SPDP5 “Reconciliation…??”

BN Sarawak Chairman and CM Taib has said this two statements today,’

1.If they want to be as they are like their present situation, then let it  be…give them time to probably find a way to reconcile. I think that is not  completely impossible.“I think SPDP has much to lose and without five of its elected  representatives the party is not in a good position.

2.Taib Mahmud yesterday shot down the idea of a new party to accommodate the  five elected representatives who were sacked from SPDP recently for gross  insubordination.

“I don’t think that (formation of a new party) is a good idea because there  will be many hurdles for them to overcome.“They have to get the consensus of all Barisan Nasional (BN) parties to  enable them to be accepted as a member of BN … so it is quite a big hurdle’


There were many frantic phone calls and sms received by grassroots supporters and many were unhappy with CMs statement. But remember he has to balance his ship or the whole crew will start fighting and the ship will be veared off course.

SPDP “thinking caps” are already put in place and basically SPDP has the upper hand. The constitution is above all and CM Taib does follow the RULE OF LAW and its up to the sacked SPDP5 to interpret. CM is a trained lawyer and he has helmed the political ladder in Sarawak for a good 30 years.

Does the SPDP5 know their roles and their constitutional  laws..?

I might be wrong but I remember rightly during the height of the PRS crisis the then Chief Political secretary of CM who is now Assistant Minister Karim Hamzah said,”We follow the constitutional law in politics but we go around it sometimes to suit the political climate.”

We can quote to you as the DSG Paul Igai said,”we got the upperhand and ArticleX111  No. 5. states Any decision of the Supreme Council on the sacking shall be final and shall not be appealed from and questioned in any Tribunal or Court of Law.” 

CM Taib knows this and he knows by the next elections if these YBs are not back in their respective parties SPDP they will lose their seats and will not be renominated. Clear examples being former YB Larry Sng,YB Gabriel Adit,YB Stanley Ajang,YB Jawah Gerah,YB Jimmy Donald.

Did Larry get renominated by PRS…??

In article XIX of the constitution if i may:-

 1.Any person who has resigned,being expelled or whose membership has been cancelled for any reason whatsoever,may apply to be re-admitted as a member of the party after a lapse of two (2 years) after his resignation,expulsion or cancellation of his membership unless the Supreme Council determine otherwise which the decision of the Supreme Council is FINAL

CM Taib has been advised and he knows time is a healer eventhough the scar might remain.


12 thoughts on “SPDP5 “Reconciliation…??”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    It seems like a futsal game for Sacked SPDP 5 against Loyal SPDP 5.

    Who is going to win the game is yet to know ,just follow the show till the end.This movie may win Oscar Award.

    • Bee Enn Mann says:

      I like the movie thing. It is also not only love, betrayal and deciet and back to love. I think Gollum and Gandalf of Lords of the Ring are also in this movie. Great acting, too.

  2. Bee Enn Mann says:

    I think Spdp don’t mind taking back nice and sweet people like Paulus and Rosey but those whom we do not want our children to emulate being bad roles models should be be out. Point in case, those lawan tawkey and clinging to names of bigger tawkeys to float themselves are a no no.

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Beauty of Malaysia civil servants participation and greatest contradiction of 1 Malaysia.

    Malay=80 %,population 60 %, Chinese=5 % po=20 %, Indian=4 % po=10%,others=11 % po=21 %.

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:

    :cry: ALTANTUYA SHARIBUU :cry: will report to HEAVEN n HELL GODS to do the same to those murderers with c4 explosive in the sky or land soon……KARMA….VERY BAD KARMA for those who use others (give :evil: instruction) to blown up ALTANTUYAS with c4 :cry: :arrow: :twisted: http://bit.ly/zWIBkX :twisted: :cry:

    :idea: GOD :idea: can still forgive those who are naughty n cheating BUT not those who kill n murder others…..so never feel SORRY la….bcoz it’s already too late for this type of denial + flip flop :evil: evil :oops:

    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:

  5. 2012 hope says:

    Door still open and hope of reconciliation for sdpd5.Nansian says it,s difficult when you were stabled once painfully.Let move each other ways to serve the people.Lei it be part of our life

  6. political observer says:

    ajanlenjau@gmail.comNomination for the SPDP surpreme council election closed yesterday, and the grapevines was abuzz with the expected- strongman, tiong kong sing has jump many rang up from spdp treasurer to be the uncontested deputy president, in replace of nyarok who in turn is more than happy to be given the title the unprecendanted honorary life president- of with a fat price paid by the new deputy president. Mawan must be having sleepless night- the party senior post are now flooded with tiong loyalist. Senator Pau now the uncontested treasurer general with Liew ah lek as the senior vice president. Ironically, the very persons that they rescue from SNap, that resulted in SNAP split and led to the formation of spdp – tiong is now bringing the party back to Snap era. Rumors had it that tiong has been wanting to be the spdp deputy president as early as 2009. He push for Nyarok to be deputy president and was vicious against philip ngo the challenger, because he intent Nyarok to warm the seat for him. Now he got his wish. Indeed its a sad day for spdp.

    • 2012 hope says:

      cycle of politics,SNAP to SPDP,SPDP to Tiong King Sing party.SPDP is in trouble and Mawan is having sleepless nights

  7. Bee Enn Mann says:

    I think lots of people are now jealous that Tiong will be sitting together with Najib, Muhyiddin, Taib, Jabu, Masing, Entulu and Mawan at federal BN supreme council. But I thought it was the dissenting group of Five that put up their proxy fighter Phillip Ngo in SPDP TGA 2009? Ermmm No?

  8. Barb says:

    Wyhy not tiong go for the presidency, afterall he is the de factor president. Infact he was the of source of spdp split. He does not want the spdp 5 to be around as they are a hindrance to him achieving his ambition. He need the position as a bargainging chip to protect him from his pkfz mega scandal. Next he will push the party to go national. Most likely he will go for, merger with pcm or gerakan, achieving another ambition to be a national leader. When that happen the dayak will be the greatest loser as they will be outnumbered. Understandably cm and other top Bn state leaders are aware pf this and they are really concerned. As long as tiong have his way, reconciliation is indeed remote.

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