SPDP “A Step Forward”

The Chief Minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud did not mince his words when he said to the delegates and observers in Bintulu for the opening of the TGM. He said “PBB will advise and assist only when needed in component parties problems or internal disagreements. PBB will not get their hands dirtied. If our advises are followed its for the strength of BN.”

SPDP have chosen the Party President William Mawan as its President while the Deputy is Tiong King Sing. Congratulations to both of them from audie61 and the elected team for SPDP 2012-2015.

Obviously,there are some who knows that it will be a “matter of time”when this plan falls through. There were many uneasiness and unhappiness on how the TGM elections was run but its bests be told by delegates or sources who were present during the voting of the SC members.If we were to write it it will be take a number of pages.Good or Bad experiences,hiccups etc etc let the SPDP members tell you.

How timely and it can only happen in TGM Bintulu?

We were informed through our source that the No.2 position was actually reserved for someone to broker for him to come back to the fold. Your guess would be as good as mine,wouldn’t it?

 A lot of last minute negotiations were held to ensure it was fulfilled. Unfortunately, the lifeline was taken up and the top leadership feels that ‘since the goose has laid its golden eggs” we will look at it again when it hatches fully.

An article from an internet portal and a comment from a reader is attached to ensure we at audie61 did not engineer the story.

political observersays:

Absolutely right as predicted tiong is now in full control of spdp. Nelson remained as Sec Gen and Igai as dep Sec Gen. Igai and nyarok seem to be the hitman, claiming everything to be from ROS. 31 div declared illegal. It obvious those declared illegal, are most likely to vote against them. So play dirty. Somebody should verify with Ros when half of the division r illegal at the 11 hr. The party leadership should resigned en mass, to take responsibilty for such a mess and someone should challenge the validity  of the TGA. But then this is spdp, who cares just gives those dayak beers, and they will worship  you!

2012 hopesays:

Tiong seems to fully controlled spdp.

The extracted article from internet blog:-

KUCHING: As expected, the MP for Bintulu and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party’s (SPDP) treasurer-general Tiong King Sing was elected yesterday as the party’s deputy president taking over from Peter Nyarok.

On the surface, Tiong’s election as deputy president seems to have the all-around support of the party members.

But there are those who are worried that SPDP is returning to the old days of Sarawak National Party (SNAP), of which SPDP is its offshoot.

SNAP, which had more than 90% Dayak membership and professed a multi-racial policy, was however under the iron-clad rule of a non-Dayak, James Wong, from 1981 to 2002.

Wong did not brook any criticism against his leadership nor did he tolerate anyone talking about “Dayakism” in the party. Those who did so were either expelled or asked to leave to form their own Dayak party.

During his presidency, the Dayaks’ interests and voice were suppressed as he turned SNAP into part of his Limbang Trading Company.

Stubbornly sticking to his rigid “principled” rule, Wong would initiate disciplinary action against anyone who committed an offence, even a minor one against the party.

So SNAP under him split twice. The first was in 1983 when he sacked a few Dayak leaders including senior vice-president and Deputy Chief Minister Daniel Tajem on suspicion of supporting an independent candidate.

Tajem and several Dayak elected representatives were forced to form their own political party – Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS).

The second was in 2002 when Wong sacked Tiong over an issue of television station which failed to be constructed in Bintulu.

‘Tiong is like James Wong’ Tiong’s expulsion triggered mass resignations of members from the party which were led by William Mawan and eight other senior party leaders.

Like Tajem, Mawan and his group of nine formed their own party, SPDP.

With the exodus of credible Dayak leaders and elected representatives, SNAP, which was once the bastion of Dayak voice with 18 state assemblymen and nine members of parliament, has now been reduced to a mosquito party.

Coming back to SPDP, what some members are worried is that sooner or later he will take over the leadership of the party. They have seen what had happened to SNAP which was headed by a “towkay”.

They have also seen what had happened to PBDS and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) with “towkays” playing major and bigger roles in the two parties. While PBDS was deregistered in 2004, PRS had also almost faced the same fate.

SPDP members know what type of a leader Tiong is. Like Wong, he does not tolerate any criticism.

They recall what happened in a supreme council meeting in July 2009 when Tiong brought the idea of expanding SPDP’s wing to Peninsular Malaysia.

His idea was strongly opposed by the then secretary-general Sylvester Entri, senior vice-president Peter Nansian, vice-president Tiki Lafe and several other supreme council members.

They all agreed that it was not that simple as it had to be approved by the triennial delegates conference in December 2009 as well as amending the party’s constitution.

Tiong’s outburst

During the meeting, a member of the council suggested that a vote should be taken to determine how many would support Tiong’s suggestion.

And before the division could be called, Tiong was heard by reporters who were covering the meeting to have uttered the following words “…. Don’t do this to me. I spend my bloody money on this party and this is what I get…”

Tiong’s sudden outburst stunned the members present, and when the reporters came in Tiong was nowhere to be seen. But the mood of those present appeared to be gloomy, and some were seen to be very angry.

Several supreme council members did not agree for SPDP to go national.

“Why should you go national and waste our manpower resources, when we are threatened back home by PKR?

“Even the seat of president at Pakan state constituency in Julau is in trouble and so are SPDP other seats,” said one council member.

SPDP has eight state and four parliamentary seats including Tiong’s seat of Bintulu.

At that time, there were rumours that Nyarok had wanted to step down and had allegedly negotiated with Tiong to take over the number two post.

But the majority of the supreme council members were wary of the possibility of Tiong becoming the number two man in the party.

It was at this time that the anti-Tiong group discussed a Plan B whereby they wanted to challenge Tiong for the number two post in the event Mawan chose Tiong as his running mate.

Silent majority

Said another member of the anti-Tiong group: “What some of us fear is that if Tiong becomes the number two, it will be a matter of time before he takes over the leadership of the party.

“If this happens, then there are bound to be troubles in the party.”

Tiki at that time already talked about the new line-up when he said: “There is likelihood that even the top posts will be challenged including his own vice-president post.

“We are talking about Plan B and a new line-up.”

Tiki said that most of the elected representatives were in the second list. The first list contained the president and his men.

The group’s intention must have reached Mawan’s ears, who took steps to prevent the group from challenging the party leadership by calling for a status quo – meaning to say that Tiong and everybody would remain in their respective positions in the party.

However, after the TDC held in December 2009, Mawan changed his mind by replacing Entri as secretary-general as allegedly demanded by Tiong.

During the announcement in January 2010, five elected representatives – Entri (Marudi),  Nansian (Tasik Biru),  Tiki (MP for Mas Gading), Rosey Yunus (Bekenu), Paulus Gumbang (Batu Danau) and three other supreme council members – walked out from the meeting.

Together they were popularly known as “SPDP 5”.

That was the beginning of the protracted crisis that resulted in the five of them being expelled from the party in November last year.

Now that the members of the SPDP 5 are no longer in the party, no one dares to say anything openly against Tiong.

But the silent majority is closely watching Tiong as they perceive that SNAP’s history may be repeated

81 thoughts on “SPDP “A Step Forward”

  1. ruthless says:

    What, political observer said 31 division is illegal ? Do you believe it? that is more than half of spdp total division. How spdp claim they has more than 100,000 member? is must be more than half of the member is illegal or illegal immigrant? The so call 31 rejected division, bring your membership and join Entri in BN club.

    • Bee Enn Mann says:

      The word is not “illegal divisions” I was told. The term SPDP credential committee used was is “reclassified or declassified divisions” meaning, the party had to do that as they did not want to fall foul of ROS minimum requirement in regards election of office bearers.

      • chloe says:

        Whatever terms they used Bee Enn Mann it doesnt matter as some division chiefs were really angry with Paul Igai and they are now moving towards Rajah Lanun. Its all done to accomodate Tiong and his takeover of the party.
        PBB boys are laughing at SPDP. u want to know how the laugh sound like hahahahaha Nyarok/Paul you both sold your “pride” to tiong.

      • ruthless says:

        what do you know? are you telling me that the division is legal? but due to the classification, than the delegate is not allow to vote? what a idiot answer. If you want to be good in politic, you has to learn a few trick from your muster joker, that is paul and nyarok.

  2. political observer says:

    If there is any particular person that is to be blame to be the source of spdp predicament, it has to be tiong king sing, the very person they rescued in SNap that lead to the split in Snap and the formation of Spdp. If there is such persons as a betrayer to the Dayak in spdp, it has to be Nyarok and Igai who are ever more than eager to do tiong,s bidding. As what the political observer said in 2009, tiong was so vicious towards nyarok challenger, than former deputy youth chief. He could not stand the thought of philip ngo winning and block his future aspiration to be deputy president and president. Fast forward, he seem to have achieve this plan by being the new deputy president, uncontested.

    In the process of acheiving their plans, they are not concern for spdp to lost five more seats, the spdp 5, who has always been a thorn in his flesh. Next the obvious manipulation of the just concluded TGA 2012. Hundreds of delegates from 31 divisions including limbang, batu danau, pelagus, tamin, muara tuang etc was given delegates tags and later declared illegal by Iga under the guised of Ros recommendation. True or not, this time ROS wa not spared, it became the latest bogeyman.

    Earlier it was understood there was contest for VP, where liew ah lek, igai and howel, all tiong loyalist were contesting. Look like at their whimps and fancy, those three somehow, allow the VP posts uncontested, and contest the sc posts. How igai ended up listed no 1, on the candidates list and their group in the top 14 list out of 32 gave them the advantage, is anyone guess. Although on the surface it looks calm, but the grassroots especially the losing candidates are not happy. Too much suspicious event. They felt that the whole election was a fare. Mastermind by tiong, nyarok and igai. None of the orang ulu and the bidayuh made it. At a glance, the SC look like supp rather than the supposedly multi racial spdp. Whether those grouses turned into a tsunami will be any one guess. Only time will tell. But as one delegate said, it not about racialism, it about a group of selfish people, controlling spdp, for the hidden agenda.

  3. sarawakiana says:

    My,my is this starting all over again.No wonder CM Taib said that PBB always leave their problems inside but this SPDP is like going through another crisis. WHO THE HELL IS IGAI?

    This i see and extract,”Hundreds of delegates from 31 divisions including limbang, batu danau, pelagus, tamin, muara tuang etc was given delegates tags and later declared illegal by Igai under the guised of Ros recommendation. True or not, this time ROS wa not spared, it became the latest bogeyman.
    Wah ruthless this is true”The so call 31 rejected division, bring your membership and join Entri in BN club.

  4. zainuddin says:

    All join Pakatan Rakyat lah. Heard that one turncoat from PKR named Bampa called everyone especially the SPDP5 “lanuns” too. Also he hit hard at PKR. So SPDP now also keeping PKR renegades. No wonder the Lanuns also hit out. hidup Pakatan.

  5. Apai says:

    OMG wat a revelation! If its true, no hope for spdp. After G13, spdp will be left with 2 adun and at most one MP. If judat jump ship, mawan would be a lone ranger. U….ha…

  6. zainuddin says:

    i read the posts by political observer very interesting. This part i extract but it looks like real,’Mastermind by tiong, nyarok and igai. None of the orang ulu and the bidayuh made it. At a glance, the SC look like supp rather than the supposedly multi racial spdp..’
    hahaha so how is the balancing act mawan.?
    My sources say should be “kick out Paul Igai” for his work with ROS. This guy is the worsts of the lot in SPDP and he thinks now with Tiong he will be the new deputy President when Tiong gets the top posts.
    Get him out Mawan or else you and your family finished…

  7. sarawakiana says:

    My friends tell me “That Igai he works for PBB Jabu lah.” Mawan justs tag along as he knows in terms of financial he cannot fight Tiongs man in Igai. Agree with some of the posts SPDP is going towards SNAP “snapped”

  8. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

    :shock: Olee cOw :!: This pee-M must be very bad + :evil: to UTTER such a serious threat like wanna repeat its father 69 WAR !!!! :arrow: :evil: http://bit.ly/w66Lfk :twisted: :shock:


    Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

  9. phyllis says:

    Politics is a dirty game and Igai has been paid by you know who to manipulate the whole game. Remember the next CM will be the master not Taib

  10. Limaudong says:

    Rules and Regulations must be followed. Why no objects from 31 Divisions when the Election Committee announced the forum were in order that day. Mr Paul was doing his jobs to ensure the whole TGA in valid.

    • Bee Enn Mann says:

      Party above self. There you go and you have said it well. die hard spdp loyalist, I was told, have no problem with the 2012 TGA. Election is necessary, it was not for the sake of popularity.

  11. Apai says:

    Limaudong, dayaks has loss their fighting spirit because they are poor and hence had slavery mentality. Who dare to questions those mafia. 31 div out of 69 is mind bongling, and hence totally unacceptable. Perhaps you r one of them.

  12. Limaudong says:

    Apai u are right, may be many factors that made them ‘ mentally ‘ slavery. Perhap apai can share more about those “mafia’.

  13. ruthless says:

    Party spdp TDC was executed smoothly held at bintulu recently. Mawan was reelected( unopposed) president of the party. Inside source told me, after the election he was so happy that everything went according to plan. But on the side of story, the feedback i got from illegal division tell me different story. before TDC, the so called ROS representative call division chief to room with 31 division being sent home due to division has been declare illegal. Why did spdp headquarter allow all the delegate from illegal division to attend TDC with everything paid for, including foods, logging and transport when they know that the 31 division is illegal? Why are they given a delegate tag at the first place and know that they cannot vote? Inside source told me that Paul Igal summit himself standing for vice president but after the AGM , he was nominated as supreme council member,. This like you heck the chicken egg, it come out duck. where is the Logic? The only person can answer this is Entri. if i am not wrong, they never learn from the mistake.

  14. sarawakiana says:

    ROS time to check out all the accusations and information available. SPDP going in the same way as SNAP. How deregistration coming?? Lanuns can form new party…

  15. Apai says:

    I overheard two iban grumbling next to my table in a coffee shop, in bintulu. Closed friends of mawan. How they felt so offended. One of them said, 90% of the dinner attendees were dayaks/iban, why everything was chinese, mc chinese and in chinese, presentations- singing, dance etc were chinese. Senator Pau was seen directing the waiter and waitress, to distribute the only things dayaks that night, beer and more beers. Drink, eat and be merry for tomorrow kitai pulai. Wat a mentality.

  16. ruthless says:

    Title ” King Pirate of Borneo”. During the party SPDP TDC, the new title” Raja Lanun was awarded to Datuk sri Awang Tengah, by one of the spde delegate. as a political observer ,I am still wondering what the title mean??? can any of SPDP delegates explain to me what he mean ????

  17. sarawakiana says:

    ruthless we heard from the people who were in the hall that the SPDP5 are all Lanuns and Rosey is Indai lanun and Tengah is the king meaning Raja Lanun. We got Pehin Taib now we have also Raja Tengah Lanun.

  18. Apai says:

    Heard Yb Rosey was awarded ‘Indai Lanun’. Ruthless I wonder wat that former guru besar had done that called for spdp to brand her as such. Can somebody shed some light.

  19. akai says:

    Sarawakiana, that really funnny- ha ha ha…….u make my day. Either spdp had suddenly became so bolf or they are a bunch of jokers..hahahaha..

  20. phyllis says:

    Aya! Sack the SG,Executive Secretary,DSG and the team in the administration of SPDP. We hear so many grievances already and SPDP is going to be cloesed and Mawean dont be too happy . Happy today tomorrow the party deregister. How come the reconcialiation was not a go ahead? Raja Lanun and Pehin Taib will go all out against the KING of Bintulu. More things will be unveiled soon..

  21. sarawakiana says:

    PBB boys laughing at spdp now. Mosts of the ineligible delegates became observers. Save the party but Raja Lanun will asks Lanun Entri to inform of discrepancies in TGM. Hearsay that reports are being filed. SPDP following SNAP?

  22. Fiery Fury says:

    I was personally there and my divisions was one of those “Not Eligible” at the last hour . What’s the use of being a delegate when you can’t vote? Do you know how it feels? It’s like going to your own wedding, excited and happy then POW!!! at the last minute you got rejected!! Felt like wanna PUNCH someone, don’t I have the right? SACK this PAUL IGAI! ROS wannabe terkonon… kelak kau, jangan datang ke Limbang.

  23. Raja Lanun Wannabe hihihi says:

    Walau Eh! Saw the line up of the Supreme Council yesterday on the newspaper. There’s no wanita (ladies), no youth members, no bidayuh, no kayan, no orang ulu, looks like mostly Tiong’s club members (TCM). Enterie, sama macam your BN club!

  24. ruthless says:

    From your response now i know why delegate call tengah ” raja lanun”. It just like in the business organization you got Chairman that is raja lanun and project team that is spdp5. what make tengah and spdp5 deserve to be called “lanun” ?.

  25. Bee Enn Mann says:

    Enough is enough. As a BN loyalist, I am fed up with this BN v BN thinghy. When will we see real BN v PR matches. SPDP has said that the crisis in the party is over and SPDP will be focussing on the next election. We therefore should leave it like that. So enough “cucuk mencucuk” BN boys, be gentlemen really. Put on your spurs and look for the real opposition. Haiya!!!!!!

    • ruthless says:

      who are you to judge the crisis of the party is over? i believe with the new line up, the battle has just begin between mawan and tiong. To me, you just a new greenhorn in the party matters.

  26. phyllis says:

    What is this Bee Enn Mann talking about? Who started the fight.Who sack who first. Walk out and still room to reconcile. Scared of fight so 31 divisions cannot vote. Mana semangat? Agi idup agi ngelaban lah!

  27. sarawakiana says:

    Totally agree with Phyllis and Raja Lanun wannabe. Tiongs signature all over the place. Time to take him out like what they did to Sng Chee Hua. Who is ruler in Sarawak may i ask?Pehin Taib n Raja Lanun. No other tigers musts rule. Hidup Taib!

  28. Apai says:

    Bee Enn Mann you must be igai kucho. Sudah tipu, hentam orang, even called other BN leaders lanun, now you said jangan hasut. Spdp should be kicked out of BN. Afterall your bos tiong, once reveal to spdp sc that he was asked to be the national president of party cinta malaysia with his buddy huang, ex gerakan yb. Go and join adit lah. Stop being a pest in BN.

    • Bee Enn Mann says:

      Hahaha There you go. This is what I mean by BN v BN thinghy. They will never stop. When SPDP wanna stop the quarrel for good, ada lagi coming out with guns blazing to restart. Never ending story.

      • zainuddin says:

        what lah Bee Enn Mann. If it happens to PR u will be happy. Now Anwar and us all are so happy that BN is going downhill. SPDP you planted your own atomic bomb and it will blow up during GE13. Hidup Pakatan and down to lickass Bee Enn Mann

  29. Political Observer says:

    So far my analysis and prediction has been pretty accurate. Shortly i give further analysis, explanation and prediction. Have fun.

  30. zainuddin says:

    Heard from many delegates that said Paul Igai should be sacked or at least leave the political scene. He acts as if he is ROS. Very soon it seems that the party will feel the power of ROS and not Paul Igai. Action dia says one member

  31. lanun says:

    SPDP will be better off without Paul Igai. This guy only know how to lick Tiongs shoes and his $$$$. Do you think he cares if party is deregistered. Sure am waiting for political observer to tell us more. It seems that many are very angry with the manipulation of Tiongs man into SC. 3500 for opening and only 200++ can vote what kind of party is this and also from the above comments seen how come so many divisions are seen to have irregularities. Was told Tasik Biru committee are all falsified and Michael Sitem did not invite the former members of the committee. Are we looking at a possible deregistration?

  32. Limaudong says:

    Ybhg. ROS Igai or his agent please explain to us the irregularities in 31 Div. that led lost of right to votes

  33. 2012 hope says:

    Golden Rule of Life ” Jangan Lawan Boss of James Masing is absolutely correct.

    All 36 premier civil servants were paid with SBPA scheme,RM 35000-60000 from Jan to March while the lower ordinary sectors are put o hold.

    Why should these highly salary officers be paid first rather than those lower group who live from hands to mouths.

    Malaysia Boleh,Boss diutamakan, Kakitangan bawahan dikemudiankan,

    It;s a great disgrace and shame to chief secretary of the country who issued the order Thank for sharing the the truths .

    These will be another free campaign tool for PR criticising govt for hiring greedy leaders in the country.

  34. L Toh says:

    I read this from the internet blog and read all the comments. Who is this guy Paul Igai? i justs want to share here the extract version from above,”Said another member of the anti-Tiong group: “What some of us fear is that if Tiong becomes the number two, it will be a matter of time before he takes over the leadership of the party.

    “If this happens, then there are bound to be troubles in the party.”
    (Wah…so i should say Paul Igai must be the loyalists for Tiong. Will he be Brutus to Mawan? )

  35. anak Limbang says:

    Banyak masalah di TGM SPDP di Bintulu. Apa sudah terjadi kepada SPDP? Di hadapan CM semua takut,belakang macam “HERO”.cakap banyak macam tin kosong.

  36. Anti-Nyarok says:

    Many people said Nyarok sold his soul to Tiong.ALSO now he is hatching a plan to get rid of Mawan. Raja lanun is watching very closely the developments in SPDP and he knows as soon as the party crumblems with ROS coming to attack his man Entri will take over a new entity, The sound on the ground is its a matter of time. Nyarok has always been Tiongs man and he will do all he can to move Tiong up as soon as possible. Justs watch this space and Mawan will be looking over his shoulders everyday.
    Can Mawan trusts Paul Igai?Get rid of his political appointment and see how he will cry towards Mawan or i should say Tiong. Time to change him now he is SC member and Mr.Popular (184 votes)

  37. Carl marx says:

    Tiong is starting to get the grips of the party and its due to Nyaroks hard work. Also due to Paul Igai playing his part to see an end to Mawans rule. Will Mawan justs sit and watch? He musts do something or else he can kiss goodbye within a year of this new office.

  38. ruthless says:

    Question has been posted by the delegate and member of spdp to the new spdp’s bearers for the 2012 to 2015. 1) During SPDP youth wing TGA, the minimum requirement forum is 50 delegate but the attendee is only 49? It that legal? 2) 31 of division is declare illegal and yet some of there member still allow to stand for the position and won? is that legal ? 3) One person on the list standing for vice president and the result he become supreme council member. like during my comment just now, you put chicken egg inside the incubator, it can out duck? member want to know the answer? 4) why 31 division at last moment being stop to attend the TGA event when they are being given delegate pass? is there a hidden hand behind to stop a third force from controlling the supreme council? with all this question being raised, the 100,000++ member would like the office bearers to answer in written in black and white to all the division.

  39. ruthless says:

    let look at this party spdp TGA. the hold event was manipulate by Mr paul and Nyarok to let Tiong has the member inside the office bearers. The member of person inside the office alliance to tiong is 15 person. The elected and appointed on mawan side is no match to tiong. The two tiong joker really do their homework will. tiong one up and mawan one down. to me the reason why their deleted 31 division is cos tiong don’t want a third party force who can swing either side during tiong and mawan confrontation. Smart move tiong joker.

  40. Bee Enn Mann says:

    Why are some people so motivated to put a wedge between Mawan and Tiong? Give them chance to works things out, lah. The TGA has just ended and barely a day after, some people are so passionate wanting to run down the party again. Relax lah. If Mawan and Tiong really cannot blend there is TGA 2018.

  41. Political Observer says:

    Nyarok, known as the Head hunter by tiong during the fight in Snap, because of his crude style, opening his mouth without thinking. A former school teacher, far from smart, always making himself feels impt, although those around him make fool of him behind his back. His Dick head do the talking, when he take two wives which in itself is against malaysia polygamy laws unless one is a muslim. Murugiah, former youth chief of PPP was at one time in trouble because of this, proposing to legalized polygamy.

    With two families to maintain and feed and with no business Nyarok need a financier. On the other hand Pkfz filthy rich tiong need a dayak trojan horse. What a pefect devilish combination- tiong and the dumb head hunter. Dumb nyarok felt faltered for being called the head hunter, while in actual he lost his ‘PALA’ or head to tiong. In head hunting terms he became tiong slave, in modern welfare terms. There were rumours within spdp inner circle that nyarok sold his deputy president to tiong for rm2-4 million. By doing that, he sold the dayaks because of hisfoolishness. That why i mentioned earlier that he is a betrayer to thedayaks and to the multi racial, members of spdp. He play a major role in destroying the balance of power in spdp.

    Imagine he went so low, by shamelessly going around to campaign against those who he in his imagination perceived to be against him and tiong’s team although he is supposed to be neutral being the so called the honorary life president- if there there is such a position in the first place. By any standard nyarok should have retired quietly and in shame for losing krian but instead he shameless crow like an old cockeral blaming philip ngo for his misery instead of going after Ali Biju his slayer.

    Instead of being obsessed with philip ngo, he should thank that young man. I was told it was his own people from Saratok that voluntarily campaign and vote for philip ngo. Nyarok knows about this, the spdp leadership knows about this, that was why he was recommended to be replaced last election. But in the BN sc he had assessed to najib and he begged najib to retain him and he succeed and he lost by 2000 votes which is unbelievable as he was an asistance minister. In other words he became a pkr agent- he allowed pkr to take root in the rural area, particularly saratok making tough for BN to defend the mp seat this coming G13.

  42. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:


  43. ruthless says:

    On the Borneo Post headlines today , Mawan assures Bidayuhs of fair representation in spdp office bearers. Don’t he realized Bidayuhs groups have “PLAY OUT” by the tow joker? The damage has been done. the rest of the comment would come later………

  44. chloe says:

    A little too late and what political observer said on this Nyarok seems to show that he is indeed a headhunter. What lah says a youth member when he was Asst.Minister he did not care about the youths on blogs,and social media. He paid the price for ignorance and he should justs go back to Saratok and plant padi. Talk about social media fb,twitter after “kalah” Ini orang tua tak guna punya. Tanya lah orang kuat dia dahulu Nyipa Cooplay dan exe c.secretary Banyi.
    Pergi saja tanam Padi lah!
    Mungkin ada orang ‘tepuk tangan” Balik saja lah.

  45. Apai says:

    chloe, saya setuju, kesian dia, making a fool of himself. Limaudong typical BN not BN club man HO HO HO. Coplay the first president in spdp, nyarok one time loyalist, kesian- politician can be so cruel.

  46. ah chiu says:

    Kami tok dengar kawan baik nya adalah Churchill drem salah seorang reporter di Borneo posts dan juga ahli SPDP. Ini boleh kah? Ini kita mesti tanya Nyarok. Ada jua kami dengar Philip Ngo di tanam dalam “kubur” oleh cerita hangat yang di komplot oleh kedua kedua kawan rapat ini.
    Orang cakap”susah ini SPDP.
    Churchill sekarang dengan Nyarok dan Paul akan berkomplot turunkan Mawan.
    Bye bye Mawan. Hati hati ho!
    Lebih baik dengan Lanun2 yang lain dan semua lanun2 saperti Nansian dan Entri kawan baik Mawan dahulu. Ini mesti kerana $$$$$$$ Mawan lupa kawan.
    Bermusuh sekarang boleh baik lagi selepas “musuh yang tetap” di buang.
    Mawan Mawan musuh awak adalah Paul, Nyarok dan Tiong bukan Lanun2.

  47. sarawakiana says:

    Looking at the slots available Mawan has 15 names to put in to counter Tiongs man. Is that enough to see the balance in the party? What say you political observer and ruthless and the rests of the lanuns hahaha?

  48. audie61 says:

    There are a number of unpublished “comments” and carry vulgar/defamatory/character assasination plus-plus comments posted in the above article on SPDP which have been taken out by audie61 management .The ones published up are within reason and do not carry defamotary statements but justs POLITICAL overtones.
    We hope our readers/supporters of this blog will continue to patronise us and please ‘control the obscenities.
    Surely,SPDP members would not like to be termed”uncontrollable and foul mouthed”
    We were taken aback by all the comments on the TGM and we will only publish those without the “@#$$%^&&*” words used and “%&$!@#$” inexcusable terms used.
    We need not tell you what it is and surely SPDP members have good imagination.
    Thank you for such encouraging responses.

  49. Apai says:

    Species 2, heard Philip ngo did not turned up for the TGA. Barang kali dia tau tidak ada harapan or he could not be bothered.

  50. species2 says:

    Apai please double check we know and we saw him at Bintulu. Dbl checked he was at dinner on Saturday night Presidential belanja punya. Apai better asks Churchill drem he is Nyarok man and not Mawan man now. He shift camps.

  51. Raja Lanun Aide says:

    U in SPDP who spoke and called my boss Raja Lanun thank you lah. Now he is bestowed with another new name Raja Lanun Tengah. Sounds better than “perompak tanah tengah” Soon Mawan will also “kowtow” to Raja Lanun Tengah. My boss going to be CM as he is annointed by CM. No way Abang Johari or Adenan Satem can fight him.
    We are the lanun boys if you want to know. How many SPDP members turned up 3500 hahahaha I see and read only 200++ can vote. made up numbers by your cowboy Tiong kah?

  52. phyllis says:

    Haha Raja Lanun Tengah. I said earlier”next CM will be the master not Taib” thank you all for supporting and as for Nyarok,paul and churchill drem watch your steps when you move or better still dont step foot back into Sarawak when Raja is on the throne.
    u are all Tiongs man and we have received news now that Mawan is now looking to be in “friend2” with my Raja. Looks like days are numbered brother Headhunter Nyarok,Paul and chief Borneo Posts reporter Churchill drem.
    Raja will send you a mail soon…

  53. 2012 hope says:

    Dear SPDP members,remember that ” Fame is vapour,popularity is accidental and riches take wings.

    Only one thing endures that is character.

    What comes around goes around,there is little or nothing to cheer whoever is at greatest heights now.

  54. ruthless says:

    continue……………. Mawan said that they is no development for pakatan state of selangor and pinang during the past 4 years. when he said that i really believe that he never been outside sarawak for the past 4 year. Did he really check with PM office to see which state receive the most FDI in malaysia for the year 2011? Did the writer who wrote the script for him get information wrong? or writer is talking about sarawak and sabah, which is listed as the second and third poorest state in malaysia? Mawan my advise stop talking about other, concentrate on winning the 4 seats given to spdp. From my Tomato source,all your 4 seats is mark “BLACK”. if the spdp lost 2 or more seat during this GE 13, you won’t be surprise entri and his man would be back and take charge of spdp.In malaysia semua “BOLEH”

    • Sarawak Anti-Corruption says:

      This Mawan with too much songs and drinks and kara-oke, does not know even what happen in his own state, his race and his people. He is (f@#k*&g) lucky to sit in the office and dewan undangan; how he knows west malaysia? Talking nuts! Yes, ruthless, just mind his own broken boat, be careful it may sink any time like SUPP. Not too far from now, we will see.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Jangan jatuhkan maruah dan memalukan diri sendiri dengan mengeluarkan sesuatu kenyataan tanpa FF ” Facts and Figures “.

      As one the poorest state,Sarawak is miles away compare to Selangor and Penang.

      Penang has two longest bridges in South East Asia and soon to be have undersea tunnel connected mainland.

      Perhaps Pakan is going to have longest house in Malaysia.

      Elakan menjadi katak dibawah tempurung dengan kurang bercakap sesuka hati.

  55. chloe says:

    Nyarok the hatchet man of Tiong.Very soon he will be vapourised by Tiong too as he has losts his usefullness and is irrelevant. Bye bye Nyarok. Those who victimised will be taken away to the gallows and chopped to pieces and fed to the dogs.

  56. sarawakiana says:

    Aiyoh i really cannot stand this guy who thinks he is so cool in SPDP. Nyarok is the worsts of the haha (former)YBs i have ever known. No style and yet act as if he is TOM CRUISE. Oooh Please lah I am going to puke now..

    • ruthless says:

      This morning i was having a drink at Siang Siang near 4th mile. I hear people talking about ex yb nyarok , i want over to the table and introduce myself and asked than where are than from? they say all of than from saratok . I asked than what is so special about him , this is how it begin. During the early 80th , when he first standing as candidate he is so arrogant. During the campaign , he like to scold at people, curse and look down on people. so i asked than why he still win? and they told me that, they father and grand father are very scare being curve by him. So i asked than why he loss now? they said this is the year 2011, we hear enough bullshit from him, and we are more worry about our dairy ration. so i told than you people don’t has to worry about him cos spdp has pack him at spdp metal scrapyard.

  57. Apai says:

    It a little too late. Mawan chose to remain silent while tiong, nyarok and igai freely position their troops into the sc. Even if he appoint a Bidayuh or all his loyalist into the sc, the damage had already being done. Everyone knows there is no ‘MAWAN’ man, all are Tiong’s man, incl mawan himself. I notice the chinese sc members are mainly foo chow and they come from bintulu and sibu. Mind boggling though, there only a handful Singh in spdp yet, narmal singh had been a sc member and a long term SC.

  58. ruthless says:

    After being retained the president of party spdp, mawan criticize parkatan state of PInang and selangor. He say, pinang don’t have economic tranformation programme and no change during Lim GuaN Eng term. My advise to you, if you open your mouth, you better get your facts correct. If you never been to pinang during the past 4 year, than you better asked your deputy Tiong what has pinang transform during the past 4 years. He can explain to you. If you sit down at the coffee shop in pinang and ask than what has pinang gain during parkatan rule for the past 4 year. almost all than reply they are very happy. If you sit in the coffee shop in pandungan, Kuching and ask about development for the past 4 year, they would talk to about corrupted BN yb. So Mawan how can you expect bn to win at chinese majority seat. So before opening your mouth, go and survey first and make sure don’t get your survey from inside the pub. If you want to criticize anyone, keep you house in the order first. I won’t be surprise you will next one to be pack at spdp scrapyard together with nyarok. Time will see………

  59. Apai says:

    Species 2, its confirmed philip ngo did not turned up for tgm. Heard somebody tried to disqualify him for not turning up.Audie chua pun sama. Heard also during the dinner he extend his hand to shack Nyarok hand and Nyarok refused.

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