SPDP TDC in Bintulu….

What needs to be done..? What needs to be discussed..? What will be the Agenda..

It will be in Bintulu on the 16th-18th March where SPDP 9th TGM will take place. All registered SPDP Divisions will be sending their office bearers, delegates and observers. The delegates will discuss various issues pertaining to the direction of the party. This will be a new era for the party and they will all chart a new beginning for the party says SG Nelson Balang Rining.

The AGM for all the respective divisions will convene accordingly as per notifications directed by the headquarters. This morning the briefing was conducted for Divisional Chiefs and the secretaries from N1 to N20 (picture). The election committee will conduct similar exercises for N20-N71.

9 thoughts on “SPDP TDC in Bintulu….

  1. Down and at one time at its lowest stage and now the only way is up according to the newspapers published. Adoi.! Kesian nya SPDP even your SG acknoweledge. After GE13 how many MPs left?

    • Jika masalah berterusan dan tiada pendekatan yang diambil oleh mana-mana pihak untuk menjadi orang tengah, untuk mencari penyelesaian permasalahan dengan menggunakan sistem menang-menang, maka GE13 habis semuanya dan 2015 DUN Negeri-SPDP hanya akan tinggal nama seperti PBDS atau seperti SNAP. Kerana semua masing-masing mahu menunjukkan kuasa masing-masing dan tidak mahu mengalah apatah lagi jika sekiranya ada pihak mempunyai kepentingan untuk melaksanakan kuasanya dan agendanya.

  2. It was a solid party until the crisis. To come out to its former state after losing 5 YBs and 1 MP it will take a long time or maybe never.We shall see or it might justs end up like SNAP.

  3. Not worth commenting on SUPP or SPDP problems . At the end of the day the real “president” @ Taib will decide everything . This have been the case in all the component parties in Sarawak . All the other presidents are just stand in presidents . Look what happen to SNAP and later PBDS when the Presidents decided to be the ‘real presidents’ !!! Watch this space….it will happen..

  4. Penyakit lampau memang sudah lama menghantui parti Dayak sejak era Tun Jugah dulu.

    Semua itu nyata terbukti hinnga hari ini tiada satu parti yang kukuh.konsisten and berjuang lama.

    Berjasa,snap,pbds,spdp,prs siapakah merajui parti tersebut,apakah bukan Dayaks ?.

    Tepuk dada tanya diri sendiri lah pemimpin dayaks yang kian lama memalukan bangsa sendiri demi kebaikan sendiri.

  5. heehe….semua adalah maianan politik sejak dulu agi ta[i dengan kekuatan members ia sentiasa teguh dan berdiri sehingga sekarang…..saya da join this meeting btw see u all at bintulu….

  6. Last SPDP TGM 2009, that young man who dare stood against Nyarok had warned the party to be rewamp and to accomodate the younger generations. His message so far was ignored and true enough the party is now in shambles and at the verge of being irrelevant. With just a month to go, look like the partyis still in a dazed and directionless. No clue who is going to filled those vacant sc posts……recipe for disaster, the final demise of the party….good bye spdp……..

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