“Blogger Implicated…!”

This blogger meant well to CM but he could be misunderstood to have overstepped his territoryand this we extract from the blog mentioned,‘if you mean what you said my dear CM, you probably should stop attending any Datuk Sri Wong function at all or attending both camps functions. Unfortunately the CNY is over and there will be less function throughout the year’

On the flip side of the coin now not only sarawakreport.org  dares to question and write without fear about CM Taib and the adminstration but of late even BN friendly bloggers are beginning to be bold and daring.

This blog http://protonace.blogspot.com/2012/02/is-cm-lying-again.html carried the article followed by http://sebanaku-sarawak.blogspot.com/2012/02/blog-rasmi-supp-menyatakan-bahawa-taib.html had the media fraternity smelling “SOMETHING BIG WILL HAPPEN

The journalists asked the SUPP President and the news carried out of course is not as SENSATIONALISED as the blogger or the news subscribers would have loved to see. It justs shows that there are certainly some wind blowing in the direction of the CMTaib and SUPP rightly or wrongly collectively will be blaming the “Involvement of HIDDEN HANDS” 

It will be up to the journalists/reporters/editors of the tabloids to expand on the article and even to clear the name of the blogger implicated.

The blogger does pull some punches and he does not minced his words when he also said,”My personal advice to our honourable CM Taib you should respect all BN components party as they are your friends not your enemies...”

Have SUPP awaken to the powers there is in cyberspace..??


8 thoughts on ““Blogger Implicated…!”

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Olee cOw …..mOO Moo Here n mOO mOO there…sarijahat muka tebal coW missnister!!! :roll:

  2. Belianwood says:

    Strange that you did not focus on what CM actually admitted:
    “he is now old and cannot attend some function…”

    If CM is not even able to attend the open house of a component leader because he is old, is he still capable of more important duties such as running the state of Sarawak? CM should stop listening to the advisors around him! He obviously is aware that he is now old and should realise that he has overstayed his position as CM. He still has the opportunity to prove the difference between a statesman and a politician before it is too late.

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Short term gains but long term pains.

    Msia and Najib image will be greatly tarnished locally and globally after BBC’s apology on airing paid Malaysia news.

    In 2009 Msia paid 96 million ringgit to FBC through PR company Apco to polish the image of Najib when he took office as PM.

    This news fixing scandal had been investigated and found that there were interests of conflicts by British govt.

    The apology will be made in stages to about 300 million viewers worldwide.

    There are some allegations that CM Taib did the same to clear his name too globally as reported by sarawak Report.

    The public are anxious to know what Najib is to say about this scandal.

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: bodoh cOw sariJAHAT n now bodoh ayam KfC …they will give u all eat SHIT X3 + BEAT U… …..kFc still tidur boss must take serious action ASAP or they will collapse soon…SHIT x3…… :roll:

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

    :shock: WTF!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS…..PUKE!!! How to EAT Man??? SHIT !!!! SHIT!!!! SHIT!!!! :shock:

  6. chedat12 says:

    Bastardisation of NEP,Never Ending Policy for 42 years bumis fail to achieve 30 entity,Anwar says.

    Only those political connected with UMNO benefited while those in middle class and poor are all left out.

  7. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho ::mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: HOW TO HANDLE + TERMINATE THIS SUPER THICK SKIN CONDO (LEMBU BETINA) NFC!!! Answer :arrow: Just suck her DRY n get back the 250mil $$$$$ simple!!! :mrgreen:

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