GE13″Dates Set …??”

PM had mosts political pundits at the edge of their seats when he was quoted to have said this”“rasa-rasa bunyi (PRU) dah dekat (feel the sounds  (of elections) are near).”

Anyone in his shoes will be playing mind games to gauge the mood of the voters who will be casting their votes to elect and give a new mandate to the representatives who will be governing the country.

Some are getting bolder with dates thrown in to make it more juicy. Politics is after all Perception and getting the right feel and the timing is absolutely vital for the PM in office. He has till 2013 and if he decides to sit in for the whole term no one can blame him.

He took over from Abdullah Badawi who led the BN coalition to a mosts disastrous GE12 outing. 140-82 seats in Parliament and not having 2/3rds majority led to Abdullah leaving office after being pushed out in ‘shame’by the UMNO warlords.

Najib needs to perform better or he too will be forced to vacate the Presidency of UMNO through yet another ouster. The opposition has daringly informed Najib of the wrongdoings in the present BN government and Najib is walking on thin ice.

Pakatan facebookers and blogs have even listed them accordingly which has sent shivers but its curable by any political standards. BN will be facing the ‘mother of all battles “and both sides Pakatan and BN have their fair share of problematic areas and issues.

Its up to Najib and his coalition partners in BN to dissect and put right what has been done to emerge victorious or face the music of being setn packing out of Putrajaya by Pakatan. The following has beeen picked up as issues which will be used against BN.


There are other issues which differs from state to state but the National issues will be closely monitored by both sides of the political divide. The Pakatan ruled states will be under attack by the BN as they are the opposition.

Many political personalities are making their intentions known and some are going all out to have an impact in their chosen seats. No one wants to be left out and the PM is and will have the dates closely guarded even though some justs refuse to let PM rests until he dissolves Parliament.

What lies ahead is anyones guess……


52 thoughts on “GE13″Dates Set …??”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    ” The goodies of the gravy train are just too good to miss “Projects AND kangtows.

    Incumbents and potential candidates form both sides of political divide are working extra ordinary hard days and nights in order to secure their candidacies for GE 13.

    Lobbying and begging season have just began for all politicians like SPM and STPM excellent students begging for scholarships from JPA.

  2. ruthless says:

    Guess when is the election? for my guess is not so soon. why? lot of promised project have not start yet and lot of issue need to be answer. The best part of this election is that lot of BN incumbent does not want to give way to the new candidates, why? why is it so good to be yb? gaji pun bukan tinggi ?

    • 2012 hope says:

      Beggars on streets can become millionaires if happen they turn YBs in Malaysia,famous quote of Lee Kuan Yew.meant too rampant corruptions.

      • ruthless says:

        itu sebab banyak yb,does not want to give way, look at sarawak report to name a few? The way is either vote than out or expose all there wrong doing.

  3. Optimistic007 says:

    Ruthless, i see a lot of your comments and i’m new here. Wah, u really know a lot ya…best commentator so far here!

  4. sarawakiana says:

    ruthless,u got your fan club also. I read Fiery_fury has this to say about you…OMG
    u can take this I’m sure you gonna give back Fiery,”Kih…kih..kih… It’s never what it seems in politics. After all the butt licking and kicking, teeth gnashing of all the politicians involve, the strongest will prevail… WE WILL ALL SEE…”
    Wah “also zainuddin say you from mental hospital” but Howel support you..Thanks ruthless, i give u my vote..U getting FAMOUS HERE…

  5. phyllis says:

    Tell me more ruthless.Everyone want to be YB. Surely,given the chance we would also be calling ruthless as YB. Here sarawakiana say you getting “FAMOUS” BTW, who are you ho? How come only now we see u here.”macam ada election dekat you appear” Don’t tell me you also a BN cyber trooper.tsk tsk tsk

  6. zainuddin says:

    What lah sarawakiana? u trying to get me into trouble with ruthless or u justs doing it to “fire him to attack me” Don’t lah. I have a right to say to ruthless mental hospital and am sure he understands. Dont rub it in OK.tks

  7. ruthless says:

    PPP president is the Joker
    he say he got 54,000 member in sarawak who is a voter
    with the member he request for 4 parliamentary seat and 12 state seat
    Peter Minos telling him, you has better thing to do at back home and your party can offer nothing hear.
    PPP strong 54,000 member, what is your response?

    • PPP Swak says:

      Is PPP opposition and not BN? ruthless what lah? Peter Minos is lick sucker and ball carrier and he is gone when Taib Mahamud or your Pek Moh goes. Tell him he sells his Bidayuh race to the melanaus.

      • 2012 hope says:

        Seems like ppp is best termed as” Paloi People Parti.”

        For another decade, you wouldn’t be able to see even one YB from this mosquito party.

      • ruthless says:

        don’t under estimate this mosq. party , at moment they has more than 54000 member, another 2 year they has more than 100000 member,. who can say there are mosq. party? PRS & SPDP asked than to saw they figure? ior else you also cakap kosong saja????

    • Fiery_fury says:

      54K strong members my butt… Remember what you say before? I quote you “politic money mean power, power mean follower”… I think in this case it’s the other way around for PPP, ie. Follower means power, power means MONEY… It’s a political tactic. I can register my dog named “Pretty Ugly” as one of the voting members …. then i have 10 fighting cocks… and a cat, all different ics.. oh don’t forget my foreign workers and my fren’s fren foreign workers… senang saja bah… it works like MLM… until they ask me the supporting documents, then i’m in trouble lo… but no worries… no one is gonna ask further in the “front page” newspaper.

      • ruthless says:

        don’t look down on than . They only been to sarawak for two years, now they want to built old home. i believe they has the number, now is just a time for than to proof it? PPP member anyone take up the challenge ?????

  8. PPP Swak says:

    tks Fiery_fury this ruthless is “kurang ajar” How can he say about my President as joker. That means BN Najib is master joker lah!

  9. ruthless says:

    In sarawak bn eye, PPP is just a trouble maker party, since you has 54,000 member you can join force with pakatan rakyat to challenge BN? Like Party PBDS did before, at state leval they are opposition and federal level they are BN component party. you party can also do the same, Do your party dare to take up the challenge ? For your comment PPP member?

  10. PPP Swak says:

    I say already ruthless u memang blind or something we are in BN or what? Need not answer an imbecile like you when u say my President Kayveas is joker.
    Who says we are trouble maker party?

    • ruthless says:

      read today newspaper borneo post. Peter minos say “look after your own house well before you think of poking your nose in others house”. It is he mean by your party is trouble maker????

  11. phyllis says:

    Give it to him PPP Swak. Seems ruthless is a troublemaker dont you think.He suddenly appear near election time. Maybe paid cybertrooper i heard of them.

  12. ruthless says:

    to PPP sarawak member
    quote from free malaysia today
    title: mind your on business, Kayveas
    – described PPP claim to having 54,000 member as “preposterous”
    – Tell your president just stop dreaming or stop beating the empty drum.
    PPP sarawak member what is your response?????

  13. PPP Swak says:

    Thats what i say ruthless. U dah keluar dari mental hospitla kah? Otak pun tak ada macam orang pakai otak lu. Gua ini tak perlu cakap macam lu. Gua ini tak adad masa lah

  14. 2012 hope says:

    Again govt looking for others,” Know-Who ” Not ” Know – What to take over messy NFC projects.

    There is a possibility 250 million will just sweep under the carpet and takes wings.

    Apa boleh buat this is how BolehLand manage public funds like theirs.

  15. 2012 hope says:

    Mistakes in electoral roll cause by human error and inexperience temporary staff,EC says.

    Culture of denial deep rooted in many govt dept.Should be due to the First Class Mentality of ” Tak apa lah attitude ” and ” Lebih Kurang Saja.

    1.4 million civil servants ,how many are receiving ‘Gaji Buta’ ?

  16. Howel says:

    Patrict sibat known to be a close confidante of masing, was now labeled by prs insider as confrontational and a liability to the party becuase there is news that sibat is rrsigning from the party. This is typical dayaks politic, today he is an angel, tommorrow suddenly he is a devil.

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