DAP “Cutting SUPP’S Ribbons..!!”

How times have changed. The once powerful SUPP party has been cut down to size and now a new power has emerged. DAP who used to “slander and make fools of SUPP YBs”have taken over the roles of looking after the Chinese Interests in Sarawak.

SUPP to DAP is justs a party that is living on borrowed time and if this picture is a clear Perception that DAP is telling SUPP,” The tables have turned.” Eventhough its a opening/launching of a new advocate for YB Ting Tze fei (ADUN Meradong) the opportunity presents itself to make it a Picture Political statement to SUPP.

The Chinese newspapers wants to know what we do now and not SUPP. SUPP has merely got two(2)only Chinese YBs while we have 12. Thats a whole lot of difference.

But on the other side of the coin,”SUPP should be telling DAP-practise what you preach not only cutting RIBBONS too. ” Is this a deliberate act to tell the SUPP YBs? If you can, we can too but we are superior to you now. YOU ARE NOBODY NOW

SUPP should also be fighting their own publicity war which is UNFORTUNATELY is very lacking and moreover their constituencies are in fact in the urban constituencies where mosts people are computer and social media savvy.

SUPP will be anniliated if they continue to be ENGROSSED IN IN-FIGHTING instead of fighting the enemy outside which is DAP and PKR.

Component parties cybertroopers in PBB,PRS and SPDP and BN blogs can only assist so much but if their own machinery are not working overtime but still have the attitude that we will cross the bridge when the time comes ‘ EVEN GOD CANNOT HELP THE PARTY

SUPP, now DAP is laughing at you and they will continue to be the peoples choice unless you step up your game.



24 thoughts on “DAP “Cutting SUPP’S Ribbons..!!”

    • a good leader is leader that can take or even accept different level of criticism .Unlike stone age china men who were rigid and stubborn in thinking.

      Good leader is not leader with big membership only but member of leaders once groomed and produced.

      Do you consider Taib and Mahatir as good leaders ?.How many leaders have they produce ?

  1. How to help if most of their LEADER has personal agenda. Interview with the ordinary SUPP member who has been with party for past 30 years, and get their feedback. I won’t be surprised how frustrated their with the party elder. Check with the party elders during the past 10 years when the party was so powerful, what are they doing. Most of the party leader, either too busy trying to fight for party position or trying to fight for government project and also trying to secure state land for personal benefit. What has it done for the SUPP ordinary member ? I am sorry to say ‘NONE”. So like Audie 61 say, only way, ask God help.

    • Rakyat diketpikan,keuntungan diutamakan adalah slogan dalaman bagi kebanyakan ahli politik di Malaysia.

      Lee Kuan Yew was totally right to quote ” Even a street beggar can turn millionaire if he/she becomes BN politician in Malaysia meant too many corruptions.Tell me who is not millionaire in UMNO,s YBs.

  2. Let have a free media..free election..why BN so afraid to fight on same plain field!!
    Oh yes..pls do not booking the whole holicopters fleet in Sarawak and Sabah!!People from PR dont have wings..we need to use helicopters too to meet voters!!

  3. Monk Dagang YB tanpa Budi dan hati ,OKU pun dia balasah.Persatuan OKU mesti protest atau summon dia .Hari Ini Sejarah buat kali pertama di Bumi Kenyalang.Memalukan dan biadap

  4. Ho :shock: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :oops:

    :lol: HOORAY the perempuan :twisted: lembu hitam finally resign!!! PUKE! TBH kena mati bcoz of 2k ++ but this SHIT lembu just resign n enjoy the 250MILLION loots in lembuland!!!! :roll:

  5. Your message title should be “DAP cutting SUPP’s balls” …..only 2 and half more balls to be removed and it will become totally impotent

    Best solution for the good young blood and remaining stalks, is to quit SUPP and join DAP…leaving behind all those old sturbon rotten pieces still dreaming for easy wealth and fighting for position power

    The billionare and multi-millionares SUPP have no other worries beside getting more wealth from Taib government……what you poor SUPP guys waiting for with your long necks?///##**&&^^%%

  6. Look at sibu SUPP candidate for GE 13, they are both near to 70. What do expect from a party who don’t give a chance to the youngster. Party control by pensioner N party elder. They never learn, They only learn when whey they loss all the 6 chinese majority during GE 13. Remember the youngsters would not kow-tau to elder now a day. Is time to give a youngster a chance or else the party is going for worst defect in SUPP history. ruthless say , party of 40+ year being just throw into the dustbin by few greedy SUPP elder.

  7. It seems taht SUPP never learns. They think they will still be the party of OLD meaning “towkay party” but those days are gone. SUPP now have to pick up the ribbons instead of cutting them hahahaha

  8. “EVEN GOD CANNOT HELP THE PARTY“ audie61 ini mesti di percayai. Dia sudah cakap terang2 untuk SUPP pemimpin. Masih parti ini turun tua tua di kawasan Sibu yang kita boleh baca di surat khabar. Ini sangat sedih untuk SUPP. Macam parti orang tua ini.

  9. SUPP just another UMNO dog like the MCA and Gerakan. Thank God the people of Sarawak are beginning to see this fact.

  10. PRSSUPP what say U ?.Anak keapda Iban/cina parent rejected by UiTM for she is not bumiputera according federal constitution.

    Similar to case of Marina Udau now studying in Segi but sponsored by Yaasan Sawak not UiTM.

    1 Malaysia with many sets of law to different Malaysians.

  11. If happen that Temenggong Lau is elected as MP,Sibu is actually sending a kindergarten student to a new school.

    One has to remember wealth and popular public would not necessarily make a good and caliber YB.

    It,s about experiences,in-depth knowledge and willingness to sacrifice that count.

    The august house is not a place to do business or opportunity to enrich one’s wealth and name.

    Even the incumbent Tiong Thai King has difficult in asking questions in the house ,what more to say debat.

    Though they are rich , the dont use their money to serve you,Sbiuians should know.

    • Why need debat in the house. These guys sit there, listen like stupid idiots, pretend to understand, calp their hands and laugh together….cheersssssssssss. Some get bored and slept in the House….some day dreaming of ” kan tow” to make fast money…….

      Sim Kheng Hong type of ya ya botol botol, also made him rich with easy money…..most important – dont fight against Apek Moh

      Old rubbish got be swept and flushed down the toilet…..and you voters are holding that handles of the flush toilets….

  12. suggesting to be one SPDP TDC resolution “pledge to govt to clarify as well as standardizing bumi satus in Malaysia.”

  13. Bravo, Soon Koh & Thai King both of you get A++ cooking class, credited by SUPP cooking school. i am sorry to say your abalone can only serve the RICH tycoon. Poor Sibu SUPP member, you can see but cannot eat ,cos is to expensive for you. I believe you better joint our DAP friend eating nasi lemak .

  14. Torn apart and beleaguered, SUPP is going to lose miserably regardless who its candidates.Back stabling and sabotaging will totally bury them in GE.

  15. Any political party who would like to join BN is BY CONSENSUS,SPDP 5 are supporters of BN it should be fine if they apply to join BN for the interest of BN.BN leaders should be able to balance the interest of everyone

  16. Chinese have no fear of having no wakil in the govt.

    They sense that any elected representative serve not only own race but ALL.

    If PM serves only his own race it is call PM for Malay not PM for all Malaysians.

    This is simple theory and ideology for healthy and democratic politics.

    Do we really to have Chinese for Chinese YB or Malay for Malay,Iban for Iban ??

    Obama rules US equally and fairly though he is black.

    Where is Malaysians living ?.in cave kah ?

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