PAS “Plot Thickens..!!”

The ground is shifting especially with the imminent General Elections around the corner. There are more than a few whispers amongst the grassroots of PBB that certain incumbents will have to forgo their seats for a new face.


Murmurs of discontentment and lobbying for the seats are the order of the day as the grassroots will ensure their present Members of Parliament are picked to stand again. A journalists friend of mine said

 “PM will not only see their Credentials as a Winnable candidate but also VOTEABLE BY THE RAKYAT.”

PAS and not PKR Will capitalise if BN some of the present incumbents are not replaced. Smses are exchanged and some of them if published will immediately expose the whole plot. We will  give you more insights and tasty revelations when the time is right.

It’s does point to the fact that it is really getting really heaty in the corridors of power in Putrajaya but also at every available cafes/ coffehouses/lounges in Sarawak especially when it involves the PBB14.

ABU9 has thrown up an equation and have already created more than a stir:-

Suffice to say the main stream media has added more flavours to an already volatile situation by using the article”Wooing Chinese Voters” to put more pressure on two areas of concern which have more than one occasion kick up a storm. Very soon teacups will fly as Federal leaders are already been fed the information.

This was frontpaged:-Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s office and BN information chief Ahmad Maslan was quoted to have said this,”the coastal seats of Batang Lupar and Sadong Jaya where PAS seemed to have made inroads to the Malay areas.

So there musts be some truths for PBB to be worried as these areas will certainly see some resistance and also a shift towards the Islamic Party PAS . Is PBB losing its grip?

The whole article can be read here:-

The incumbents will obviously be looking over their shoulders as they know their FATE lies not only as winnable but also VOTAEBLE against the PAS/PKR candidates. It’s more than a hearsay when reports filter up to the Prime Minister,Chief Minister and also President of PBB that certain issues are seen to be cropping up which needs immediate attention or to be addressed.

Its not only PBB grassroots who have voiced up but certainly seasoned PBB State ministers/assistants have also shown concern that PAS have made inroads and are also part of the plot.

The PAS machinery have shown to be delicately poised to bring some of the PBB14 incumbents down and to ensure that PBB does not make a clean sweep. It’s all part of the bigger picture which will ultimately see an end to the invincibility of the present PBB setup.

Whether PAS is part and parcel of the scheming and plotting of the PBB14 will remain a calculated guess until the results are announced on election day.

 Call it ABU9 or the Untouchables 5 which makes up PBB14 but PAS knows its facing a HERCULEAN TASKS.


10 thoughts on “PAS “Plot Thickens..!!”

    • chedat12 says:

      Pas is miles away in Sarawak,its ideology and struggle are in the heart of any right thinking and liberal Sawakians.

      No matter how much time and efforts they put in,it will be fruitless.

  1. Nyaring J says:

    PAS will not be very welcomed in Sarawak especially after their ‘cawat’ remarks. Many dayaks have not forgotten about this.Now with DAP Hiew Kuan Yew embroiled in remarks of journalists as ‘prostitues’ the opposition front is facing problems of using the wrong langauage and terms which will affect them BADLY if not corrected in the coming polls.

  2. chedat12 says:

    This coming PRU 13 can be consider as the hottest so far for Msia,under Najib for the first time.

    It can called as ABU Vs ABA election,Anyone Besides Umno Vs Anyone Besides Anwar.

  3. chedat12 says:

    PRU most likely after Gawai and Keamataan in June after BN carefully and timely planted its ” Time Bombs ” in Borneo states.

    Lots of Goodies,promised projects,gula-gula to these natives on the eve of two these great festivals by BN to garner their supports.

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: :idea: TOK GURU NIK AZIZ :idea: is a very RESPECTED PAS LEADER n bcoz of him n their good followers….KELANTANESE from all races lives in PEACE…not like umNO CoW head!!! :lol:

  5. chedat12 says:

    Ingin nak tenggok UMB BN,website Sarawak tapi hingga hari ini belum dapat cari lagi.

    Adakah is wujud ?????.Jangan seperti PRS 30 website asyik tidur and tak aktif begitu lama.sudahkah diketuai oleh sekumpilan pemuda yang dikatatkan professional mengikut Dr James.

    Buka saja kamu lihat apa isi kandungannya,teruk dari website budak sekolah rendah.sangat memalukan

  6. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Ai yo yoyoyo…..lucky PAS terminate this 2 MCD ali or else they will hudud many innocence people lol….hehehehe just look at their nincompoop face!!!! hehehe :roll:

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