Huh.! Wat’s going On.??”



 * scratch head *

Received so many phone calls and even one said that the newspaper  today

 ‘SOLD OUT” Oh…Wow! Unbelievable…

[Previous article:-PBB “Interesting developments”

Some times when you are the victim of truth it will justs appear at a time when you least expect.

Todays PBB meeting in which MPs for Batang Lupar and Batang Sadong attended was anything but cordial.

There was an air of anticipation of a meeting which will trigger disunity, discontentment and displeasure even before the meeting began. Eventually when GE13 was mentioned the ears all popped up like receivers to get the signals from the satellites.

The persons attending the meeting were all caught by surprise when the Chairman of the meeting stressed with venom,”We musts get all our operations centre ready in anticipation of the the GE13which will be called soon” There must not be cliques and we must be united to face the GE13.

Our reliable source said,”The persons who thought that they will be asked to do it nearly turned  white as a ghosts when the Chairman asked MP Nancy Shukri. It was anticipated that MP Nancy would not be renominated and they were all shocked to say the least.

Nancy said,”Am I not one of the ABU9 to be dropped..?If you all don’t know please check up the newspapers and the blogs and my name is listed and eventhough i vouch to work to please the rakyat in my area certain forces are hellbent to ensure I am not renominated.”

I’m sure she said Deputy Minister Rohani is in the same predicament. But she was cool and answered in such a way that the Chairman said,”Who said so? Tell me and those who thinks that they will replace MP Nancy or MP Rohani need to think of the next GE14.

The chairman said this and its a clear indication of what lies ahead for the two Wanita MPs of PBB. They have been asked by the top hierarchy of getting their operation centres up and working and if one can read into this PBB is putting as stop to changes or INFIGHTING which might affect the winnable chances for the party in Batang Lupar and Batang Sadong.

PBB is the backbone of the coalition in the state and if there are too much infighting it will affect the chances of the candidates and will virtually and eventually trickled down to the grassroots. There are of course those who feels that its their time to be given the ticket but in politics the BN Chairman will need to look at a winner not one who lobbies justs for personal needs.

BN will need all the right people in place to ensure that that is one seat won or Pakatan will cash in and say its ours and its your loss as infighting have caused you the seat. there are 222 seats available and up for grabs and PBB will want these two (2) seats sorted out with their candidates virtually having the upper hand with little or no resistance to their candidacy.

MP Nancy and MP Rohani will be hoping their paths are cleared and that all obstacles be it purely for selfish needs and not party needs ….


45 thoughts on “Huh.! Wat’s going On.??”

  1. Q Mark ? says:

    There is an old say: “If there is no wind, where’s the wave come from?” and this news article proof it all…… They are really trying to hide something……….

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

    :shock: Wat’s going On ….((VERSION)))) MoO MOo here n MoO mOO there….not me mot me…MOO MOO MOO :shock:

  3. ruthless says:

    Why is he. Modd Norodin so worry about blogger and narrow mind? If is true, just accept it. We must brave enough like our PM, come out and say sorry. Don’t threaten the blogger. Blogger Audie 61 did a very job by exposing the conflict inside PBB from his inside source. Well done Audie 61.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Mohd Norodin should use his wisdom and intellectuals to differentiate between facts and fictions written by most bloggers.

      One cant deny the facts that there are too many mixing of 10% facts and 90 % fictions in most blog spree, Is he still living in the past or caves.No body force you to believe it.

      There are countless millions ringgit suits in Msia,how many are successful ?.

      Norodin might have overlook the right of freedom of press, speech and expressions or he is uneasy as he had been challenged ” Jangan Lawan Towkay ” Goledn Rule Of Life brainchild of James Masing

      • Fiery_fury says:

        Agree with you 2012 hope, freedom is a funny sense of feeling. The more it suppressed, the more rebellious it becomes.
        Reading blogs and see comments being posts up is a type of freedom that most will enjoy doing in their spare time. It’s the only time we rakyat can “bully” those who are “in power”. Give chance la… In real life we JANGAN LAWAN TOWKAY bah… Why so scared?

  4. Fiery_fury says:

    This other blogger is trying to get an INSTANT FAME just before the election, la. such a CHEAP WAY to achieve it. Subtly twisting words of someone else’s can lead the whole story differently.

    Just like cooking with Chef Wan, tambah sikit Garam here dan sikit miching there makes the lamb curry dish nice to eat, but if too much Garam and miching… WALAU EH3x !! become kueh tiaw pulak.

    Tusah kaban siko tu. Baka ka enda nemu maiyoh urang ba menua sarawak pandai macha bahsa Engelis… Salah salah aribulan, nyadi Laban Semua menyadi dik ilak. Then we WILL SEE whose the big FAT LIAR. Usually it’s the one with no followers… Kekekekek

  5. zainuddin says:

    PBB living in its own shadows. Very soon PBB will face its greatest fear.audie61 was trying to close the can of worms but the journalists has different agenda.Hidup Pakatan Hidup PKR. The journalists is closely linked to MP Santubong especially his PS thats what i know.. Hidup PR

  6. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: BRAIN DRAIN……Ai yo yoyoyo this Mamak kerala chase away all the GENIUS n now only want his son to be Pee-m mah :arrow: :mrgreen:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  7. chloe says:

    agree with u Fiery_fury. great one on this ” Chef Wan, tambah sikit Garam here dan sikit miching there makes the lamb curry dish nice to eat, but if too much Garam and miching… WALAU EH3x !! become kueh tiaw pulak. ”
    LUV it….hehehehehhahahahaha

  8. chloe says:

    by the way i look in the other journalists blog”what is he saying?Prosperous story ..did he mean this Preposterous??? What a shame! Low class and trying to outdo others..Shame

  9. phyllis says:

    wah! Whats going on here? BN bloggers getting at each other. ? I checked and find out its all twisted by the journalists blogger. How low can one go and i agree with chloe. Its worse than stealing.

  10. theo zaki says:

    My friends he is a paid journalists and he musts be writing for his masters. He is of course no way near this audie61 blog and he tries to use it for more HITs and telling his master I did it

  11. ruthless says:

    Blog’s article of Party PBB
    Is Party PBB so fragile ?
    Mohd Norodin so scare and say could cause party PBB disunity
    Want to report the matter to the boss awang tengah and i am asking why not to CM ?
    Norodin i believe Pbb member know how to judge by facts and you don’t have to press panic button.
    Why are so worry about the article?
    In the blog’s , daily you can read hundred of article regarding different party
    Is this article is true and it concern you?
    Buat salah mahu minta maaf dari boss, benarkah?
    If like that i have no say.

  12. iceman says:

    What say u nowYB Noroden as i see the above from ruthless,’Mohd Norodin so scare and say could cause party PBB disunity
    Want to report the matter to the boss awang tengah and i am asking why not to CM ?
    Very true and this assistant minister playing with FIRE, I will use all the ice to douse him soon.

  13. Kathleen says:

    PBB will soon be shreaded to pieces with some losses in GE13. Seems Lawas will be entertaining and also Batnag sadong. There might not be clean sweep again. Pakatan and us will try to break the EGG.

  14. harrison jumel says:

    BN sarawak will suffer losses. My gut feeling and what i gather from ground has PBB (1) SUPP(5) PRS (1) SPDP(1) total 8 lost seats and bad for BN coalition.

  15. ruthless says:

    -Audie 61 must thank sarawak tribune for highlighting an article from the blog title, ” “Blog’s article on PBB lambasted.
    – Audie 61 must thank writer Abang salfian for free publicity .
    -sarawak report title “more very dirty datuks ” on 2/3/3012
    -request the writer to highlighting an article from sarawak report ” more very dirty datuk” dated march 2, 2012
    You will be very famous after that!!! ha ha
    kalau berani lawan towkey ???

  16. anita says:

    I have followed this blog audie61 for nearly 2 years. The blog members from Sabah are my friends and i do think this journalists from the Sarawak Tribune Abang Salfian Nawawi is a bit off the mark and he seems to have twisted the facts to make himself a sort of “HERO’ in the eyes of the Minister Noroden is it.?
    Gosh! its very low for a journalists like him and we are pretty sure the management will take into account.
    By all accounts audie61 can sue the writer and the newspapers for “defamation and character assasination” Sure my friends here in Sabah have contacted him already.
    Victim of “newspaper manipulation”

  17. sarawakiana says:

    Ya,correct anita this journalists “scum’should be hung from the nearest tree sorry my expression or the nearest electric pole. He according to many in Tribune acts like he is the only reporter great enough in tribune.
    Heard no body in Borneo posts like him and he is a FROG. hahahaha

    • ruthless says:

      Kalau benar dia itu “FROG”?
      Take him to the Porridge shop at stutong, Kuching and cooks him with Ginger
      It came out frog Ginger porridge
      I wonder how is the test???

  18. 2012 hope says:

    seasons of lobbying,begging and canvassing for all incumbents and potentials as candidates in coming GE13 regardless of both sides of political divide.

    Let see how many win the races ?

  19. 2012 hope says:

    Most powerful and effective weapon for election especially in 2 Borneo states is ” Vat M Bombs invented locally decades ago.

    The ones with the most of such Bombs will eventually win the battle.

    Modern ways of campaigning in rural areas is still irrelevant and ineffective among lowly educated rural community.

    For them it just another ” Musim Menuai,” harvesting season once in every 5 years.

  20. sarawakiana says:

    yaya but the anak2 not bought by vitamin M very easily now. The anak2 take $ vote opposition. opposition also bankroll by towkays now.

  21. phyllis says:

    ruthless hahaha make him frog kut teh..rather than frog Ginger porridge. Doesn’t sell and also he Salfian according to his friends he smell as he always “rat his friends and stab them at the back”

  22. frances yee says:

    Cheh ! Cheh! I know this reporter. Wah now he elevated to be jounalists. Only crime reporter lah! In Bposts who like him. They threw champagne party when he left. Useless Bodek only and he deserves to be criticized. With u all here audie61

  23. dahlan says:

    Sama kampung dengan nya. Ini orang tak guna punya lah! Aksi banyak cakap besar dan cakap bohong.Ada dengar dia ada perempuan simpanan boleh cek…

  24. sarawakiana says:

    dahlan,interesting that u say “perempuan simpanan”. We shall ask our boys to check maybe ruthless knows hahahaha

  25. junaidy says:

    Saya sudah cakap ruthless u tak dengar u pakai jentera kuda. U memang “batu api” dalam blog ini.Hidup Tengah byebye Pehin hahaha

  26. theo zaki says:

    Told u all this guy “abang salfian” paid mercenary lah! He wants to please his BOSS only. No use this guy beleive me. He will extinguish himself and soon Tribune will know he justs posting all false news.

  27. theo zaki says:

    By the way i picked this up from audie FB aiya ada threaten jua this mercenary”Who’s cheap? me or you? apahal kawo madah gia? ko mok apa? at least i quote Naroden rather than ur reliable source..”
    How like that! He already twisted facts and he thinks he HERO..No Brainer lah this kid.

  28. anita says:

    Disgrace lah eventhough he can marry 4 times.”perempuan simpanan” so who’s talking now?Mr newspaper man who likes to twists facts. So u are found out. very soon its seems there will be more out in the open for u.

  29. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: Olee CoW :!: correct correct correct ….it’s not me….it’s the COWgate girl wanna fix it’s judgement in their no ‘1’ kangaroo cOW court laaaa ….correct correct correct… :mrgreen:

  30. 2012 hope says:

    Current hottest issues besetting UMNO-BN now.

    NFC fiasco,
    PKFZ scandal,
    Lynas plant,
    Tajuddin case,
    Mas- Airasia share swap,
    Civil servants pay review,
    Shortage of teacher in Chinese schools,
    Electoral rolls and reforms,
    Felda listing, Abolition of PTPTN,
    Threat of Christianisation,
    Marginalisation of Swak and Sabah,
    Unfair scholarships disbursements,
    Unfair schooling policies for non-bumi.
    High cost of living,
    GST after election,
    Trained teachers from IPTA sign in as contract or guru interim and more to come

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