“Stop the Backbiting”

We have two ears to listen and a mouth to speak. But rather than going on a trail of witchhunt and create enemies which we live to regret

It’s bests we just SMILE and BE HAPPY.

What has been done, is done and will never be easy to be erased and God will punish those who speak foul of one of his own. They say if you cannot Stand the heat,get out and stay out.

To those who love to snip and shoot meaninglessly away at all angles or also hoping to trawl the fish into the nets please don’t bother.

The blogs are meant to dessimate information and musts be used in the bests possible way to ensure the credibility of the source of information and also the way its being written basically not to run foul of the long arms of the multi media laws.

We musts be able to receive as much as we can give but there are limits when its overboard. A reminder,”


Give us your bestsSMILE AND SAY CHEESE


{…..dun think you got us and we will not strike back but they say one’s patience can take only so much Now you know you are human too…hahahahaha…}

44 thoughts on ““Stop the Backbiting”

  1. DAP Rocket says:

    Give it to those “BN goons” They are so use to being fed and when they are full they forget.Slay them!

  2. Ruthless says:

    Insider source, prs could lost most of it MP seats during this coming GE 13?? The prs “Boss” is dent worry cause of the internal split cause by the internal fighting for being nominated as a candidates. How to smile if they are going to loss so many seats???

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: Olee COW!!!! DID SAIFOOL TEACH THEM ANUS X-cercise?????? :mrgreen:

  4. PRS 30 says:

    Ya lah eversince SWP came into being the whole Sarawak scenario in BN component are looking over their shoulders. This is whose work. We think woof woof woof will be able to tell us more.

    • ruthless says:

      PRS members have to ask themselves why SWP was formed at the first place??? Like i says before, is all because of your arrogant boss who like to humiliate Larry in front of a crowd or functions. Your boss under estimate Senior Sng connection at the federals level. masing is so forgetful how sng got party PRS register before? Ask your president what parts he play to get prs register before??? I can tell you now , “NONE”. Party PRS should belong to sng and is was “ROPE” by masing ??

      • Fiery fury says:

        Rightly put Ruthless…Senior Sng did formed PRS as of all his other “businesses” BUT that’s it. He can create a party but when it comes to maintaining a party together, your SNG CANNOT. You tell me dear Ruthless, which business or party that he started ever lasted till now? SNAP, PBDS and now PRS?? Being humiliated is a part of the political game, so get over it. Like Audie61 said, “They say if you cannot Stand the heat,get out and stay out.” Retire saja lah… tanam pisang or jagung …(if it can last).

      • Fiery fury says:

        Oh by the way… What do you mean by ROPE? Tali??? OR ROBBED…. Aiya tusah amai spelling urang tu. Enda nemu nulis…

      • ruthless says:

        So let the battles begin, SWP VS PRS?? The winner, for sure is SWP. After the GE 13, PRS would become mosquito party. So it is better for you to FROG over first, or else you miss your boat to become Exco members ? Sng is waiting for your membership??

      • Fiery fury says:

        Yes, Let the battle begin, whoever wins… we will join the winning party sooner or later, then hijacked or “ROPE” it from SNG again…

  5. PRS 30 says:

    Hellooooo who is the winner in the fight between Masing and Larry as President? Tell me lah woof woof woof

  6. PRS Tamin says:

    woof woof woof is back. Hahahaha COMRADE PRS 30. you are so right. Our TS Masing is the winner. Malu Larry Sng. now aja civil servant in charge Cina budak budak

    • ruthless says:

      Wait, don’t be so confident about masing ? I recomment it is better to “FROG OVER” to join larry first than later. Do you want to be alliance to mosquito party (PRS) after GE 13?

  7. Bloggers Unite says:

    Fight fight if not who wins.hehehehe SWP v PRS . G5 v SPDP PBB v PAS/PKR this is whats its all about.

    • iBan says:

      What nonsense prs is poor relationship society.
      Just a get rich scheme fot the tauke. Ikan masing.
      Ask him true kah.?

      • ruthless says:

        It is true PRS stand for ” POOR RELATION SOCIETY”
        case No .1, how they treat the handicap persons Mr Udi
        case No. 2 , how the president want his rakyat to call him the “BOSS”
        case No. 3, how the president humiliate Sng in front of his people.
        case No 4. how he promise PM to deliver Pelagus seat for BN.
        you can go on and on to name more cases

  8. 2012 hope says:

    Kelly Service director for Msia and Singapore says fresh graduates not suitable and liabilities.

    As today,there are about 80000 looking for jobs.

    • ruthless says:

      So to all new graduates leaver , you can always apply for high pays jobs in Bintulu ? So if you talk about 80000, that figures compare to figure require, it is still to small.

      according to the official website of Score, the demand for skilled labour was 200,000 jobs by the year 2012 and 397,000 by 2015. The other figures on labour needs were 570,000 by 2020, 719,000 by 2025 and 836,000 by 2030.

  9. PRS 30 says:

    Here we go again. our SWP friend is back Mr.woof woof woof. PRS is BN and SWP is not. so we will fight against you. PBB,SUPP and SPDP are all in this together. U want the serat we will give our all.See u soon at GE13.

  10. PRS Hulu Rajang says:

    Dont be too much ruthless. How can u say we are POOR RELATION SOCIETY. What aBOUT SWP’ Sng womaniser party” can or not!

  11. PRS Tamin says:

    PHEW WIT! People! People! PHEW WIT! So greeeeaaaat one PRS 30 hahahaha what woof woof woof going to answer now to his boss. Jangan lawan tauke…”SNG WOMANISER PARTY”hahahahaha

      • PRS Tamin says:

        Hahaha woof woof woof dont know what is a “womaniser” Check lah wikipedia ada atau tak faham dictionary ada..ho ho ho malas nak cakap

  12. PRS 30 says:

    Oh! Did his Datuk Sng got degree or Larry? Maybe he don’t know what is a “womaniser..??” Maybe we help him hahaha { A habitual seducer of women … Definition from Wiktionary} understand now woof woof woof

    • ruthless says:

      Ask your party President , how is he going to interpret ” Womanizer” is his terms?? For SWP we thank you for your interpretation , to us, apa salah, kalau puteri dan wanita suka dengan party saya , apa salah? Jangan jealous? Itulah masalah sama prs, always jealous with others people parties?

  13. 2012 hope says:

    Ranking of ethnics in Msia similar to” Ranking of playing cards ” :(1) Spades=Malays, (2)Hearts=Non-Malay Muslim,(3) Flowers=Bumiputeras, (4) Diamonds=Non-Bumis.

  14. PRS 30 says:

    Sekarng u cari pasal lagi ruthless. Dun tell me you want to say u are SPDP{ puteri dan wanita suka dengan party saya } . U are SWP running dog”woof woof woof” We BN4 dont want u lah SWP

    • iBan says:

      I like prs for what it does not do.
      I love swp for what it aspires to achieve that is force prs to spend its tauke booty it stole from the raykat.

      No Wonder masing is sad as he will have to part with his cash. From his contracts.

      Prs now has power but they only abused it. Bounced checks what bounced woman you name it they have them all.

  15. iBan says:

    I like malaysia NOT by choice but by force.

    I love Sarawak by birth.
    I love very much Sarawak grow up be an adult, independent, strong and proud.
    I love to help my less fortunate voters, who are hoodwinked by prs tauke to be lazy and follow him blindly.

    What can I do but express my thought as the rain will surely comes when the rainy season arrives.

  16. ruthless says:

    PRS cyber, your arrogant boss must ask you guy to shut up? Don’t worry swp always welcome you?? Don’t forget to fill the swp membership form? ha ha

  17. PRS Tamin says:

    haha what a day at the DUN. Going for makan with boss and justs checking. woof woof woof is still barking. Go get a life lah! So who cares about SWP line up. We have Ts Masing as President and Datuk Joseph Entulu as Deputy. Cannot even spell “Breaking News..Amat bodoh ” woof woof woof

    • ruthless says:

      With your arrogant president?? Did he ask you to call him bosssss?? Why are you so happy at the DUN?? For us DUN is like prison. Makan bubur sama ikan masing ,? Ada belacan?

  18. PRS 30 says:

    This article is about Stop the backbiting is it audie61? It seems that sWP woof woof woof is making use to hit against TS Masing and PRS. SWP is therefore right audie61 not BN. We know you as adminstrator cannot stop him unless u spam him but sometimes he or they are too much.
    audie61 is fair to both and thank you

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