P196 SUPP “Stampin Seat under threat…??”

The tweets were out “over 3000++ has sent shivers says a registered voter to audie61. This is the trend that will happen in the urban areas. A credible candidate is needed to defend the SUPP held seat of Stampin when Yong Khoon Seng gives way to a new face”

Yong knows the score and when to call it a day as he is already 71 years old and he has defended the seat for a record 5 times and he will want to have an unblemished record. He is “winnable” says his party comrades but it will not be easy to sway his decision and he has done enough for his successor to take the fight from him to the opposition be it DAP or PKR. Both are still  tussling over the seat as negotiations are still deadlocked as informed by a spokesman of the Pakatan Sarawak group.

Yong knows that the three state seats – Batu Lintang, Kota Sentosa and Batu Kawah – which form Stampin parliamentary constituency are under opposition control. BN lost all these seats to PKR and DAP in last April’s state election.

The combined majorities obtained by the opposition in the three state seats were 13,748 votes, and the number of votes secured by them in the three seats was 33,268 votes (out of 85,798 votes)

A lot of hard work,planning and careful strategising needs to be done by BN in order that the opposition will not have a “BREAKTHROUGH” win in this parliamentary seat. (see below tables)

The BN component parties needs to seriously be seen together to maintain the seat or else it will be A WIN FOR PAKATAN AND A LOSS FOR BN.


Year Barisan Nasional Votes Pct Opposition Votes Pct
1990 Yong Khoon Seng (SUPP) 16,362 61% Cheng Hui Hong (DAP) 9,751 37%
1995 Yong Khoon Seng (SUPP) 19,258 69% Akaw Nonjep (IND) 7,368 26%
Parliament of Malaysia: Stampin, Sarawak[4]
Year Barisan Nasional Votes Pct Opposition Votes Pct
1999 Yong Khoon Seng (SUPP) 18,810 60% Voon Lee Shan (DAP) 9,913 32%
2004 Yong Khoon Seng (SUPP) 21,155 59% Voon Lee Shan (DAP) 13,424 37%
2008 Yong Khoon Seng (SUPP) 21,966 50% Voon Lee Shan (DAP) 18,896 43%

27 thoughts on “P196 SUPP “Stampin Seat under threat…??”

  1. DAP Rocket says:

    We will get the seat from SUPP. PKR will need to stand behind and support DAP in the quests to win this seat. Seriously, DAP is the force here.

    • Ruthless says:

      If the seats is given to PKR you can bet your money on SUPP? PKR on chinese majority seat don’t stand a chance except on Bandar Kuching. All those attending PKR function is DAP supporters. Only DAP got a chance in Stanpin seats, BUT it is still a close fight? See chee How, you know what is your chance in Stanpin? If 3 corner fight against DAP , i think you would lose your deposits this time? Don’t try to be a hero , at the end you would become Zero?

    • tauke prs says:

      ring in the cash.
      prs 30 ask your tauke masing to stand in stampin as he resides in stampin.

      bring in the cash do not hide them.

  2. ngap sayop says:

    You people just a bunch of loser… Belum lawan beluym tahu, let put SUPP, PKR, DAP and SWP fight together… don’t talk shit! since all of u want that piece of sit!

  3. Sarawak People says:

    PBB, PRS and SPDP all hope that SUPP lost all its seats even right from last state election. Believe or not? they asked people to vote DAP in town so that SUPP would be pulled down from its comfortable chair as the second big party, and this will happen again in GE13. Dont trust the so called working together spirit in BN Sarawak, they too are holding a hidden knife ready to BACK STAB the poor SUPP. So a piece of advice to SUPP members “with heads and brains” – quit SUPP and join DAP- ASAP, because through these many years, SUPP have already lost its principles and direction to fight for the right and correct things for the people of Sarawak

    See what those majority nuts are looking for through SUPP, – crazy fighting for kapitan, penghulu, pemancha, konsellar, and opportunities to get some contracts where they can STEAL wickedly more than reasonable and rightful earns. Just look at what we non-Chinese have gained through SUPP?

    • iBan says:

      so true all want to get is contracts and positions. Except SWP they just want to give away money like what masing said. Sharing is care. SWP is now Sharing Workers Pot

      My goodness DAP can put up a donkey and yet the candidate get elected. People are really blind some time. I think i will support some independents this coming election.

  4. Ruthless says:

    Today Borneo Post
    Sng Throws down the gauntlet to Masing
    Sng asked masing to challenge him on any of his PRS 6 seats?
    Those who know Masing know that he is just like “PARROT”
    PRS members ask you arrogant president to take up the challenge? Kalau berini ?? You know how the chicken lay egg sound like?? That is who he is later?? quack quack quack and chicken out!!! ha ha

    • 2012 hope says:

      If Masing is true and respectful leader in the iban community,he should enough weights to topple anywhere against who is a chinese.

      Come on Masing.take the battle and dont lose your pride,or nama

  5. iBan says:

    Hi ya this masing only Cry baby. Tell him to put his money where his mouth is.

    Only know how to character attack and make money.

    He should spend money on scholarship like what sng is doing.

    All he can say is no comment. What kind of leader is that?

    That seems to be the perception I am having of these prs gang.

  6. iBan says:

    Wrong placet but this interesting comment from:


    “The statement made by Masing when he said, admitting it, that he was wrong to have earlier harboured the belief that Dayak leaders should fight for Dayaks otherwise nobody else would do the fight for them, is a clear tel-tale that he has never fought for Dayak; never been struggling for Dayak. He is only a great opportunist, and a great pretender at that. Now he is paying a price for his arrogance too, a new feature in him found manifesting in his streak to try to rise above Jabu, be a Numero Uno among the Dayak, and become a DCM. He failed to get that and his ministry is now with any budget to boot. In other word his own arrogance has brought about a situation whereby he is a minister “without portfolio” by virture of the fact his ministry has no budget. A Ministry of Land Development without budget! What a fate!

    Of course Taib and Jabu are not wasting time either. To counter Masing arrogance and ego a new political party, Sarawak Workers Party, is registered. And now for the first time CM Taib has welcomed a new party registered by ROS. Taib said “the more the merrier, we are democractic country”. This type of statement from Taib especially after the recent open spat becoming known between Sng and Masing’s saying he is not afraid of a fight with Sng. Masing also said that “Sng would come around before every election and would fade out after elections are over”. Thus Taib’s statement welcoming the Sarawak Workers Party, beside of course the too welknown strategy of the old but brainy cunning and powerful sultan without a crown but more powerful than a sultan CM Taib, the divide and rule over the Dayaks, is poignant and fortelling. Masing and his PRS beware!

    Except I don’t think Masing deserve the Dayak’s sympathy anymore, although I do sympathise with Joseph Salang Gandum who will have to face Dato Sng combined with Wong Judat, the latter sitting on the periphery of BN/SPDP, with nothing anymore to loose. At least working with Sng might just give him a new platform or a new political lease of life. Staying in SPDP as it is having only 2 seat ADUN with the rest 4 ADUN already in Nansen’s camp of Group of 5 opposing Mawan, I agree with Wong Judat must find his own niche to maintain his clout still works with the voters, why not?

    In the final analysis Masing must really go too. Just as much as Mawan has to go. The former over his ego and arrogance and the latter for his ineptness in politics.”

    In my analysis this masing and gang has been after money all this while. The more the merrier.
    Repent while you still can. The last I heard gravity is still alive.
    I have to salute this SWP – Sarawak Workers Party for organising the voters to rise up against the prs money grabbing gangs.

    It is all about money either you spend it or lose it. Sng choose to spend them while prs 30 choose to hoard them. may the battle began seems BP is a mouth piece of PRS.

    It should headline masing chicken out. as headline today. Where can we workers contribute funds to SWP.

    • ruthless says:

      Taken from above text:

      because of masing own arrogance has brought about a situation whereby he is a minister “without portfolio” by virture of the fact his ministry has no budget. A Ministry of Land Development without budget! What a fate!

      What a shame to be holding a ministry post but without budget?? Tidak tahu malu??

      • Sarawak People says:

        He dreams of a Deputy Chief Minister post but failed. He got minister post, no budget, no power, that is not a problem to him, so long as he got his minister gaji and allowance plus some KANTAO bla bla bla. But how much he curse Taib every night and day, A great Iban leader and fighter for our people he is, do you believe that?

  7. ruthless says:

    From Borneo Post today:
    Headlines: PRS absent at BN election meetings?
    Do you believe PRS members has the guts of not attending BN election meeting??
    If not who give than the authorities for boycotting the meeting
    Kalau bukan ikan masing ? Siapa lagi???

  8. iBan says:

    Since it is a quiet day I tell you all what is politic according a sage call masing.
    Every voters has a peanut.
    The candidate in a elections that collect the majority of peanuts will get all the peanuts and then turn the peanuts to peanut butter.
    The winning candidate then uses the peanut butter and spread over his bread. I. E. Corruption
    Come next election he/she will try to do it over again.
    How to do it is a political game. It requires cash and manpower and what not.

    With all his I’ll gotten gains he bought houses in cities and leaves his voters high and dry in baleh. Now when sng comes around he cries foul. When sng issue a challenge he keeps quiet. What kind of leader is that massing. no wonder the Voters in kapit does not want prs.

  9. PRS 30 says:

    iban you can say what you like. U also like ruthless becoming more like the woof woof woof of Sng. What have you got against my TS James?

    • iBan says:

      I am iBan not iban.
      We all know politic is a numbers games so why don’t your come contest in Stampin. When my thought does get under your skin, Get out of the kitchen if you cannot stand the heat. It is hotter in the city. Like my friend said he doesn’t like what your tauke does. Let see what he says in the coming days.

  10. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: umNO GOONS WILL CAUSE THE DOWNFALL OF B-end VERY SOON … :mrgreen:

  11. iBan says:

    Interesting news!
    KUCHING: Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) prime mover Datuk Sng Chee Hua yesterday challenged PRS president Dato Sri Dr James Masing to contest in the coming 13th general election.
    “This is my open invitation to him, and let the people be the judge. It doesn’t bring any benefit to the people if we keep on pointing fingers at each other,” he said when responding to ‘There’s a fox in chicken feathers at SWP’ article published in thesundaypost.
    The article quoted Masing as describing a certain leader in SWP as a ‘munsang berbulu manok’ all out to destroy Dayak unity, especially in PRS.
    Sng loyalist Josephine Mawat, who also commented on the issue, brushed it aside as a baseless allegation.
    She claimed that leaders of SWP who are currently elected representatives or former elected representatives had an impeccable track record in serving the people.
    “Our leaders never have any ulterior motive in becoming YB (Yang Berhormat) nor do we pursue our personal interest after being elected as one.”
    In his immediate response, Masing declined to comment on the challenge issued by Sng.
    Masing is currently Baleh assemblyman and also Minister of Land Development.
    SWP, which claimed to be BN-friendly, has announced it would field candidates in all the six seats currently held by PRS.
    The seats are Sri Aman, Lubok Antu, Julau, Selangau, Kanowit and Hulu Rajang.
    Meanwhile, SWP claimed that a crowd of over 3,500 people thronged the 21-door Rumah Sylvester Jelian in Selangau last Saturday night at a pre-Gawai function.
    Munan Laja, one of Sng’s loyalists, called on the people in Selangau to give the party a chance to prove itself in representing the people.
    Also present were Sng, SWP protem deputy president George Lagong and Josephine Mawat.

    Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/05/21/sng-throws-down-the-gauntlet-to-masing/#ixzz1vVwX5YDX

  12. PRS 30 says:

    I tot munan laja with DAP. has he decided to switch sides again…PBDS to PRS to PKR to DAP and now SWP.
    this he said hahaha “Munan Laja, one of Sng’s loyalists, called on the people in Selangau to give the party a chance to prove itself in representing the people.”

    • 2012 hope says:

      SUPP lies on University in Sibu: 2001-South Australia U, 2008- Rahman U,2012-University of Technology.

  13. 2012 hope says:

    Latest and most up to date report on Kapit-Kanowit Road by Manyin.

    101 KM costing 768 million is divided into 9 sections with 9 bridges.

    As at today,2 sections have been completed,2 under construction and 5 pending approval from federal govt.

    The whole project might take 10 years to complete depending available of FUNDS.

  14. iBan says:

    Ya. Seems road are only built to last 5 years. Then they resurface the road. What kind of engineering is this? Prs 30 you have anything to say or busy making money.

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