SPDP Puteri and Putera”No Shortcuts to Success’

audie61 corporate slogan has always been”Unleash the Potential of Youths” The Puteri and Putera SPDP function”Celebrating Love…….Our way” is very much in tandem with audie61.

A highly successful night organised by the Puteri and Puteras which was filled with laughter,love,dances and above all priceless memories to take back was the order of the day. In the balconies and around the tables when we went on our rounds the youths in totality commented”

This is an event where we feel we are part of and we participate fully because the organisers Puteri and Putera made us feel at HOME” There was also no high-handedness and everyone was equal.There was so much comradeship and love and we hope many other organisations will learn from them and ensure that the youths are the future.”

A night which began at 6.30pm and ended at 10.30pm where everything worked like clockwork. The youths went home with happy faces and the organisers knew that they have captured the imagination of the youths who were present. The Puteri’s and Putera’s knows that there are …


The uploaded picture and article from the STAR 16th February 2012 below:-

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