GE13″PBB Interesting Developments..!!”

Some times when you are the victim of truth it will justs appear at a time when you least expect.

Todays PBB meeting in which MPs for Batang Lupar and Batang Sadong attended was anything but cordial.

There was an air of anticipation of a meeting which will trigger disunity, discontentment and displeasure even before the meeting began. Eventually when GE13 was mentioned the ears all popped up like receivers to get the signals from the satellites.

The persons attending the meeting were all caught by surprise when the Chairman of the meeting stressed with venom,”We musts get all our operations centre ready in anticipation of the the GE13which will be called soon” There must not be cliques and we must be united to face the GE13.

Our reliable source said,”The persons who thought that they will be asked to do it nearly turned  white as a ghosts when the Chairman asked MP Nancy Shukri. It was anticipated that MP Nancy would not be renominated and they were all shocked to say the least.

Nancy said,”Am I not one of the ABU9 to be dropped..?If you all don’t know please check up the newspapers and the blogs and my name is listed and eventhough i vouch to work to please the rakyat in my area certain forces are hellbent to ensure I am not renominated.”

I’m sure she said Deputy Minister Rohani is in the same predicament. But she was cool and answered in such a way that the Chairman said,”Who said so? Tell me and those who thinks that they will replace MP Nancy or MP Rohani need to think of the next GE14.

The chairman said this and its a clear indication of what lies ahead for the two Wanita MPs of PBB. They have been asked by the top hierarchy of getting their operation centres up and working and if one can read into this PBB is putting as stop to changes or INFIGHTING which might affect the winnable chances for the party in Batang Lupar and Batang Sadong.

PBB is the backbone of the coalition in the state and if there are too much infighting it will affect the chances of the candidates and will virtually and eventually trickled down to the grassroots. There are of course those who feels that its their time to be given the ticket but in politics the BN Chairman will need to look at a winner not one who lobbies justs for personal needs.

BN will need all the right people in place to ensure that that is one seat won or Pakatan will cash in and say its ours and its your loss as infighting have caused you the seat. there are 222 seats available and up for grabs and PBB will want these two (2) seats sorted out with their candidates virtually having the upper hand with little or no resistance to their candidacy.

MP Nancy and MP Rohani will be hoping their paths are cleared and that all obstacles be it purely for selfish needs and not party needs ….


33 thoughts on “GE13″PBB Interesting Developments..!!”

  1. phyllis says:

    Good one MP Nancy .Like the cheekiness in the answer,”am I not one of the many in ABU9?” Very clever and kuddos to u. We womanfolks must stand tall and be counted in politics.

  2. ruthless says:

    since both of you (nancy and rohanni) will be drop from bn candidate list during coming GE 13, it is not the end of the world for.both of you. If both of has a strong grass root support or still winnable candidate , why worry ? Join PR ? Kalau berani ? why do you have to ” kow tow” to a party who has betray you?

    • bondoun says:

      Bingo! that’s definitely the best game plan. Find a greener pasture and never look back. BN is old story and probably history. If you have been the good YB then nothing to worry about. People in the grassroot will definitely vote you back in. Stay true to yourself…

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Najib orders his army to defend his fort ” Putrajaya at all costs ”

    Minor Tsunami in sarawak, Sabah and Johor may trigger Major Tsunami in No Putrajaya.

    Last GE results,for MPs sawak 29/31, Sabah 24/25, Johor 25/26 for 3 fix deposits a mere100 % win.

  4. 2012 hope says:

    BN is creating more hatred and suspicion among Maalaysians,this time is a seminar organised by Johor Education dept for all govt schools ” Christian threat to Islam ”

    How can Muhiddin endorse such seminar which sow ………..

  5. ruthless says:

    Inside informer told me that , likely party PBB is going to drop more than half of his incumbent . It that true???? why ABU 9 has to be drop from PBB list? are they not winnable or are they alliance to PR? PBB to comment

  6. chloe says:

    aiya justs get the operations centre ready does not mean that anyone willbe dropped. Nancy and Rohani will need to be careful of the ‘sweet promises” . Ask datuk Adian wing.He will cerita cerita to u what happen to him. This is politics.

    • ruthless says:

      It sound like, what you are telling is that , the PBB candidate is progressive of the president of the party ? not majority voice from the constituency? Is the same as jangan Lawan towkey”?

  7. dayang says:

    ruthless, kalau saya cakap”jangan lawan tauke” Apa lu buat?
    sekarang orang kanan Masing sudah keluar PRS kerana siapa? Mesti PBB ada tangan dalam.

  8. ruthless says:

    The old towkey can just promise but cannot deliver what he want. He has found a new bigger towkey in putrajaya, After the GE 13, If Pakatan going to capture putrajaya, than the old towkey has to come and beg from him. At that time , i am asking you who is the “BOSS”?

  9. ruthless says:

    Lim Guan Eng say PR just need 10 seat from Sarawak & Sabah to capture Putrajaya?
    I say can sarawak deliver 10 seat for PR?
    My analysis :
    BN sarawak SUPP PRS PBB SPDP
    Issue In house NCR ABU 9 BN club
    fighting candidate candidate
    – with above issue would sarawak PR able to deliver 10 seat or more?
    – out 0f 31 fix deposit seat , how many seat would PR withdraw from BN Bank this GE 13?

  10. 2012 hope says:

    James Masing: If we tell you to walk backwards,just do it and dont argue.

    He insists that elected representatives are ” The Bosses ”

    How arrogant is this guy who had never being called as Boss before .

    Even Najib listen to plights and grouses of Rakyat and ” dare not calls” himself as Boss of Rakyat.Who is JM from Baleh ?

    JM memang mempunyai DNA yang luar biasa dan suka dipanggil di mana-mana di pergi.

  11. sarawakiana says:

    PRS losing one SC member while SPDP will be facing a lot of soul searching.Will SPDP survive the GE13? SUPP no need to say. PBB will they maintain 100% sweep? All these and more itwill reveal to you when the General elections 13 is over and done with.hik hik hik. ruthless,what say u? political observer aha u musts be PBB member .u so quiet on PBB?

  12. ruthless says:

    These party PPP sarawak vice chairman still don’t understand what yb minos say? susahlah , he clearly say, your party can pack and go back to west malaysia. why keep on banging on they door when you not welcome??? Don’t ever treatent sarawak BN with your 54,000 member.

  13. 2012 hope says:

    PR will be badly beaten by BN ” Vat M Bombs ” in PRU 13 especially in 3 strong fix deposits states,Sarawak,Sabah and Johor,last election BN garnered 78 seats from the total 82 seats.

    BN just managed to get 58 seats in Peninsula 58+82 = 140

  14. 2012 hope says:

    deepest regrets and shames to all Chinese representatives in govt.

    For almost 5 decades they cant even solve basic problems of chinese education ” Shortage of teachers in chinese schools “, what more to say others plights.

    SUPP Gerakan and MCA are not political party but Projects Party.

  15. 2012 hope says:

    Unreasonable demands of shares are reason for CMS and Rio Tinto partnership scrapped not disagreement over power tariffs by both parties as reported.

    I help you , you help me lah, i provide the infras for us already so i can pay less in capital investments to balance the differences that is fair and win-win situation.ANG MOH says that is not your infras but the state .I cant accept that cos is corruptions.

    The crocodile mouth of Pek Moh is too big that the Ang Moh cant stand

  16. azi says:

    Will fadillah yusuf’s political image be cause by bustari’s former mistress, whom he kept at his bookstore. she’s telling the whole world that she is bustari’s mistress……… a chinese fat lady….

  17. 2012 hope says:

    Promises made in the previous election campaign should be delivered before the next election is held.

    It is not surprise many YBS will promise the same promises they made during their last campaign assuming rakyat have forgotten everything,this is how BN cheat and lies to stay in power.

    They can promise you stars and moon but peanuts are given, Wake up lah poor informed rakyat and dont fall in the traps year after year.

  18. ruthless says:

    PRS sec gen. must be having an handover after heavy drink last night Until now he still has doubt on the letter which was sent to him without sign. Wake up Wilfred, why he need to sign? Everyone know he is going to stand in Baram constituency in this coming GE 13, but what surprise me is that you are not awhile of it? I believe you just play dumb?

    • sarawakiana says:

      For once I Agree with ruthless. PRS SG i think also have overstayed his usage and already too long maybe blinded by the colours of money.hahahha

  19. ruthless says:

    Wake up call for PRS sec gen. Title Sujang committed to PKR ,report at Free malaysia today. Do i has to call patrict and ask him to come over to your office and sign resignation letter, Boss wifred nissom ??

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