanding of component parties and rules and this mean locus standi in the case of candidacy. Those outside components are technically outside BN, even though they are allowed to shout whatever they like to confuse and irritate as well as to psyche themselves up until nomination day.

  6. Ruthless says:

    The best statement from ikan masing is SWP is not a threat to PRS but PR is???? Ask yourself what he means by this statement??? During the pass few days he keep on criticizing sng and suddenly he change his tones, WHY??? It is true SWP is not a threat or somebody on the TOP asked him to “SHUT UP”????? Or someone know that he has no control over his yb and also someone in the top know that he cannot perform?? Or someone told him he is going to loss a few seats and let SWP fight PR ? A wins to SWP is still a win to BN?? Ikan masing your political career is coming to an END after GE 13?? Hidup SWP???

  7. PRS 30 says:

    SWP no match for us in PRS lah. I agree with apai nuel this ruthless memang batu api. Dia anjing woof woof woof Sng bah!

  8. iBan says:

    Prs 30 is burying his /her head in the sand.

    A risk taker know when to call all in, in a poker game.

    Ikan masing is enjoying the bounty while it last.

    His NCR policy is a disgrace and illegal, even the court proclaimed so in its ruling.

    What is 30% equity in a company. Just ask this ting check HiI guy. He has 40% in the company got eaten alive by white hair brother.

    You still young Prs30 repent while you still have time.

  9. PRS 30 says:

    iban why should we bury our head in the sand? we are still here fighting for our party and TS Masing. He is leading the charge for all our 6 seats. SWP we are ready for you plus also the other opposition parties. Waiting for you all at the 6 nomination centres.

  10. Julau Kid says:

    Yeap waiting for SWP to come and fight us PRS. Come lah! y shd we turn our backs on BN and PRS. Iban you are dreaming or have hallucinations. Jangan lawan tauke lah!

  11. PRS Tamin says:

    Datuk Entulu already throw the challenge. Come lah Senior Sng, junior Sng or even Wanita Sng can challenge boss. PRS ready and waiting.

    • ruthless says:

      I thinks you read my statement, sng already say someone from swp is going to challenge him. Don’t worry the selangau constituency voters know your yb is only remote operated from KL and also is the time to vote him out? Why so hurry to be called ex yb??? lubah lubah??

  12. 2012 hope says:

    World Bank spokeman says, as long as favourable bumniputera polices stay in Msia, 1 Malaysia slogan mooted by Najib will forever remain superficial and empty in the eyes of outside world

  13. iBan says:

    My observation is prs is only sucking their supported dry with their actions.

    Feed the man fish you will only made the man lazy. Tell the man how to fish the man will be forever grateful. That is what SWP is preaching to the voters.

    Every time ikan masing open his mouth do he is motivating us Ibans.

    E.g. He said plant rubber suits the lifestyle of the Iban. He said just plant and wait and yahoo latex will flow.

    He is preaching easy come easy go mentality.

    It is management, management, management. Stupid fake politician. You hear that.

    • Ruthless says:

      What you say is right, prs president just suck baleh constituency dry. Look at the area of timber concession he got from the state government at his constituency? more than 100,000 acres??? if that timber licences being being sold to chinise towke, more than 1000 iban families don’t has to work for there whole life?? what a shame to take advantage against your own innocent people who has supported you, rain and shine?? Tidak tahu malu, greedy towke??

  14. 2012 hope says:

    As Gawai dayak draws near,fish mongers are laughing all the way to banks.

    It is norm that expensive fish such empurau,tengadak,semah and etc were sold at exorbitant prices.

    Many rent-seekers,cronies and partners of dayak businessmen are busy looking for these fish and presented to their BOSS,ministers or VVIP as Gawai Gifts.

    They dont mind spending thousands in return hoping to get millions worth of projects from them.

    Are you one of them ?

  15. 2012 hope says:

    No concerns and worries on rate of productivity in Msia.

    Himpunan Jutaan Msia lasted for one week has caused Msia to lose 2 million x 5 days= 10 million working days or 28 none productive years in total among the youths.

    If we are to convert into monetary loss,the amount is shocking and is about around 300 million, taking the average wage rate is RM 30 per youth per day involved.

    How many such program can Msia afford to have ?

  16. iBan says:

    For $1 sng spend The voters get $10 no wonder voters are happy to see him.

    Prs 30 your taukey is now asking for help ho ho ho.

    Let’s all celebrate these holidays and be merry for life is coming to an end for prs.

    The workers need a rest too. Hard work in the days ahead are forecasted.

  17. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Let’s listen to what this FRIENDLY ‘RIBENA BERRY’ important message to all of us!!!! :lol:

    • Ruthless says:

      Ha ha ha, PRS winning 6 seats ??? who are you talking to???? Don’t try to impress PM ?? The result is sure win for pelagus and what happen at the end?? PRS loss badly. tidak malu?? do you believe billy would be retain for ulu rajang??? Who did PM trust now??? it is the ikan masing or the rakyat???

  18. iBan says:

    What ever the out come after election. The day after we all still have to make a living and get back to work.

    Let the voters rejoice while the party last. Bring out the cash prs 30.

    What goes around comes around.

    My argument is prs has not only sucked the Iban high and dry.

    IBan and everyone for that matters need help but your ikan masing has not provided the quality leadership. When sng comes around

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