PBB..”ABU9 is for Real”

Whose talking? Who is spreading all the rumours which will eventually be TRUE? When..soon GE13..

Sources close to a deputy minister said,”These people are overly ambitious and they will stop at nothing to push throught their agenda” Our earlier article musts not justs be a fickle of imagination on the authors part or else it would not have to come out to this:- Bekas Adun sedia tanding Parlimen Batang Lupar which appeared in an internet portal.

Hold on to your pants though,something is about to be revealed to him here where he musts have second thoughts. Will he be a willing pawn to be PBB’s candidate when the Federal leader who is also the PM and Chairman of BN has used him as an example in his speech at the Federal Territory BN information session not too long ago.

Maybe the former ADUN musts have taken notice of Daims political strategy,”Most issues would normally be  sedimented within 14 days.Nevertheless, if an issue outlives the 14-day cooling-off period,  something is going to be not very right.

What you are about to be aghast with, is what Najib mentioned on 10th October 2011. Thats nearly 4 months ago but political enemies/foes do not forget easily like what Daim have mentioned above. They will use all the necessary artillery  to ensure that their man is back on track and a certainty for the candidacy.

Does Najib need reminding.“A three-term BN representative in Sarawak had absconded to London because he was upset that he was not selected as a candidate.’
How on mothers earth could this former ADUN even think that Najib will even say yes to the Chairman of BN Sarawaks wish lists which will include his name?

Najib of course was referrring to his own UMNO warlords which was also sms to us by the source,”likelihood of sabotage, recalling an incident in which a branch secretary of UMNO betrayed in a by-election because he was not chosen as candidate.”

There is a bee-line justs waiting for their names to be included in the lists of ABU9. It does appear that some PBB stalwarts are playing hard ball with the PM Najib. MP Mukah is going around the dayak Iban longhouses to garner support for him to be retained as the candidate for a seventh(7th) term. {Maybe he needs to be given the videos or tapes to listen to when he said to the people of Mukah to give him a last chance to win the last parliamentary elections on 6th of March 2008.}

Is it really so that 48 Iban longhouse chiefs really want him to be retained? Did he bring development to the constituency? How come when he was Tourism Minister Mukah did not feel an upsurge of visitors to the area. He musts have been too busy promoting Malaysia thats what a voter said.

The voter continued that melanau of christian faith in Dalat and Balingian which is in the Mukah constituency have not forgotten what he didn’t do and what he has promised that he would have done and they are ready to vote for anyone but him. Did he forget that the bishop even declined the invitation. Shall we go on……

Does he want us to reveal and cause further embarrasement to him on how a former priest was asked to leave from Dalat due to some sms in circulation. There are certain things which one can forgive but there are some where the voters will not forget.

PM Najib can be even furnished with these details says the voters. As far as the people on the ground are concerned MP Toyad has seen his glorious days and he needs to retire from the scene without much fanfare. Don’t tempt the people and lose one seat at the expense of BN says the voter.

Does he think the at Najib will re-appoint him as a Federal Minister after he wins?

Also another MP who had lately felt the politiking of ABU9 is none other than the Deputy Speaker whose constituency is Santubong. He and his PS was even implicated with various allegations and flying letters. These justs proves that without political manouevering and backstabbings the ABU9 would not have even surfaced.

Imagine you are one term MP and a woman MP and attacked almosts daily from your own supposedly to be friendly party members. The MP is a willing and hardworking MP but there are others eyeing the seat and of course it gets dirty especially when in the rural areas internet technology are not the modus operandi. Word of mouth and surat layang2 are the order of the day and its not easy to fend them off when the power hungry tiger is about to pounce.

Many knows that the CM is keeping a close tab on the situation but his FEARED advisers are giving him the wrong information. Taib is anything but himself of 25 years ago when he was at his peak and ready to carve anyone up to be served as a dish for dinner.

A close aide of CM says,’he does not fear the backlash form the MPs but fear more his master who is not even the CM.Surely,they will be scapegoats but thats the way the political situation is and someone has to take the fall.

Najib is watching closely the ambition of some ministers in Taibs cabinet who have indirectly been implicated to cause the split in two BN components SUPP and SPDP. A third in pursuing  another internal crisis in PRS cannot be ruled out as they have everything to gain than to lose.

The GE13 will be theirs to celebrate if they managed to push their own man to be picked. The wanitas in the state BN would not and will not be willing to give up their quota of BN wanita elected representatives. PBB wanitas especially Dalat assemblyman Fatimah will be all out to ensure that Rohani and Shukri who both are continuing their work tirelessly and leaving politiking aside be renominated.

A former Bidayuh political  secretary said to audie61,”Dawos if he is picked will not have it easy and the Bidayuhs will ensure that he (Dawos)  is in for a shock. The bidayuhs will not rebel openly but they will this time round ensure that the seat is up for grabs.

This was extracted also in our earlier article and we are sure that Federal leaders are watching closely and with hairs standing from their backs.{Another portal http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/ even wrote a very detailed article and in which we extract,”If all Dayak state assemblymen were to get together across party lines, they will be a force to be reckoned with in Sarawak .”} Why so much uneasiness within the State?

Even SB and Jasa reports that now the figures are anything for BN Sarawak and up to 14 seats might justs end up in the opposition/independants hands.Najib will be looking at his own political survival and he will need to push his agenda through to be rightfuly named as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Najib has not have a mandate and he needs to erase all the negative vibes which the people plus the opposition are watching. It’s like a cartoon show at the moment with the NFC scandal which was surgically mastered to prevent Najib from calling for an early election.

This PBB factor which holds 14 seats for BN musts be carefully strategised as the other component parties will be under intense attack from the enemy within as the President of SPDP William Mawan said yesterday and also from the opposition. 

ABU9 has touched the archilles heel of PBB and the people who have fanned the fire will be hoping that the detractors and culprits are not let off so easily. Some will need to be chopped while their accomplice will find the heat to strong to handle.

The battle lines are already drawn and it is virtually impossible to mend the cracks and some jusats needs to take the back seat or justs go into retirement

THE FIRE OF ABU9 will not be just doused off so easily……

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6 thoughts on “PBB..”ABU9 is for Real”

  1. phyllis says:

    Malu if I am Bolhassan Di. But politicians all got THICK skin and they will go all out to try to stay relevant hahahahaha Good one Najib.

  2. chedat12 says:

    Race for candidacy in Hulu Rajang,Kapit between incumbent Billy Abit and Ugak,an iban from Balleh is getting hotter as election draws near.

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