PRS…Enemies Pinpointed.!!

What Goes around Comes Around. There is no more Hide and Seek…

 There are no love losts left and Sng Chee Hua has come out with guns blazing against his greatest foe to date James Masing. They were enemies in the battle of James/Tajem but became close alliances in the formation of PRS and after the bitter fall out its time to renew the rivalries.

In the lasts few days there have been a hive of activity with former PRS/PBDS members surfacing,seen together with Sng in Kuching and the newspaper reports  have only made it up as rumours. The line-up to the new party have been finalised and the recent candidate lobbying of PRS in Hulu Rajang makes it more urgent for the launching.

Even in Selangau,over the past few months it was known that Sng have made his rounds(tweeted on 27th March-MP Selangau Entulu the incumbent faces possible challenge from Sng.Word on d ground is making headway )and last week he has come over to Julau where he was the MP from 1995-1999. Our earlier article in July 21 2011 asked “ Calon PRS..??” as the picture below shows.

However the status quo has changed since or could it be maintained by PM Najib as he sees all of them being returned and BN wining 6 seats in the process. Could the new party in the offing be done to split the votes for all aspiring candidates? We will only know after the results are known and serious lobbying for MPs are done if the final tally is so close for comfort on both sides of the political divide.

Its a love hate rivalry between Masing /Sng and you wouldn’t see them shaking hands for now unless they take on each other in a parliamentary constituency. Will they shake hands if they crossed paths in Hulu Rejang or Selangau Parliamentary Nomination centre.? hmmm….

Sng is hell bent in ensuring his team contests only the one’s which are mosts likely winnable and the reports of Selangau,Hulu Rajang,Kanowit and Julau and the newspaper reports have got it spot on.

The other two seats in Lubok Antu and Sri Aman are  not James “Proxies” as such and Sng feels that its better to have a foothold in winning a number of seats rather than lose all. Sngs strategists have it all mapped out and its there for the taking says a protem member of the new party. 

Sng knows James will be political bad mouthing against him and this extracted quote is a clear indicator,”PRS can deliver all these six seats provided there is no element of sabotage among the component parties. Instead if we all work as a team, PRS can deliver all those six seats,” (January 5th 2012 article)

PRS enemies have already been identified as such and the party will make all preparations to ensure a victory will be achieved at all 6 seats. BN component parties in PBB/SUPP/SPDP will be lending a hand in all the 6 PRS areas and there is no doubt about it as the battle lines are drawn.

 A victory for PRS is a victory for BN  


GE13 “I’m Still Standing..!”

In 1983 Elton John had the hit single “I’m still standing”{listen to it click on you-tube] and in 1990 Billy Abit Joo won his first Parliamentary Elections as a BN direct candidate against Justine Jinggut and he continued his winning streak for 5 terms as the table below shows.

Year   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct   Opposition Votes Pct
1990   Justine Jinggut 4,200 54%   Billy Abit Joo (IND) 5,393 42%
1995   Billy Abit Joo 6,731 67%   Lucius Jimbun (IND) 3,084 31%
1999   Billy Abit Joo 6,884 70%   Kumbong Langit (IND) 2,751 28%
2004   Billy Abit Joo 6,949 67%   Bendindang Manjah (SNAP) 3,283 32%
2008   Billy Abit Joo 6,590 59%   George Lagong (IND) 4,426 25%

James Masing PRS President has already made it loud and clear that Ulu Rejang will see a new face. But MP Billy Abit is adamant to go for another term and his presence at mosts functions in his constituency is an indication that he is not going to be “BRUSHED OFF” “SWEPT AWAY” but it’s a message –


In an earlier posting 22/8/11 he said “he was aware of a move by a small group in Kapit to come up with their own candidate to replace him.I am not stealing the seat from anybody but instead some peole are trying to steal it away from me” It seems the MP from Hulu Rejang is saying,”Come take it away from me,I am more than capable still to stand and defend the seat.’

Today the Star played an even more controversial article which seems to play into a race based candidate which is damaging in a sense pitting the Orang Ulus against the Ibans of Rajang Basin. This we extract from the newspaper article.

Penghulu Sagit Bit,in particular,said Ugakforcing himself into being accepted by the orang ulu people would break a long-haul peaceful understanding between the orang ulu and the Iban of Batang Rajang made in the 1800s.”we do not want peace ,which was built on respect,to be brokenjust because of the political aspiration of certain individuals”Sagit said. (see below)

This rallying cry sounds similar to another parliamentary seat in MAS GADING or even in the Mukah seat where the majority Christians are fighting for one of their own to be represented. PM Najib needs to thread this line very carefully as one step in the wrong direction will mean BN will lose the seat to an independant or the Pakatan coalition. He needs winnable and calibre candidates and as the saying goes,”If it aint broken why fix it

The lobbying will be intense and GE13 is already seen as the mother of all battles and PRS like all component BN parties will field the ones who will be accepted by the voters.


” Transformation and Reaching-Out..SPDP wings BUZZ words!!”

Lets say this out loud,” Transformation and Reaching -Out

The initiative taken by the 4 (four) SPDP wings in Youth,Wanita,Putera and Puteri should be commended and also fully encouraged. Someone in BN have to take the next step in making sure that the PM’s vision of a progressive Malaysia which transforms not only to cater for the needs of the young Malaysians but to ensure that they continue supporting the ruling coalition BN is followed through.

Its no use talking about it but someone needs to take the bull by the horns and put the foot down. SPDP has gone through the internal crisis and its up to the young ones to come together and work together to make the party stronger and making youths realised that this party is “practsing what they preach”

The DAP January issue had the Front Cover “The Bold and the Beautiful” where MPs from PAS,PKR and DAP were used as an “advertising propaganda” to reach out to young Malaysians. Najib as PM have already done that with his walkabout and his words of Transformation have reached not only in other BN parties but have more than touched the SPDP younger and eager set of politicians .

There was a number of smses sent out by the Puteri chief Barbara Mawan to all concerned in the Southern Part of Sarawak that this is the very first” Election Preparations strategy by the 4 wings” very much prior to this meeting.

 audie61 was privelege to sit in to listen to the enthusiasm,verve and young minds working overtime to move the party forward and also to ensure that the 4 seats in which SPDP contests will remain with SPDP and Barisan National.

The journalists and main stream media would be writing what was said in the Press conference but we will cover the other side of the coin. What transpired.. but of course we will not reveal what and how the strategies will be carried out.

 If that happens “I will be selling my soul to the devil which unfortunately some other coalition members have already misunderstood us in reality

Did we get over excited and went off the track..?? Lets get back to SPDP 4 wings Buzz words. 

 We leave that part out for now as divulging in it will be opening a can full of “unwanted worms” Surely,one will even say to us at audie 61 you are quoting DAP again and some will even dare to say we are bought over. Favourite words,”you see I tell you, he is giving information and he is opposition. Sounds familiar..?? hahahahaha 

The presence of Youth Chief Robert Ayu, Deputy Wanita Chief Theresa Udam(representing the Wanita chief) Putera chief Tony Chen and Puteri chief Barbara Mawan together with political secretary to CM Kijan Tonybee and SG Nelson Balan Rining with the “young minds” means that the party is ‘dead serious’ to embrace and communicate with the youths. The young puteris,puteras youth and wanitas were not there justs to make up the numbers. Their contribution was immensed.Really… (will play a recording on youtube) 

The meeting opened up strongly with the Puteri Chief Barbara talking about ‘strategies off engagement,Tranfromation and Reaching out. She quoted how PM Najib has given the BN a believe that GE13 wll not be easy if we do not go on the ground ,communicate with the voters and prove that we are sincere.

SPDP she says needs to ‘REACH-OUT to the young and not let the young reach out to us and we need to understand them, be with them and think like them. She also quoted what the CM said at the recent TGM,”The youths nowadays are varying all options and they THINK what is bests for them.”

We can see clearly what she wants and how she wants it to be done. Something on the sidelines are that she seems to be practising Sun Tzu Art of War as she mentioned she is an avid reader and will try to improve not only herself but those who have time to engage with her.

audie61 of course have the privelege to asks her and she justs smiled which was enough to say she is not new in politics having been with the good times and the turbulent couple of years.

She has devised a tactical approach in her running of the puteris role in the coming elections. she justs told us simply,”while strategic principles are unchanging for all time,tactics (meaning implementation of the strategy)vary with the times and circumstances and musts be tuned to the current situations.

Simply she said,”we musts defend what we have and ensure that the 4 seats remains with BN.” The reaching out programme in contact with the youths musts be maintained and carried out with intensity and literally we musts go door to door or even camped out to win the voters trusts. 

Both sides of the political divide will know what is bests for their candidates and they will use all methods and ways to achieve their aims. SPDP knows bests what her candidates needs and the wings will ensure that the candidates aspiration of winning the constituency is delivered by all 4 wings working in tandem and in unity.

The wanita,youth and putera chiefs were all ears and when it came to them to deliver their part they not only emphasised the Transformation and Reaching-out slogan put forward by the Puteri Chief but were unified to carry it through.

The blessings from the four wings are music to the ears of the Supreme Council where they have not only look forward but transformed after going through a much troubled time where 5 Ybs walked out from the party.

The 4 wings in SPDP have Buzzed out the correct signals to the rests of the BN coalition and it would justs be icing on the cake if the PM being a man where he looks upon the youths as the future of the nation would make a date for the SPDP Putera and Puteri launching sometime in early May.

Barbara and Tony would be brimming with smiles if their top leaders gives them the signals that the PM might just afford to come down and launch their existence.

What makes you think PM would not launch it..?