DAP YB “Tweet.. Incurs Wrath..!!

Barely an hour after the final day of Sarawak assembly sitting the opposition leader of Sarawak DUN Wong Ho Leng tweeted,”Politics is power,said Swk CM Taib Mahmud in his winding speech but he declined to reveal his succession plan when asked by YB ChongCJ

audie 61 sent a number of smses to BN Assemblyman to get some reactions.In the meantime we RT(return text) –‘he has the mandate to be in power for another 4 years.Does he need to reveal his successor? Up to PBB don’t you think so. ”

By then the smses came in and here are some:-

PBB SG N60 Assemblyman and Assistant Minister Dr.Stephan Rundi -“Why are they so eager to know? They refuse to accept Rakyat and PBB party mandate for the man to lead us. I’m sure they know the answer to my question,with him around it is impossible for them to defeat PBB and BN Swak,so they are hoping it may be possible to do so to the successor,but we in PBB are well prepared for the fight irrespective of who leads us,DAP wants to take control of Swak,”OVER OUR DEAD BODY

PBB SC N 14 Assemblyman and Assistant Minister Hj.Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah,” Its none of DAP’s bisniz to ask when CM sh step down.He has the people”s mandate to lead until 2016.Further,question of successors is his and PBB problem.It’s not DAP’s problem.

DAP Swak leaders should question their DAP central when Lim Kit Siang is going to vacate or groom other leaders.Looks like that party top leaders are only grooming their own children as successors. Karpal has two sons as YBs. LKS has his son  and in law asYBs and the lists stretch on to cousin etc etc.Nga and Ngeh in Perak.

In Swak it looks better,but whats DAP plan to help the bumis? All this commentsby their leaders on NCR etc are mere lips service to show they care.WHL only knows abt puasa n gawai after getting elected. Chong,n Kch DAPS lagi teruk. Only get publicity from those unhappy getting summon from polis,those getting wrongly figured electric or water bill,parking,block drain etc. Thats their speciality.” 

PBB N67 Telang Usan Assemblyman Dennis Ngau – “Tell them to ask when lim kit siang going to retire.The electorate are solidly behind YAB CM. He go  in his own term not DAP.”

PRS SC N43 Ngemah Assemblyman Alexander Vincent,”We as BN assemblyman are all behind his leadership and long may he continue to serve Sarawak

SPDP DSG  Political Secretary to CM Paul Igai – “Chong uttered the question imputing improper motive.I think that was not at all warranted. CM is not invalid or anywhere near. In fact He looks more fit than many in the DUN.”

SUPP X Calon for Batu Lintang Sih Hua TongIn their election manifesto last year,they assured the voters(or rather,the bosses called “Taukeys“} that stronger mandates would enable them to pressure CM to step down.One year has lapsed and they are unable to honour their promises.The “taukeys” are watching and monitoring closely!

Thus,by hook or by crook they have to find a way out! They are running short of time and have to face the “Taukeys“soon.So what they are doing is to divert the attention  of their “Taukeys” by questioning on the succession plan  for CM.

It’s a mere political gimmick. They are  spinning their “Taukeys“.They are bound to spin and divert further the core issue of “mandates” given to them in pressuring CM to step down.  

It must be noted that the question of ‘succession plan” was never centralto their manifesto and campaign. By so  doing,they hope to create a perception they are continuing to champion for the interests of their “Taukeys“.Sadly, deep in their heartsthey know they have betrayed their “Taukeys” by hoodwinking and spinning their”Taukeys“!

Of course,keeping their fingers crossed and hoping the “Taukeys” never able to detect their gimmicks.!

DAP, You know where the BN parties,assemblyman and leaders stand and CM Taib is a clear winner even though Chong tried to derail and cause some embarrassement to the Chief Minister .