N10″Tanggungjawab SPDP Pending”

Ada banyak sms yang di terima oleh Natasha dan blogger2 lain yang kerja dengan audie61 mengucapkan “Tahniah dan Terus berjuang” 

Natasha bertulis artikel ini kerana ada bertambahan dari Ketua Penerangan SPDP Pending Sutaghani Zaidoll yang di hantar kepada surat khabar yang lain di mana sms ada berikut,”Adalah menjadi tanggungjawap SPDP Bahagian Pending untuk membantu wakil BN terutamanya wakil SUPP di Kawasan Pending/Bandar Kuching dalam PRU13 nanti.” 

Natasha diberitahu in bermakna Wakil SUPP mesti panggil dan berkerja dengan AJK component party untuk menentang Pakatan di PRU13. SUPP ada kawan2 baik di parti SPDP,PRS dan PBB di kawasan Pending yang boleh membantu jentera BN. Sutaghani berterus mengatakan,”Bersatu Kita lawan musuh ,Kita Akan Menang”

Artikel di surat khabar Utusan Sarawak:-

12 thoughts on “N10″Tanggungjawab SPDP Pending”

  1. phyllis says:

    Want to support SUPP but too many infighting and they the leaders have losts the plot on what the chinese want. DAP cannot do much in terms of monetary assistance but they can bring grievances to the DUN and Parliament. They are the voice while SUPP fighting for projects only.

  2. dayang says:

    Pending Division have you read this from a political observer in previous comments.
    I repost,”Muara Tuang, make sure walk the talk. When the CM jeling at you make sure you don’t pee in your pants. Asked yourself if SPDP take away the BN tag, can it survive or past through the coming GE13. If yes, go all out, confront the BN leadership, than SPDP will gain some credibility. If NOT, you are just an empty gong, so better shut up

  3. Julian Terang says:

    Bro political observer u justs trying to fan anti-BN feelings for SPDP. Why not do it to Pakatan too? Lim Kit Siang PM Malaysia instead of Anwar Ibnrahim or Hadi from PAS. Dont overdo your attaCK BRO

  4. Surash says:

    Anyone attacking SPDP we will defend.Now we give undivided support to our President Mawan. He showed to us that he care for our community Indians in Sarawak though we are very small in numbers(4thousand in kuching only ). We support William Mawan,SPDP and BN. Hidup SPDP

  5. Surash says:

    Another thing, dont underestimate SPDP political observer tq. This is not a threat but to inform you when you attack our brother muara tuang we will come out to support too. We are now united after the crisis we faced with the sacking of the spdp5.

  6. political observer says:

    I am a neutral Political Observer. From us outsider view, what happen in SPDP does not make sense. Entri was fired, the State gave him Datukship. Rosey support Entri team, she became an Assistance Minister instead of Judat. When Rosey became assistance minister, Miri Port Authority became vacant. Paulus was expelled by SPDP, he became Miri Port Chairman and Board member of SESCO. Unless SPDP policy is to reward those who goes against the party, otherwise it is obvious that those appointment is the prerogatives of CM. So for Muara Tuang and a few other divisions to questions those appointment is like challenging the prerogatives of CM which also meant, doing it on behalf of Mawan. Is that the message the so call division leaders in SPDP wish to put across. On the other hand Masing, make a big OO..aa..on the recent appointment as political sec of the ex-supp wanita chief. Recently CM appointed Richard Will from PRS and Victor Temenggong from PBB as pol sec. How about SPDP- none……so Julian Terang, contrary to your accusation…you all are the one who wittingly or unwittingly, create the rife between SPDP and BN leadership. Should thing got heated up, make sure you stand by your President at all cost!!! By the way….Muara tuang has no SPDP Yb…..

  7. Boy says:

    Political Observer thanks for your comments. They request those SPDP 5 be stripped off their appointment, which is tatamount to questioning CM kuasa, yet they say they support CM leadership. Their comment that tally lah.

  8. chedat12 says:

    all spdp and prs branches in urban areas are just for window dressing.Their strengths,supports and popularity are in rural areas.

  9. Concerned SPDP Member says:

    Dr. Ahi Sarok of Unimas comment in the Borneo Post today is timely and absolutely correct. SPDP leadership must reinvent itself in order to stay relevant. It must be brave enough to to do away with the old guards and bring into its leadership the dynamic younger generation.

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