DAP Nga Kor Ming..Look after Perak lah!

One of my fellow social blogger saw this posting which appeared in his news feed and bbm me. “Bro.If someone attacks your boss what would you do. ? Answer :-“I defend my boss and fend off the attacker and ensure that my boss is safe. More like a bodyguard if you know what I mean.”

So he continued I picked this up but you can see it in the FACEBOOK. This is what appeared,”

Sarawakian’s Q to Najib : u declare Taib Mahmud will step down after 1 year of state election on 16/4/11, so : where is your promise now?

Wow! this DAP Legislator is really now trying to tell our PM to take action against one of his own in CM Taib of Sarawak. He has Master Degree in Law at University of Malaya. Thats just brilliant!

Nga for your Information you have much to learn in politics. CM Taib is our leader and he has an unblemished record in leading his party PBB to win all their 35 seats in the last state elections.

Do you need us to refresh your memory?

Did he not also won the necessary 2/3rds in forming the State Government for the next 5 years. Its a clear Mandate and the people of Sarawak knows whats bests for their state and does not need a DAP legislator to meddle in our State’s affairs.

By the way we need not push the sword further in your chests by saying you Ooops..{DAP for that matter} losts the state government by virtue of your assemblyman crossing the line.



20 thoughts on “DAP Nga Kor Ming..Look after Perak lah!

  1. PRS 30 says:

    Good seminar and back refreshed. We now attack DAP,PKR,PAS and also SWP. Cheh! this DAP MP now has overtaken Chong or Ho Leng. DAP is getting too big for their shoes.

  2. Bloggers Unite says:

    Very soon we will have GE13. Nga can shout and rant and see whether the people still vote him in. If he forgets Perak they might justs forget him too. Hahaha

  3. asma0018 says:

    Whatever it is, what he say is true right? Najib did promise that in the last state election heh heh heh … Now another broken promise.

  4. 2012 hope says:

    Students who struggle and prefer to make last minute preparations by burning midnight oil will have slim chance of getting good results in their exams.

    Politicians too face the same predicaments,those who have not done their homework well will start to worry about their chances of being nominated or elected again.

    Had they achieved an excellent report cards during term of service,why should they worry ?.

    It’s will a disadvantage for those have been termed as YBs Pihlihan Raya or YBs Remote Control.whatsoever it’s wisdom of the electorates that count.

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:


  6. Ruthless says:

    Borneo post today

    PRS duputy president rekindles hope of merger
    Now entulu is trying to be a hero talking about merger between spdp and prs. Like he said prs have a greater number ybs , supporter, and member and they have wider area of coverage than spdp. Belum start negotiation sudah mahu ambil power dan cakap besar??? How spdp can nego with this kinds of people??? To me PRS want to big “Taiko” of spdp??if Mawan give ways, tiong also would not give way?? so stop dreaming entulu??

  7. PRS Tamin says:

    woof woof woof thats a fact and what entulu is saying we in PRS have got more legislators and thus more power lah. SWP (Sng want Pisang) is justs a spolier. we will knock him out cold.Come and take us on and see how many votes his candidates will get. Larry Sng can come to selangau and take on Entulu. Battle it will be. If Entulu wins than young boy time to go back Taiwan

    • ruthless says:

      Don’t be worry, we have all our man in selangau to already. we just wait for rock and roll?? About entulu statement please read the statement carefully, it clearly shown his greedy for power and shown his power to spdp? If we has him as a party merger leader, habislah tiong?

  8. iBan says:

    Taught big only this end too loo.

    Office boy in Petra jaya.

    Prs all migrating to Kuching. Long house people use a tools to do business.

    • ruthless says:

      Like what judat said is true, what did they know about longhouse problem?? They only stay in KL and operate by remote control to solve longhouse problem?? Do you believe giving computer notebook to longhouse but longhouse don’t have electricity is a shame and wasting government fund ?? Don’t you believe yb should use his brain little bit more rather to give notebook instead of others items which is useful to the longhouse folks??

  9. Ruwang Sokot says:

    Real politikus, through and through. No pretense at all. Ini kali BN sure sim kiaw kiaw one. HIDUP PAKATAN, HIDUP PKR. AWAN TETAP LAWAN.

  10. PRS Hulu Rajang says:

    We are all back. Also he musts be missing us. Oh My, this woof woof woof and he cannot wait to get his teeth inot our party PRS again. Come bite lah!

  11. SPDP Muara tuang says:

    Highly unlikely for now lah ruthless. Its justs to divert attention form the ongoing spat between Salang and Judat. We in BN SPDP/PRS are one unlike SWP.

    • ruthless says:

      Are you telling me spdp and prs “main wayang kulit”?? Did you read entulu statement on borneo post today??? Belum jadi tawke sudah mahu show power sama spdp?? i believe entelu must be dreaming…….?

  12. SPDP Muara tuang says:

    Easy ,easy, Dont jump conclusions ruthless. Told u Spdp and Prs are 1BN. No need speculate for now.

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