GE13 ” MP Hulu Rajang…A Darkhorse..?? “

GE13 cannot come sooner for those who after months of lobbying will be hoping that their name will be the “chosen one for their party” BN/PRS have three very “capable and winnable” candidates and each of them have their grassroot supporters.

Who will it be amongst them will be known come nomination day.

Wilson Ugak claims that he has the blessing of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Tan Sri James Masing to stand as a Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate in Hulu Rajang in the coming general election.
Billy Abit says he is very much still confident and winnable as the incumbent and will be hoping that his more than “cordial” links with his long term association with the Federal leaders will be enough for him to be renominated.

Liwan Lagang says a source to audie61 must not be ruled out and might justs be the answer BN/PRS holding on to the parliamentary constituency.  A DARKHORSE..??

George Lagong who won as an independant in the lasts state elections in the Pelagus area remains a favourite to join in the fray. A phone call to him today on Ugaks statement he justs said,”Very Good.Let’s wait and see”

PKR and SNAP will be weighing their options and there will be not short of candidates as the parties feel this constituency will be up for grabs as there are many issues in their favour to be addressed.


49 thoughts on “GE13 ” MP Hulu Rajang…A Darkhorse..?? “

  1. sarawakiana says:

    George Lagong will eat “laksa” of Ugak.Beleive me! This battle no need to say who will be the clear winner.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:

    :cry: LYNAS GREEDY :evil: NAJIB :twisted: BEWARE :!: U are IRRESPONSIBLE with your ‘1’ this n ‘1’ that n MAJORITY RAKYAT now see U n all your clowns only know how to play :twisted: money,porn,lembu n mamy many sick PUKE politics :twisted: :cry:

    :oops: :evil: LYNAS NAJIB PLANT :evil: THAT WILL KILLS INNOCENCE CHILDREN :arrow: :oops:

    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:

  3. 2012 hope says:

    While Ugak can say he has the blessing of JM, Billy was confident with the blessing from Najib who is the top BN leader.

    Dr Tiki says only the top BN leader,that is Najib endorses candidates for coming PRU not component parties leaders,why should i worry with Mawan’s and Taib’s prerogative

    Sentiments on the group in Pelgaus, George will totally wiped out if he contest again as he cant and has do nothing since elected cos he is independent dragging on without any funds.

  4. Anak Hulu Rajang says:

    My analysis
    On yb Billy, the 5 term MP for Hulu Rajang and is incumbent and has past his peak and also opportunities
    He has carried lot off extra baggage, and lot of explanation to do. Read sarawak report title: “Helping his constituency or helping himself. Dated 13 march 2012. Big damages has been done on his credibility . He has promise ugah twice to give way to him but not fulfill and this third time he still tell people, rakyat still need him. I believe if he stand again this time he would be voted out.
    Ugah has been working around the constituency for sometime and he got better chances to win the seats for BN than yb billy. In the borneo post report yesterday PS umis say if ugak was nominated,she (umis) can guarantee ugah is going to win the seat with convincing majority. Who is she to say that, she can guarantee bn win? “Even the matchmaker cannot guarantee the newly married couples to have children after married” . So umis , when you talk use your brains ? But lately ugat wife name was mention in sarawak report. He also need some explanation to do.
    The best person to capture the hulu rajang seat for BN is yb Liwan. He proven record cannot be dispute .The election result cannot be dispute, as first term he won by 283 vote and second term he won by 2900 vote. . During his second term he was appointed ass. minister. He also very helpful and his record is clean yb . His close connection with federals minister also can help bring lot development for Hulu Rajang. constituency. If he is given a chance, we Hulu Rajang constituency can assure the seat is retain by BN.

  5. 2012 hope says:

    Higher education minister Khaled Nordin asks PTPTN students to vote for opposition if they want their loans to be abolished as promised by PR.

  6. dayang says:

    Acheh! Nya jua jadi “bodek king” Anak Hulu Rajang .Boleh tahan
    (The best person to capture the hulu rajang seat for BN is yb Liwan. He proven record cannot be dispute .The election result cannot be dispute, as first term he won by 283 vote and second term he won by 2900 vote)

  7. tuai rumah says:

    Masing say Frusis no problem,jangan lawan towkay and now his cyber troopers are ready<'“For the next two to three months before the election, Unit Media Baru (UMB) will grow in importance,”
    He knows that his (6 seats) are under threat. By who i wonder

  8. sangsuri says:

    You see got or not James Masing? U like talking rubbish oredy when u justs let Billy my friend not sit on ticket for BN. U think Ugak good? I see him no u no. He worst than Rajang river snake. Bily at least the Big snake walang dapat tahan dan control. Ugak cannot cannot. George Lagong no duit lah he depend only on Sng. No use vote him. Liwan already Minister bah,.
    Kang koh leh!

  9. Jules mason says:

    Bagi dia satu chance lagi Billy boleh.
    Ugak Iban, James Iban Political secretary iban might as well PRS be Iban party sahaja. What say u?

      • jules mason says:

        who said so? What if orang ulu,kenyah,kayan and bidayuh not representated? U musts be dreaming belaga boy. Dream some more and one day your race also be affected. U musts be Iban.

      • 2012 hope says:

        barrack obama is a black serving us majority white,

        If race that really matter then msia should have PM for all each race.

        Dont live the past any more lah

      • Del potro says:

        if we care about race, that mean other race can be CM of sarawak..not only monopoly by one race..

  10. A Scott says:

    I see if you think about it putting Ugak up is to stop Billy who is Vice President 1 teaming up with joe entulu .(pandai this James Masing) Ugak only SC member and PS to James bah and he should wait some more but its election year soon for PRS. Get rid of Billy first before he gets rid of me in a team effort.
    Well done .Who will win anyones guess and its going to be a HOT seat. Last time the ballot box fell into the river this time there must be INCIDENTS..

  11. james says:

    Both ugah and billy is james man. Billy is already 5 term yb and james already promise ugah to be next candidate for hulu rajang. Inside source say, ugah is going stand with or without BN ticket. Are they both winnable candidate for BN , I wonder ? What Anak Hulu Rajang say is truth, the best candidate is still yb Liwan . If either Billy or Ugah is standing on BN ticket , i won’t be surprise, yb george would be the next yb for hulu rajang.

  12. gazz says:

    Time again for PRS to feel the heat! SPDP and SUPP already. PBB very very soon brothers and sisters.MP seats we will see who fight who

  13. A Scott says:

    what sarawak report my friend Mr.belaga boy? U copy and paste here we can see. U know what story but i dont..waiting for it.

    • punan bah gang says:

      Helping His Constituents Or Helping Himself? Billy Abit Joo – EXPOSE!

      Posted Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

      This post is also available in: Iban, Malay

      Najib hands a mock RM5Million cheque for the Bakun Resettlement Committee to PRS boss Masing and MP Billy Abit Joo just before the state election – but did the locals see any of that money?
      The Federal MP for Hulu Rejang, Bakun says that he “wants to keep serving his people” for another 5th term. However, his rival Wilson Ugat, who is the political secretary to their PRS party chief, BN’s James Masing, says he “wants a turn”.

      We ask whether these men are squabbling for the chance to help their people or to grab more wealth and resources from Bakun and elsewhere?

      After all, during the 22 years that Billy Abit Joo has held his seat 10,000 of his constituents have been driven from their lands to make way for the Bakun Dam. He supported this project, but what benefit have the people received from the logging and flooding of their lands?

      Sucking up to Taib and Najib and receiving the benefits – but what has Billy Abit Joo done to help his people
      It is now a decade since they were pushed from their homes, yet most of these refugees have yet to receive more than a fraction of the compensation they were promised.

      They have now even been told they have to pay for their replacement homes out of the compensation money, which they have yet to fully receive, putting them supposedly ‘in debt’ to the state!

      So, what happened to BN’s original promises of free new homes, free water and electricity, new jobs and of course handsome compensation on top?

      And what happened to the billions of ringgit that were made out of the logging of these lands by Ekran, a company owned by Taib crony Ting Pek Kiing and Taib’s own sons?

      We have to ask, in 22 years what use has Billy Abit Joo been in getting just compensation for his constituents in these matters?

      Billy Abit Joo’s flooded constituents
      Wargana Consortium Sdn Bhd

      Man to trust? – Taib henchman Awang Tenggah called Wargana Consortium “a company owned by the people themselves”!
      Wargana Consortium Sdn Bhd is an enterprise that perfectly spells out the difference between what Billy Abit Joo promises and what he actually does. It shows how, while he promises to enrich his people, he is actually working to enrich himself and key supporters.

      Wargana Consortium was announced back in 2010 as a cooperative enterprise. Taib side-kick and sub-Minister for Planning and Resources, Awang Tenggah, called it:

      “a company formed by the people themselves” [Borneo Post].

      Billy Abit Joo then described a RM 9.8million contract awarded by Sarawak Hydro to clear 60,000 tons of dangerous debris in the Bakun Dam area as some kind of shared venture:

      “The local people hold 50 per cent of the share and the other 50 belongs to Wargana Consortium Sdn Bhd”, he claimed. [Borneo Post again]

      Billy also said that local people would get the opportunity to work on the venture and provide their own boats to the project to help clear up the waters.

      Vote buying! – BN’s Billy Abit Joo tries to pretend that these vouchers paid for by public money are a gift from BN to poor people. Part of the disastrous BR1M hand out last month, where so many of the poorest people failed in the end to get their cash.
      These statements gave the clear impression that the project was offering work and also that a 50% share of the profit from the RM9.8million contract would go in dividends to the local people.

      If this were really the case you might praise a local MP for arranging such help for his people.However, the promises over the Wargana Consortium have turned out to be as thin as those over compensation for Bakun.


      Firstly, our researches show that there is no shared venture. The whole debris-clearing project was awarded to Wargana Consortium Sdn Bhd alone, according to Sarawak Hydro’s own web announcement. There is no record at all of 50% of the share going to local people!

      Project was awarded 100% to Wargana Consortium – no 50% to the ‘local people’
      As one local resident of the resettlement area of Sungai Asap explains, “The contract is totally controlled by Wargana. They have hired around 20 local workers, that is all”.

      So, who owns Wargana Consortium? Is it that there has there been some confusion and that Wargana itself is 50% owned by the local people?

      If this was the case then the local people should all be registered as shareholders in the company and they should be expecting to receive not only jobs in the clearing project, but also a 50% share of the company profits.

      True ownership of Wargana Consortium

      Sadly, this is far from the case. In a disgraceful conflict of interest, Wargana Consortium is in fact controlled by none other than than the local MP, our familiar friend Billy Abit Joo!

      His three fellow Directors are the businessman David Wong, Alice Sia (who is the daughter of a BN crony businessman) and Nyipa Batok, who is a former BN State Assemblyman. Nyipa Batok just happens to also be the father in law of Billy’s PRS leader, James Masing. As we have previously exposed, Nyipa’s daughter, Masing’s wife, Corinne Nyipa Masing is also the shareholder of numerous companies that have also received huge state contracts and timber concessions!

      Not just a local MP, but the local businessman receiving the top public contract for the Bakun area!
      So, if these political types are in charge of this publicly funded project, who do we think are the shareholders of the company?

      Well it turns out that these four Directors are the main shareholders of just under two thirds of the enterprise, through two of the three companies that make up Wargana Consortium, which are Wargana Management Sdn Bhd and Sinaran Bakun Sdn Bhd.

      Billy Abit Joo is one of the key Directors of Wargana Consortium and he is also a major shareholder through the company Sinaran Bakun Sdn Bhd. The other shareholder is the Dad of James Masing’s wife, Nyipa Batok!
      So, what about the supposed 50% share that is meant to be going to the ‘local people’? Well, it simply isn’t true. Instead, we have discovered that a very typical BN style of profit sharing has been underway!

      It turns out that the remaining third of Wargana Consortium has been handed to a supposedly ‘public’ company called Sinaran Bakun (M) Bhd. This is a very unusual public company, because it has only issued 26 shares and they are certainly not being traded on the stock exchange.

      Only one third of Wargana Consortium is shared with Sinaran Bakun (M) bhd in which each head man has a share. However Billy Abit Joo has two shares along with Corinne Masing’s Dad – and it is they who control the company as the Directors!
      And who has been given those shares? The lucky list of shareholders are none other than 24 key local headmen in the Sungai Asap longhouses. These are the people whom BN pay to be the ‘representatives’ of their people – the people who will be hoping to ‘advise’ their longhouse folk on whom they should vote for at the coming election!

      Normally BN like to hand out bribes just to top cronies. But at Bakun have the incentives had to spread a little further to keep local leaders happy in the face of so many broken promises?
      It should be noted that Billy and Nyipa Batok are also in this list of shareholders too and they have twice as many shares as the others! And guess who are the Directors of this company, Sinaran Bakun (M) Bhd? The same key three people who manage Wargana Consortium and the two other shareholder companies, of course! Billy Abit Joo, Nyipa Batok and businessman David Wong!

      The headmen may be the shareholders, but they have no control over the company.
      No money for the people

      Since these three men are in control of the Consortium itself and are the main Directors of the three shareholding companies, as well as being the owners of by far the greatest number of shares, then it is these three men who are in a position to determine the size of the profits, the expenditures of the company, the pay for Directors and everything else for this “company owned by the people themselves”.

      “We knew the headmen had been given a sort of representative share for each of the longhouses” explained the Sungai Asap resident. ”But it was never explained how any of the money would come down to us and it hasn’t!”

      So we ask what did Billy Abit Joo and ex-assemblyman Nyipa Batok mean by claiming that 50% of the profits would come to the local people? And why did Awang Tenggah claim that the consortium was “formed by the people themselves”?

      Finally, how did these politicians come to be in possession of such a large number of shares in this consortium, which has been corruptly handed such a large contract by Sarawak Hydro, in what is a clear conflict of interest?


      A RM9.8Million job not done – the debris is being hidden not burnt!
      Meanwhile, we have discovered a great deal about the reality of this major debris clearing contract and the situation regarding those profits, which were supposed to go to the local people.

      Our enquiries show that so far not only have the local people to see a single ringgit, but the headmen shareholders have not received money either.

      We have been told that there have been arguments over the failure of Wargana Consortium to provide the promised dividends between the managers and the company and the headmen.

      We can reveal that the outcome of this situation has caused a major scandal, provoking illegal logging and a dangerous situation whereby millions of ringgit of public money have been paid out to clear debris, which has ended up being hidden rather than being burnt!

      According to our inside sources, Wargana company bosses placated the angry headmen, who were demanding their dividends, by signalling that they would turn a blind eye to logging in the Bakun reservoir area, which is meant to be managed and controlled by the consortium. As our source explained:

      “The company is supposed to deal with debris within a 15kilometer radius of the dam. However, they are allowing some of the headmen to bring in workers from Bintulu, who are then logging on the hillsides beyond that radius. Only a few of the headmen have got involved, but they have made a lot of money. The illegal loggers take the timber to Samling, the nearby concession holders, who have paid them a great deal for this valuable hill top wood!”

      Deadly pile ups of logs and debris are being hidden around Bakun’s vast lake by contract workers who have no incinerator to use!
      Just last year this scandal of illegal logging was publicly condemned by none other than Awang Tenggah.

      Yet we can now show that the whole scandal was promoted and condoned by the company belonging to Tenggah’s own political colleague, the local MP, Billy Abit Joo!

      In typical BN style they have corrupted the local leaders to control the anger and rebellion from the longhouses.

      Waste of public money and danger to the people!

      But neither, it turns out, has Wargana Consortium been doing the job it is supposed to do. Most of the work is sub-contracted to small outfits, according to our informants from the area.

      “Wargana Consortium was supposed to build an incinerator to burn this wood, but they have not. So they are just allowing other small outfits to deal with the wood and again they are turning a blind eye. Those small contractors have just been hiding the wood in secret places around the lake!”, confided one local person who has provided us with photographs of some of those hidden mounds of debris

      RM9.8Million has gone to Wargana Consortium to clear the debris from the lake – but it seems to be public money that has been wasted!
      So, this is the job that the Directors of Wargana Consortium, led by the local MP Billy Abit Joo, have carried out in return for all that public money!

      They have allowed the logs to be hidden round the Bakun lake, instead of building an incinerator and they have turned a blind eye to illegal logging to avoid paying the local people their rightful share of the profits!

      Sarawak Report rests its case when it says that the story of Wargana Consortium sums up perfectly the difference between what BN politician practice and what BN politicians preach!

      How MP and Company Director Billy Abit Joo took RM9.8Million of public money and didn’t do the job!
      They know what is right, however they do what is wrong and it is their constituents that suffer!

      But this is not the only activity that involves Wargana Consortium Sdn Bhd.

      Timber contracts too!

      It turns out that Wargana Corporation has been going far longer than the debris-clearance contract and the supposed profit sharing venture with the people in Billy Abit Joo’s constituency.

      Wargana Consortium was set up in 2005 and has a huge swathe of timber concessions as well! According to our copy of the Forestry Department’s maps, thousands of hectares have been given over to the company controlled by MP Billy Abit Joo and his fellow BN crony shareholders.

      Yet there is no evidence that any of the local people of Sungai Asap were aware of this asset or that they have received any of the profits from their shareholding.

      Timber concessions worth tens of millions of ringgit. Did the local people of Bakun gain any share in these profits? Did the Headmen with shares get any share of these profits?
      Now that they can see how much their MP Billy Abit Joo and his cronies are making from logging, perhaps the people of Bakun can understand why he and James Masing’s father in law, Nyipa Batok, have been telling them to keep on voting BN and to be patient about the destruction of their lands !

      They can perhaps now realise how Taib has been bribing a few BN political leaders the at the expense of the rest of the people of Sarawak!

      The area of Wargama Consortium’s timber concessions
      Wilson Ugat

      The people of Bakun might conclude that they should, therefore, replace the long-term liar and plunderer Billy Abit Joo with his PRS rival Wilson Ugat, who is the close supporter of their party boss, James Masing.

      Sucking up to the big boss – PRS leader has done well out of making sure his party supports BN, because Taib has allowed him to cheat his own people
      However, we should remind readers of our other recent expose, showing how Wilson Ugat and James Masing conspired together with Sri Aman Assemblyman Mong Dagang to make RM 70 million in kickbacks out of NCR land which they had confiscated for plantations!

      We have published the letter signed by Mong asking for the money to be paid into a company which is owned by Masing’s brother, Mong’s wife and Wilson Ugat’s wife, Leyta Kupa! [see the story]

      So what advantage is there to voting for another corrupted PRS member of BN, who promises one thing, but does quite another?

  14. 2012 hope says:

    BN have misled bloated 1.4 million civil servants over the pay reviews,will they show their angers by using protest votes against BN ?

    Promised equal or better New SSM replacing biased SBPA is nothing or worst as compare to the latter.

    All current top scale civil servants drawers are only given an additional increment instead of 5-6 as promised before.

    SBPA which enables most civil servants to draw RM 500-2000 more upon retirements for grades 1-54 at top scale has been scrapped off.

    Higher education minister Khaled Nordin is playing with fires with intellectuals, arrogantly lambasted ALL 1.95 million PTPTN borrowers and tells them to vote for opposition not resorting to rally if they want their loans to be abolished and write off.

    Muhyiddin advises unemployed graduates teachers to find jobs elsewhere instead of depending on KPM only.

    Perkasa says ” threats of Christianisation ” is real and action must be taken carefully to deal with it.

    Idris Jala says GST will be introduced after election.

    Najib has been described as the most -fickled and flip-flopping PM ever in Msia by making so many U-Turns during his current term in office.

    What say U All,strong feel good or little bad factor

  15. 2012 hope says:

    All Najib’s announcements on goodies during last teachers day for the strong 500000 teachers cant be fulfilled under New SSM.

    Some of the goodies for teachers as promised ,a DGA 34 can earn up to RM 5400 whereas now is just 4300, DG 48 grade teacher suppose to be pay with top scale RM 8700 has to satisfy with mere RM 6700.What say u Cikgu ????

  16. 2012 hope says:

    Walk your talk,PM, says interfaith group.

    Your concept of 1 Malaysia for unity and moderation is in disarray following news that BN Johor administration organised a seminar’ Threat of christianisation “.

  17. 2012 hope says:

    The race is over for Billy Abit,J Masing breaks silence and confirms that a new candidate to stand in Hulu Rajang,that is Ugak.

    However this will to be agree by Taib and Najib even though i recommended him.

    This end all speculations who will the candidate for HR .

    How will Billy Abit react to it ,more are to be seen.

  18. zainuddin says:

    U see Billy Its April 1st “fools day” u should have joined PR. Now u will still be MPGE13.Hidup PR Hidup Pakatan Lawan tetap Lawan

    • 2012 hope says:

      Brainchild Slogan” Golden Rule Of Life, Jangan Lawan Towkay ” of James Masing must be strictly by any Rakyat or even PRS members.

      If i tell you to withdraw or walk backwards,just do it and dont argue cos i am your Boss,

      Hope Billy as loyal PRS member can understand and follow this principle.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Malaysia is managed by” Projects Politcians ” NOT Welfare Politicians ” as claimed.

      Tell me which YBs dont have any projects awarded to them ????.That why these leeches fight hard to stay in power as long as possible.

      The goodies of the gravy train is just too difficult to miss

  19. rimau atas kerusi says:

    Interesting posting on PRS’ potential candidates for Hulu Rajang. But what’s the word on the “capable and winnable” SPDP candidate for P192 Mas Gading? Is he or she a “darkhorse” too?

  20. john says:

    … the article was obviously sensationalised to attract readers.. all the “little outfits” who were given the contracts are locals from the constituency, which i like to view as a way of giving back to the people.i know so because a couple of my old classmates are Wargana’s sub-cons (ibans, no less). No complaints from them so far, and from what i heard, it’s not like billy lives in a mansion on State land like jjm does. A friend showed me billy’s home in kuching and i seriously doubt he’s sitting on 9.8million. Also brings a question to mind – if billy is so close to jjm’s family, why is jjm trying so hard to take his seat? unless it’s jjm who really wants to sweep all the small contractors away and take up the ‘job’ himself. just a thought… /-john, uk (originally from kapit)

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