SWP “My Confession…!!”


(Eversince the emergence of SWP from its cave, I have been harassed and bombarded with phone calls and smses.

One even cheekily said,”Jangan lawan tauke,Join tauke“)

That is the Truth and nothing but the Truth..hahaha

73 thoughts on “SWP “My Confession…!!”

  1. PRS Hulu Rajang says:

    Well done.At least u say not like the Protem President .What is his name again a Doctor kah? Ong ..sudah lupa nama dia juga hahahahahaha. Maybe ruthless know..

    • ruthless says:

      I am neither PRS members but i am BN men. Don’t worry SWP is only after PRS only. Anyway, where is your president hiding?? Why this few days he play dump after the registration of SWP???? He think he is smart but always remember Sng is one step ahead of him. Ask your boss jangan lawan towke? Faham??or you answerable to GOD??? faham??

      • Bob says:

        Ruthless u are not bring any good to BN… If u BN u will not speak without manner with other components..

  2. PRS 30 says:

    PRS is not BN meh ruthless? Faham u answer to your GOD lah. We answer to ours. U everday attack TS Masing thats why u musts answer.

    • MIB says:

      There are two types of people in politic. One fight for what theybelieve in and another fight on other people believes……So PRS30 & Ruthless, which one are you?

    • Ruthless says:

      Who want to answer to that arrogant man ???only you would do that . very soon lot of your yb is going to blames him for the losses and also leave the party PRS. You better see Sng to check anymore division head is still available for you

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: WHY :?: this SCORPENE c4 serious news never shown in M’sia TV or Newspaper :?: ai yo…U know n I know la….what type of leader we have…..SHAME SHAME SHAME to this ‘i’ naSHIT :oops:

  4. phyllis says:

    So the SWP against PRS openwarfare is going to get worse it seems. In the mainstream media the STAR has headlines too. Wow.Here the PRS cyberteam is going against those who attack their boss Tan Sri James Masing,
    Who will win the ‘rakyat” says CM. I agree..

    • Ruthless says:

      If you want to know easy, ask Sng or i has seen his name been list as the candidates against salang at your area???? Or if Sng don’t want to tell you, i believe ask masing., i believe he know who is he???

  5. PRS 30 says:

    ruthless, who said our phone has broken down? What you know is that u like to according to our insider source is u woof woof woof only. Go lick Sngs backside.

  6. PRS 30 says:

    woof woof woof go to sleep lah. Sng need you tomorrow to wake him up.He need u give $500 for all the Rh.Madat longhouse.

  7. Ruthless says:

    Sorry , i just wake up and want to send few teams too look for your president, he has been missing for the past few days. Is he hiding from Sng??? If you meet your president , tell him that Sng would not humiliate him like ways he humiliate Sng junior. Tell him not worry , Sng is not arrogant and he can forgive and forget if he come and say sorry to Sng senior ??

  8. Ruthless says:

    Today Borneo Post Headline: Masing explains why Billy has to go????
    Doubts over MP’s ability to defend seat , majority dip of 41 % from 2004 GE.
    Did you believe at what Masing said???
    Insider source tell me cos of others following reasons:
    1) Ugat uneasy cos james has promise him to be next candidates for the last two terms.
    2) If James did not get rid of Billy this terms , do you think that Ugat got a chance to be the candidates for next term which is five years from now???
    3) PS Umis bucking at james ears to get rid of billy
    4) James weak points is that he listen to the few people surrounding him and not listen to grass roots.
    5) his father in law also out in favor with billy

    Habislah Billy you are out from potential candidates from BN??

  9. 2012 hope says:

    Taib Strategic Plan to stay in power for 3 decades:

    Use reliable proxy to weaken and suppress his component parties that are emerging.

    SWP is nothing new but one of his proxy party

  10. PRS 30 says:

    Morning all PRS cyber team. TS Masing have already made his statement. The woof woof woof ruthless have nothing better to say. We will all justs watch and relax and see how they attack PRS. Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban.

  11. PRS Hulu Rajang says:

    TS Masing have spoken. Its up to Billy our present MP to take it. If he is party man he will toe the line. If not he better leave. PRS is united and new candidate we musts give chance. Next our freind ruthless will say join SWP. He “BATU API” and sure Sng will asks him to pour more fire in. Justs watch.

      • Ruthless says:

        wooo, you dare to ask billy to leave PRS??? I think you are more powerful than Billy?? Did billy has to call you boss??? You PRS don’t under estimate billy now??? Ask masing to ask billy to leave the party if he dare??? i think you just talks like your president???

  12. SPDP Puterasi says:

    PRS as long as you dont touch SPDP thats OK. I think our UMB Chief has answered all the critics of him leaving SPDP and joining SWP. Hidup SPDP! Hidup Putera! Hidup UMB SPDP!

    • Boy says:

      Correct SPDP Puterasi says…. PRS, settle ur own prob… Don’t kacau SPDP…. Don’t simply make stupid statement about UMB Chief… We in component BN parties must unity to fight opposition.. Dont gaduh sama sendiri…

      • Ruthless says:

        Insider source told me , the function organize by Puteri in seratok does not has 1000 people and also most of attendee is beyond 50 year old??? It is true???

      • Boy says:

        Ruthless…. ukai organize by Puteri… Organised by Kelab Rekreasi Muhibbah Saratok… SPDP PEMUDA,WANITA,PUTERI,PUTERA nyokong pengawa baka tu… Sapa madah enda datai 1000 mensia??? Bula…Bula…bula…. Lbih 1000 belia ti datai malam nya…

  13. Soul Searcher says:

    This have to stop we hear SPDP President is being connected with SWP. People making allegations. This have to STOP. It Has to STOP. Wong Judat has personal issues with Joseph Salang and PRS v SPDP plus SWP musts not happen. STOP THIS saying our President have anything to do with it.

  14. PRS 30 says:

    Soul Searcher you better asks ruthless. He always woof woof woof for SWP. We cyber team have no issues with Spdp cyber team too.We are all united under 1BN/UMB

  15. observer says:

    Billy now can either migrate to Aussie with your loot or stand as Independent in the coming election.

    What we have observed is that Masing’s gang cannot sleep because they have to Spend their loot. They were short changing their voters.

    Mauh today come out with statement they are not worry, while in the next breath he said that there is enough political parties in Sarawak.

    Isn’t the more parties to serve the Rakyat the better.

    • Ruthless says:

      Billy don’t has to migrates, he can built a “jeratong” at the Bakun lakes and enjoy his life, with plenty of fish. What is worrying is that masing has to migrate Aust. after GE 13.??

      • nobody says:

        You are right Ruthless. Heard masing planning to buy a plot at BH next to kalimatan with his loot. Why not use his loot and develop Baleh.

  16. Team UMB SPDP says:

    United we stand, divided we fall . BN UMB is one team and SPDP UMB very much together with UMB BN Sarawak. which makes up of UMB PBB,UMB SUPP,UMB PRS and UMB SPDP. We are in this together and we will fight SWP. Dont listen to wild allegations and dirty politics of SWP trying to split us all up by attacking our President Mawan v President Masing and in loggerheads.
    We are one team and we fight in the GE13 against one common enemy Pakatan and also SWP.

  17. Boy says:

    TS Mawan enggau Ts Masing beserakup enggau bala komponen parti BN deka ngelaban semua parti penyakal.. Sapa ti madah statement duai ya bisi enggau ba SWP, nya jako hasut ti bula.. Anang sesekali percaya ke jako org… Aram ktai PBB,SUPP,PRS,SPDP ngelaban sida Pembangkang serta SWP…..

  18. apai nuel says:

    Swp swp swp !!! Saya nak tanya ruthless, mana scheme pisang sng dekat Pelagus, Belaga dan Selangau. Dia dah tebang pokok, dia dah jual pokok, duit dah masuk poket dia boleh ckp dkt tuan punya tanah, tanah tu tak sesuai tanam pisang. Ruthless ! Berapa tandan pisang sng you dah makan..paloi! Apa hal lu pun apek sama itu apek sng juga ke!

      • PRS 30 says:

        Sng ialah penipu besar kalau macam ini. Orang dayak semua tidak mahu percaya lagi. Dia bagi duit ambil saja. Pangkar BN hahaha

      • Bob says:

        Saya tidak pernah makan pisang sng…saya sendiri banyak dekat kampung…mungkin kamu ruthless tidak pernah makan pisang sng..hahahahahahahahah

  19. Ruthless says:

    Insider source , did Spdp deputy information chief (Churchill know that mawan and sng is a good friend?? Did anyone see than together having morning breakfast???

  20. PRS 30 says:

    Churchill u mean the chief reporter for Borneo Posts. He is a traiotr lah! TS Masing doesnt like him at all. Does he own Borneo Posts Kah? We will tell TS Masing to tell his bests friend KTS boss.

  21. PRS Hulu Rajang says:

    Only the ones who are under his payroll or no choice TS James dont want will come and fight for him. Even George Lagong cannot be trusted. Mana dia ada serve constituency. Cakap boleh saja and serve Taib and melanaus only.

    • Ruthless says:

      Don’t get to personal and you won’t be surprised most of the Iban in Balah would come out and vote for Gerge. My insider source told me that George is going the hulu rajang seats.Habislah PRS and habislah masing.

    • Ruthless says:

      Insider source told me , One articles is rm 1500.00, one days he write two articles equal to rm 3000.00 X 30 days per month = rm 90,000. Kala gaji CM? Where is the Tax man????

  22. suzanne p. says:

    Read it read it. Its bad on my uncle.aduh hai!! this i extract eeeee.”Sng is a gambler and a cock-fighter, and ‘quality’ candidates won’t want to gamble their future with him.

    “We don’t want to gamble our future in the hands of SWP
    Wah this is really defamation of character and Sng musts be hoping mad while James laughter could be heard all the way from Baleh..

    • Ruthless says:

      Don’t worry, Sng is not like masing??He don’t care what tawie is writing about him . To him the most important is the rakyat who put their trust on him.

    • Sinners says:

      We all sinners.

      iBan likes cock fighting.

      Before iPad there was iBan.

      Spin doctors working round the clock.


  23. Ruthless says:

    Quote from Borneo Post today:
    Long list of replacement candidates give SUPP leaders the dither:
    I am so surprise to read the heading and content regarding long list of potential candidates to replace yong during this coming GE 13 cos everyone of than know they are fighting a sure losing battles. But why they still want to be a candidates??? Is there any special rewards to be given to candidates event lose??? If not why??? Or they is no candidate, so newspaper just writes it up to make it sound good???I has no answer but can someone comment???

  24. mxdo says:

    james masing sucks..he treats his friends and allies like shit, he is a womanizer, arrogant and egotistical..his short fat wife is the same..doesnt isnt realise james is fathering bastards left and right with girls young enuff to be his daughter….mawan is a better president and we all know that james masing aims to be c.m . his henchman wilson ugak is another pathetic wannabe….anyway james masing can go to hell

  25. fcyt says:

    YB datuk Billy Abit has done a lot for Hulu Rajang.. those againts him and for Wilson Ugak have something to gain.james really evil evil man … remember he won againts george lagong who beat james masing guy..anyway i think SWP should invite billy to join them and wipe ugaks and james face in their own shit..

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