Mahathir Speaks His Mind on Bersih 3.0

Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad in his blog Chedet posted his thoughts on the recent Bersih 3.0 Demonstration .We Extract the FULL VERSION HERE..

1. Sunday’s Bersih 3 demonstration is no doubt the biggest and the most violent in the series. It is likely that future Bersih will be even bigger and more violent.

2. The stated objective is to demand that elections be cleaner and fairer. But is this the real objective? I think not. Malaysian elections have been more clean than those in the authoritarian countries where results have always been obviously fixed. There would always be 99.9% of the votes going to the Government party or the President. If at all the opposition were to win, it would get at best 10% of the seats contested. After that the opposition would be prevented from taking their places in the legislature.
3. But in Malaysia there has never been an election, whether at State or Federal levels when the opposition had not won a substantial number of seats. In fact whole states may be lost to the opposition. And no matter how the Government party tried, it just could not wrest Kelantan from the opposition. 
4. At different elections throughout Independence different states were won by the opposition. Kelantan voted for the opposition in 1964 and 1969. In 1974 when PAS joined the Barisan Nasional, Kelantan was won by BN but continued to remain under PAS. It was lost to the BN only in 1978 but reverted to the opposition in subsequent elections.

5. Penang went to the opposition in 1969. In that election Perak and Selangor could not form Governments as neither the opposition nor the Government party had a clear majority.
6. Sabah was also lost to the opposition in one of the elections.
7. The worst result for the Government Party i.e. the party controlling the Federal Government was in 2008 when BN lost five States and one federal territory.
8. At the Federal level although the Government party never lost, but its majority was not constant. In 1969 it virtually lost, winning with an unworkable majority. In other elections the margin were sometimes above two-thirds and sometimes below two-thirds. In 2008 it won such a slim majority that there was real possibility that it would fall because a significant number of BN members of Parliament were expected to switch to the opposition.
9. The lack of consistency and absence of any pattern in the results of the elections showed that the elections were not fixed or manipulated. There were the usual accusations of foul play from both the Government party and the opposition and some of these went to the courts. The courts also did not show special favour for the Government party through their decision. There was no proven case of Government manipulation or hanky-panky in any of the cases.
10. All indicators point to reasonably fair conduct of the elections by the Election Commission. The Government could not rig or influence the EC.
11. Compare this with the advanced democracies and it would be very clear that the results are quite similar to them. The margins are never extreme one way or another.
12. It is absolutely certain that in the 13th General Election the opposition would win a fair number of seats in the State and Federal elections. Almost certainly Kelantan would go to PAS. There would be great difficulty for BN to win back the States it had lost.
13. So why the demonstrations and the demands for the elections to be clean and fair? Well should the opposition lose in the States or at the Federal levels, then one can safely assume that the opposition will claim that the Government had not conducted the elections fairly, that the Government cheated.
14. There would then be more demonstrations, perhaps bigger and more violent. Demands would be made for new elections to be held, or for the Election Commission to be disbanded and a new Commission set up.
15. Seeing how repeated anti-Government demonstrations have brought down Governments in the Arab countries, Nik Aziz of PAS now declares that over-throwing the Government through demonstration is ‘halal’. Obviously PAS is already contemplating Bersih-type violent demonstrations as a way of seizing power if it loses the 13th General Elections. The country will then suffer from violent demonstrations frequently. This will affect business and growth. Already Nik Aziz considers the present Government as oppressive and dictatorial and it is right to overthrow it.
16. The attention of the world would be sought and the Western Press would be co-opted to paint as black a picture as possible of the people’s opposition to the democratically elected Government. The support of foreign Governments and NGOs would come in as we see in the Arab countries. Their agenda would be different but they would see opportunities for pushing their regime change, for putting their candidate in power as Prime Minister.
17. This possibility is not far-fetched. The average Malaysian always think what happens in other countries will not happen here. But the Bersih 3 demonstration shows it can happen here. We know that almost every demonstration in Malaysia has been organised by Anwar. Now he is teaming up with Nik Aziz. Both see much to be gained by seizing power through unconstitutional means.
18. And when they are in power we can kiss goodbye to peace, stability and economic growth in this beloved country.

14 thoughts on “Mahathir Speaks His Mind on Bersih 3.0

  1. Azmin Ali your uncle have spoken. Dont forget you once looked up to him. Who gave permisssion Azmin again as reported in FMT.

  2. Mahathir’s time is nearing the end and he needs to put his son in place . But will the rakyat allow the Mahathir era to be back. It seems that the whole country is already fedup with the SEX that is churned out by UMNO. They are using gutter politics to fight the intellectual Malays which is justs way beyond anyones dream.
    The SEX issues have all being thrown out by the rakyat and the strategists within UMNO/BN have to wake up to REALITIES.

  3. He is way past his time. Nowadays the information super highway is being used by everyone to spread the lies,truth,allegations and its already getting into the peoples mindset. People want honest,hardworking and caring YBs or Mps and those not willing to work their asses off are going to be shown the door.
    How Mahathir puts it is justs too lopsided. He should know that the people who were under him have grown up and are now coming to take over and he justs needs to watch and see.

  4. Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: Ai yoyo yoyo this mamak tiu tiu really QUARREL with many peoples n very ILL HEART la + CORRUPTED to the anus n now only want his mamak son MOOkriz to be pM$$$ ‘1’ day!!!! :mrgreen:

  5. Taken from above statement:

    18. And when they are in power we can kiss goodbye to peace, stability and economic growth in this beloved count

    The above statement by mahathir is rubbish. Whenever a new government is form, the first things the new government did is to ensure stability. It he telling the rakyat that only BN can ensure on the above statement? Please, now a day people smart and don’t treat than like a kids anymore? Time change, so enough of your stupid statement that would do more harms to BN than good?

    Najib should has the courage to ask him to shut up?

  6. As far as the Dayaks is concerned he was and is the worst PM. At least Badawi spent quite a sum on dayaks areas, and Najib is not too bad. Mahathir? Almost non. In fact he spend more on ting pek king than the whole dayak community. Therefore he shld just shut up!

  7. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: TIMES UP for umNO B-eNd :arrow: :lol:

    :lol: naJIB ALTANTUYA’S in DEEP SHIT now as MALAYSIANS is now growing SMARTER n will votes (OUT) B-eNd coming round n votes (IN) PAKATAN next round……n whoever do n serve GOOD to the RAKYAT will be voted (IN) again or we will CHANGE them in every election!!!!! :lol:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  8. Mahatir says there is nothing to hide UMNO is a racist party cos its must be Malays.

    For those who are not racists like Nazri,he should leave UMNO.well say

  9. Hanya wujud dan berlaku di Msia,

    Tak kira dari mana-mana parti, BN ataupun PR,calon yang Buta BM pun boleh dipilih untuk menjadikan calon dalam pilhanraya

    Memang meritokrasi tak diambil kira dalam perjuangan politik terutamanya di luar bandar dan pedalaman.

    Kesimpulannya adalah lebih penitng ” Siapa Yang Anda Tahu ” daripada” Apa Yang Tahu ” sekiranya hendak menyertai politik di Msia

  10. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: READ MY LIPS NAJIB ALTANTUYA’S :arrow: :evil: umNO :twisted: is the root cause of 513n not PAS….your party are damn RACIST n those near u only need to cari makan n we understand n we don’t blame them but U….mNO!!!! HANTU LAWAN HANTU!!!! :oops:

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