“Pakatan..Good..BN..No Good.!!”

Clearly,”If they can’t engage with the things brought up by sarawakreport.org, then that tells you a lot,” said Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’s political scientist Prof Madya Dr Andrew Aeria

Is that so?

We know that one will certainly take sides especially when it concerns views,opinions and if we engage in an argument. Usually we will say,”there are two sides to an argument” but it depends on how you want to see it . There can be more sides, for example, political parties are all arguing over whose policies are best and whose not.

BN Sarawak cybertroopers were not tasked to answer the allegations,charges or defamation that appeared in the sarawakreport.org blog. However audie61 was asked again in a recent brief meeting and our article is published here https://audie61.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/sarawakreport-oh-wow/

We would also like to clarify to Prof Madya that BN Sarawak Unit Media blogs will and have always condone venom,hatred and opinion that borders on racism. We do not associate ourselves with those who SPEW out all the dirt that will be detrimental to the stability of the country.

The members of UNIT MEDIA BARU Sarawak are a disciplined team and they are all but fighting for a common cause. We are not in a race to see who is better than the other and our priorites are set to defend BN Sarawak to the bests of our abilities.

Pakatan are ahead in terms of issues but slowly but surely their issues at hand are hemmed in and rebutted by our UMB team. The battle lines are drawn and GE13 we shall see who has the upper hand or not.



5 thoughts on ““Pakatan..Good..BN..No Good.!!”

  1. Belum pernah tenggok sesawang UMB lagi,ada ataupun belum mula ?.BN jauh ketinggalan dari PR dalam dunia cyber,apa sudah terjadi ?

  2. BN kata kuat..tapi takut bagi akses media utk PR!!BN kata debat bukan budaya Malaysia tapi siap rasmi majlis debat antara pelajar2 IPTA..BN kata rakyat sokong tapi bila rakyat baca paper PAKATAN kena bermacam syarat!BN kata Malaysia best democracy in the world tTAPI bila waktu ceramah walaupun ada permit tapi speaker kena rampas!! Audie I nak tanya u…BN ni kenapa penakut sangat!! Bila pemimpin u nak terima debat dgn Anwar??Kenapa takut sangat nak berdebat..KJ debat dgn Rafizi ok je?Jangan cakap BN penakut..berani dekat TV je..tu pun berat sebelah bagi news!! Comeonla be gentlemen le BN..fight like a man..not like a sissy!

  3. In Masia,one just needs a degree of ” who you know ” rather than “what you know ” to live on comfortably.

    Lee Kuan Yew once said that even beggars on the streets can turn ” millionaires ‘ if become Msia Politicians

  4. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Ai yo…..u know n i know la…..what B-eNd is doing all these years!….cheat + tell lies + misguide + porn movie + threaten minority races with 513 or cow+boar head + gangster style that will never show or publish in their control media + news…..SHIT X3…..MAJORITY silent voters are really fed-up with them n u know n i know la …..what will happen to B-eNd comes this 13th GE!!!!…..PEOPLES POWER will show them an EXIT to nfc football field for them to clean all their SHIT!!!!….olee COW….. :lol:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

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