14 thoughts on “SPDP New Supreme Council 2012-2015

  1. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Ha :lol: Ha :lol: Ha :lol:

    :lol: I will only votes for BN if only ‘Ku Li’ is our PM….but not this tainted Najib! :lol:

    Ha :lol: Ha :lol: Ha :lol:

  2. Howel says:

    Like wat political observer said “mawan need to make some hard appointment”, but sadly its proven that he is a lamb president afterall, he did not take this one last chance to redeemed himself. More tiongs man went in. Look like spdp is now going towards becoming more of a chinese party, rather than a multi racial dayaks dominated party. Surely its signal the down fall of the mawan family. Facts is there is no change in the SC. Like many young supporter of spdp, my message to mawan- sir all the best to you and spdp, we see no hope in spdp to redeeming itself, our support stop here. Only a new political tsunami can save the young people now. A two party system. Adious.

  3. Ruthless says:

    “Red Alert” , ” beware of sabotage within BN of Mas Gading seat” , it seen to me masing has sent his general (Nissom) to attend the faction organize by BN club. Like Entelu say jangan main sama cabi ?? Now SPDP, you know what he mean??You SPDP celebrate the first day of chinese New year and i make sure PRS celebrate the last day of the new year???

  4. Ruthless says:

    My analysis on what i have read from today newspaper is that BN club are better organize and has a better support than Party SPDP for mas gading constituency, which i base on the following factors:
    1) attendee local
    2) better newspaper coverage
    3) BN represative from PRS (Sec. Gen)
    4) better crow
    So PM know who is winnable candidates ????

  5. Ruthless says:

    Masing Explain his stance on “Jangan Lawan Tawke”.
    To masing basically means do not bite the hands that feed you.
    When i read on his explanation, is seen to me in this world there is only 2 smart person, that is him and mong and lately add another smart person namely , vincent.
    I believe my father is not smart but if i asked my father what it mean by Jangan Lawan Towke, he would tell you “don’t fight your boss’. But always remember, james is good in twisting facts or bahasa words if mean dia cakap macam Ula jalan???Faham???

  6. Ruthless says:

    Winning Sibu won’t be a walk in the park- Lau
    I read a statement Quote”A veteran political observer, who asked not to be identified, said the ground support favoured Lau. Sorry to say my insider source told me that this political observer is trying to make him stop worrying cos he cannot slept for pass few days.

  7. joanna says:

    Kudos Tan Sri! This is what other compnents lack… New blood to enhance d party n give new ideas! Don’t be complacant with what we have now… Strive to be better!

  8. Ruthless says:

    Like what i have say before, This spdp office bearer does not look good?
    Look at line up , most of members is align to tiong.
    When they were in SNAP, when Tiong has problem with James wong , tiong leave the party and mawan follow him.
    When tiong has problem with entri, mawan is with him and now if tiong has problem with mawan and what would happen to mawan . ANSWER , vote out.

  9. Political Observer says:

    1. political observer says:
    March 19, 2012 at 7:32 pm
    If there is any particular person that is to be blame to be the source of spdp predicament, it has to be tiong king sing, the very person they rescued in SNap that lead to the split in Snap and the formation of Spdp. If there is such persons as a betrayer to the Dayak in spdp, it has to be Nyarok and Igai who are ever more than eager to do tiong,s bidding. As what the political observer said in 2009, tiong was so vicious towards nyarok challenger, than former deputy youth chief. He could not stand the thought of philip ngo winning and block his future aspiration to be deputy president and president. Fast forward, he seem to have achieve this plan by being the new deputy president, uncontested.
    In the process of acheiving their plans, they are not concern for spdp to lost five more seats, the spdp 5, who has always been a thorn in his flesh. Next the obvious manipulation of the just concluded TGA 2012. Hundreds of delegates from 31 divisions including limbang, batu danau, pelagus, tamin, muara tuang etc was given delegates tags and later declared illegal by Iga under the guised of Ros recommendation. True or not, this time ROS wa not spared, it became the latest bogeyman.
    Earlier it was understood there was contest for VP, where liew ah lek, igai and howel, all tiong loyalist were contesting. Look like at their whimps and fancy, those three somehow, allow the VP posts uncontested, and contest the sc posts. How igai ended up listed no 1, on the candidates list and their group in the top 14 list out of 32 gave them the advantage, is anyone guess. Although on the surface it looks calm, but the grassroots especially the losing candidates are not happy. Too much suspicious event. They felt that the whole election was a fare. Mastermind by tiong, nyarok and igai. None of the orang ulu and the bidayuh made it. At a glance, the SC look like supp rather than the supposedly multi racial spdp. Whether those grouses turned into a tsunami will be any one guess. Only time will tell. But as one delegate said, it not about racialism, it about a group of selfish people, controlling spdp, for the hidden agenda.
    2. Political Observer says:
    March 20, 2012 at 7:39 pm
    So far my analysis and prediction has been pretty accurate. Shortly i give further analysis, explanation and prediction. Have fun.
    3. Political Observer says:
    March 20, 2012 at 11:18 pm
    Nyarok, known as the Head hunter by tiong during the fight in Snap, because of his crude style, opening his mouth without thinking. A former school teacher, far from smart, always making himself feels impt, although those around him make fool of him behind his back. His Dick head do the talking, when he take two wives which in itself is against malaysia polygamy laws unless one is a muslim. Murugiah, former youth chief of PPP was at one time in trouble because of this, proposing to legalized polygamy.
    With two families to maintain and feed and with no business Nyarok need a financier. On the other hand Pkfz filthy rich tiong need a dayak trojan horse. What a pefect devilish combination- tiong and the dumb head hunter. Dumb nyarok felt faltered for being called the head hunter, while in actual he lost his ‘PALA’ or head to tiong. In head hunting terms he became tiong slave, in modern welfare terms. There were rumours within spdp inner circle that nyarok sold his deputy president to tiong for rm2-4 million. By doing that, he sold the dayaks because of his foolishness. That why i mentioned earlier that he is a betrayer to thedayaks and to the multi racial, members of spdp. He play a major role in destroying the balance of power in spdp.
    Imagine he went so low, by shamelessly going around to campaign against those who he in his imagination perceived to be against him and tiong’s team although he is supposed to be neutral being the so called the honorary life president- if there there is such a position in the first place. By any standard nyarok should have retired quietly and in shame for losing krian but instead he shameless crow like an old cockeral blaming philip ngo for his misery instead of going after Ali Biju his slayer.
    Instead of being obsessed with philip ngo, he should thank that young man. I was told it was his own people from Saratok that voluntarily campaign and vote for philip ngo. Nyarok knows about this, the spdp leadership knows about this, that was why he was recommended to be replaced last election. But in the BN sc he had assessed to najib and he begged najib to retain him and he succeed and he lost by 2000 votes which is unbelievable as he was an asistance minister. In other words he became a pkr agent- he allowed pkr to take root in the rural area, particularly saratok making tough for BN to defend the mp seat this coming G13.
    4. Political Observer says:
    March 22, 2012 at 10:21 am
    “The Words Youth”, seemed to be one of the most misused words these days. Look at our politicians, 20 -30 years ago they told the youth, “You are the future leaders of this party/country”. 20-30 years down the road, now, they say the same things to the same audience. The problem is those politicians are now 30 years older, and the “youth” they spoke to have passed their prime, they are already reaching their retired age. Their situation remained status quo. One cannot help it but to say, “this guys are a bunch of jokers”.
    The 2008 political Tsunami, happened partly because of this. UMNO, MCA and Gerakan had at that time tried to resolved this, but it was a little too late. BN Sarawak are still in dream land. Look at the average age of our BN MP’s and ADUN, in their 60’s and 70’s. Yet they said they still had much plan and vision for their kawasan.
    Whether, it was a misreporting by Borneo Post or not, I had a big laugh (LOL), when I read Nyarok speech to the spdp youth, where he said, “Asked not what your candidates(YB) can do for you, asked what you can do for your candidates(YB)”. He must have gotten that from JF Kenendy speech, “the famous, “Asked not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. Its summed up the mentality and the character of the person. I remember too in 2009 SPDP TGA, he said of his challenger something like “whoever fought this cockerel will regret forever (merana sepanjang zaman)”. It look like that poor old man is the one that “merana sepanjang zaman”.
    The culture amongst the dayaks likewise in SPDP is that they chose to respect elderly people like Nyarok, that explained why in front they swallow it, but behind his back they resent him so much that his own people opted to support Ali Biju. Unfortunately people like him caused unrepairable damaged to SPDP and BN as a whole. PKR owe it to him and Balang for giving PKR/PR to take roots in the rural areas. Why I mentioned Balang?. Its because of his own undoing, that caused the people of Bekalalan to abandon BN. Willie Liau was just a last minute replacement because the leadership knows, had it been Balang, the result will be known “by 3pm” not 8pm. Balang biggest mistake was, he did not take care of the late Datuk Dr. Judson’s men, as promised.
    As a political analyst, in my view, SPDP had lost about 75% of its strength. At its formation its has 8 ADUN, and 4 MP. Now it had only 2 ADUN 3 MP. Although Mawan said “SPDP though small in representation but big in loyalty (to BN)”, the reality is SPDP has shrunk its power, and image as a BN components Party. To allow 31 Divisions to be declared illegal was and is totally inexcusable. Its means spdp have only about 55000 members. Those responsible should be sacked, and amongst them is Nyarok and Igai. But again this is SPDP- no responsibility, no accountability!
    Currently, there is nothing to attract the youth to SPDP. I LOL when Ayu said SPDP Youth chose to remain low profile, knowing very well the Youth Wings is supposed to be the life wire of the party, the vocal pressure group. Again even in the Youth and the Wanita, it’s the same, tiong’s figure print is all over the place. Fact is the Youth and the Wanita has no teeth. Wanita Chief is living in a Luxury mansion in Miri, how on earth could she understand the problem of the poor dayaks wanita in the Kampung!
    The only hope for SPDP now is for Mawan to make some “hard appointment” as a balancing act. Not only for himself but also for the Party as a whole. He should broaden his advisors based. He should change all his political secretaries including Senator Pau all of which had been there since the formation of the Party. For the GE13, change all, or most of the current MP’s. Failure to do so will enhance and expediate the demise of SPDP

    MY ANALYSIS OF SPDP CONTINUE………………………………………………………………………………

    In my last posting I ended with the phrase: The only hope for SPDP now is for Mawan to make some “hard appointment” as a balancing act. Not only for himself but also for the Party as a whole. He should broaden his advisors based. He should change all his political secretaries including Senator Pau all of which had been there since the formation of the Party. For the GE13, change all, or most of the current MP’s. Failure to do so will enhance and expediate the demise of SPDP.
    Sadly for those who had sentimental feeling towards SPDP, the predictable happened. Mawan does not seem to have the guts and strength to make his own decision. Its obvious the appointment to SPDP SC bears the figure print of Tiong and Nyarok. Ones wonders, Nyarok was supposed to be just an honorary Life President, yet the picture of the SPDP SC meeting shows that he is prominent. Balang and Igai were reappointed as SG and DSG respectively, bear in mind Igai was already voted as SC member during the recent TGA. Next another tiong loyalist, Captain Tiong from Bintuu Port as Deputy Treasurer General, another Tiong hitman, Jacky Chan from Bintulu as information Chief, followed by Nyarok/tiong chief reporter cum spy, Churchil Edward as Deputy Information Chief. And another hand full Tiong, loyalist from Bintulu as SC members.
    From this full list we can conclude beyond a shadow of doubt, Mawan is not in control of SPDP. Tiong as predicted now has full control of SPDP. I received feedback from SPDP grassroots that during SPDP function, while Mawan was making his speech in many occassions, Tiong will be creating irritating “Yam Seng” somewhere in the hall, giving no respect and honor to his puppet President. It look like Mawan forgot his roots, where he draws his power from. Has he forgotten that he is a Dayak, and that he is what he is today because of the Dayaks. Why is he now as I have predicted, allowing SPDP leaning towards becoming more of a Chinese dominated party. Does he really think that SPDP can content SUPP members while the Chinese themselves could not handle themselves?.
    As expected many SPDP loyalist has been watching with hope upon hope that Mawan will act rationally to show that he is somebody they can look up to and trust but unfortunately for Mawan and SPDP the final appointment of the SC is the “Straw that break the Camel back”. Partly that trigger the mass resignation from the Party. It is expected that in the months to come many more will quit SPDP. The only person which will be making noise for Mawan will be his daughter Barbara. But than her depth will only be the publicity in the papers, and would not pierce down to the grass roots.
    Now as I have said in my earlier posting, Mawan has been and is and will continued to be surrounded by people who lacked the capacity to give him good advice. Because of that he will continue to go deeper and deeper into a “real bad mess”. He make many decisions that hurt many of his hardcore supporters, his actions seem to proof that there are some truth to what the G5 claimed. On the other hand understandably, masing is really pissed off by the way he handle the Judat and Salang issue. To make matter worst he could not expect sympathy from “Raja Lanun , Tengah” and Jabu. It a well known facts that Tiong was and is pissed off with them.
    Come this G13, many of the SPDP members, especially the educated Dayaks will have this attitude, “Tiong and team manipulate and hijack Spdp, let kick them out through G13”. Should that happen it will be a disaster to BN and the end of the road for spdp.

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