“Hot Tussle”at SPDP Pending Division TGM

The Pending Division SPDP division AGM/TGM scheduled for Saturday at 3pm at the party Headquarters Conference room will see some members going for the Coveted 5 Exco seats.

According to the Organising Chairman Cilla Balla as per closing time nominations for the 5 posts have seen an unprecendented nominations of 13 names put forward to the committee.

We are preparing the ballot papers and there will be “caucus”session. We will also be getting three scrutineers for the election to ensure that all the votes are counted properly and in accordance to the by laws of the constitution.

Meanwhile at press time a Supreme Council member Capt.Zainuddin will be keeping a watching brief on the divisions meeting and the adherance to the meeting procedures.

There will be a full turnout of SC,Youth,Wanita,Puteri and Putera members to the divisions AGM and the confirmed attendance is very encouraging says Cilla Balla.

8 thoughts on ““Hot Tussle”at SPDP Pending Division TGM

  1. phyllis says:

    Thats great 13 going for 5 seats. How come suddenly there are people going for BN /SPDP divisional excos? Healthy and democracy alive. Does that mean the party is still relevant? I have soft spot for this party under William Mawan. Great gentleman.

  2. R Roth says:

    True sarawakiana there musts be proxy fights. But it does make the party relevant as it will not be all given to the Privelege ones only. I follow the partys struggles and it does look more encouraging now.

  3. samantha lk says:

    SPDP have gone through their crisis.its at a point of rebuilding and this is good for the party wehn divisions even have tussles for excos.

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