GE13 “111111 it was PMs date”

Considering all other factors PM Najib would have to call the GE13 very soon before UMNO convention,world economy downturn and also the presentation of the Federal Budget in Parliament.

He missed several dates as political observers said”111111″ would have been an a glorious date which would have been a resounding victory but the Pakatan group managed to derail it. If its in September Pakatan would use it as a significant call for 916 all over again and it would be a rallying cry.

Many Pakatan members when interviewed unanimously said,” this time it will be more BN Frogs and September would be the end of BN. 2008 didnt happen for the FROGS but 2012 it will happen in September.”


Many dates are being thrown about and here are some:-

  • 1.Malay daily Sinar Harian expects Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to call for the dissolution of Parliament this week and hold the 13th general election on June 9
  • 2.Parti Bersatu Sabah information chief  Johnny Mositun said the party felt it would be better for the general election to be called after Kaamatan.
  •  3.Upko secretary-general Datuk Wilfred Tangau said: “Kaamatan is a time of thanksgiving and forgiveness.So I feel it is inappropriate to dissolve Parliament.Pesta Kaamatan or harvest festival is a month-long celebration of the Kadazandusun and Murut communities of Sabah
  • 4.SUPP leader Dr Jerip Susil said although Gawai Dayak was observed on the first few days of the month, the people would still be in festive mood for weeks
  • 5. PBB vice-president Datuk Seri Michael Manyin said Sarawakians would not want to be caught up in the election during a time to be with their loved ones
  • 6.PRS president Tan Sri James Masing felt that Barisan would not fare well should the polls be held next month in June.

Another factor the Sarawak State Assembly sits from 14th -28th May 2012. The Dewan Rakyat is scheduled to convene for a sitting between June 11 to June 28. Puasa month starts from July 21st.

The window for Najib to dissolve parliament would be  justs after the Dewan sitting and before the Puasa month kicks in. If he does not do that he will have to take it to September where Pakatan would use the rallying cry,”it will happen this September

Najib knows and the whole of Malaysia and the world watches when GE13 would be called.