Perkasa “White Envelopes Issue”

A Pakatan YB said,”Perkasa its UMNO’s vehicle and they perfectly know it very well that its against chinese custom and culture to give “white” envelopes during a joyous occasion. Its deliberately done”

Our short meeting with the YB we mention,’No way, it has anything to do with UMNO in totality as not everyone in BN are extreme or racists. So are you saying I am racists or a Bigot if I support Perkasa for their actions? Putting it together you are justs saying anyone that associates itself with BN has got to be associated with Perkasa as we are partners in a coalition.

Sometimes we unknowingly do utter “racists or unkind religious statements” but we immediately say Ooops..oh no.. we don”t mean that but Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa should be bold enough to stand up and be counted and issue a written statement to quell the growing dissent towards his actions.

Aren’t you a BIG MAN?

The blogshere/twitters are showing a lot of distrusts towards the ruling BN government over this “white envelope issue” Whats more a renowned blogger even dared to challenge the Chinese in his blog which we extract here,”no one forced you to attend Perkasa’s Chinese New Year party. Why did you go? And no one forced you to take the money that Ibrahim Ali was dishing out. Why did you take it ?

Another para extracted”Inilah Cina! If you go to a prostitute and you die after swallowing your dentures that is your problem. Stop screaming and shouting! And if you go to Perkasa’s Chinese New Year party and get insulted that is also your problem. Stop screaming and shouting!

Lastly,”Sometimes you Chinese just want to find an excuse to whack the Malays. You look for any small excuse to whack, even the colour of an envelope.Maybe Ibrahim Ali was wrong. I did not say he was right.

WOW! Isn’t this justs great.Provoking the CHINESE for being stupid or what.Don’t Insult our Intelligence PLEASE….

Please lah! RPK I am born Chinese and for a malay to say we chinese whack the malay its very RACIAL in Nature and for Gods sake you of all people are trying to provoke a situation which is already heated up to the point of exploding in our eyes.

For your information, the elderly chinese always show respect ,when they go to functions where there are presence of YBs and MPs. They treat the YBs with respect as to them the Ybs are people who have gained authority by being voted in. The Ybs might be arrogant or high handed but the reality is that the Chinese really respect their Ybs.


To be given money they will take as its CNY and the issue of white envelope should not be used to whack the chinese who were innocently present. If Ibrahim ali had given me that in SARAWAK,” I would have given him a BLACK EYE. I am serious and if I am disciplined by the party I will take it that I have taught “Ibrahim Ali”to respect each others culture.

UMNO implicated Aah ha! Well, God is Great and today the white envelope issue article appeared again in an internet portal. I have told the Pakatan YB yesterday that even if its white it should have symbols or wordings.Perkasa again trying to run away from the blame and this is what they got. Don’t blame others for your own actions is all I can say to them here.


 The article below says it all,”Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hasan Syed Ali has pointed out that even an Umno man has been caught on camera distributing ang pow in white packets.

Taking out page 38 of Sinar Harian, Syed Hasan referred to the report that residents in Seri Setia received white ang pow packets with RM100 inside from BN’s Seri Setia coordinator Abdul Halim Samad.

NONEThe daily quoted a Taman Dato Hormat resident, Loh Miew Lin, 57, as thanking the organisers for giving the money.

However, MCA Kelana Jaya division chief Ong Chong Swen, who was also at the event, refuted the accusation by Perkasa.

Ong said this was a different case and Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali “should not try to pull in” his controversial distribution of ang pow in white envelopes.

“Ibrahim should bear the responsbility for his own mistake and should not try to pull in others.”

She explained that the white envelopes used by Abdul Halim were in fact specially printed envelopes with the BN and Umno logos on them, which were used throughout the year.

These envelopes, she stressed, were different from the pure white envolopes that were used by Perkasa.

“We use them throughout the year, not only during Chinese New Year.”We use them on Hari Raya, Deevapali and also when we distribute contributions. This is different from Ibrahim Ali’s action,”Ong added.

15 thoughts on “Perkasa “White Envelopes Issue”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    The most racist politician is Msia is Ibrahim Ali.Asking others to respect Malays culture while he can ignore everything of others.

    My foot to take about Perkasa and that King of empty brain frog.He says Perkasa can bath you with street of blood.Can you stomach it ?.They act as if they are untouchable with high immunity and as if the whole country to them. Equal Opportunity Commission or EOM was abolished cos of them,Those who supported him are having the same stupidity DNA like him.

  2. sarawakiana says:

    So what UMNO say…????take care of small things b4 its come bigger….juz wonder who’s really d-racist…???!!!!????

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: I ‘BRA’ HIM’ arggg lee n this HAsan ALI has gone nuts + cuckoo n their brain n mind don’t function properly….n 1 DAY might be admited to Tanjung Rambutan soon….SHIT X3 to these kind of bananas idiot :evil: evil + no heart sub-human…… :oops:

    :roll: N this FATso RPK is homesick …..n getting sick n sicker day after days…..n this is bad for him…..gone case n gone cracko too…ai yo yoyoyo …….. :roll:

    :cry: N election is very near + NFC case….suddenly those :evil: very EVIL pontianak wanna cause another 513 by putting pig head at Mosque ….in order for them to divert RAKYAT attention to other things!!!…..n this type of :evil: EVIL sub-human think their plan can success!!!!….no no no no no bcoz :idea: GOD :idea: is watching their very evil act n will punish them in HELL soon…… :cry:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  4. dayang says:

    I am Sarawakian Malay and I dont like the way Ibrahim Ali and RPK make such “racists remarks” We are living together peacefully harmoniously here in Bumi Kenyalang and have no issues with our Sarawak brothers and sisters. Keep out of our STATE.

  5. Pulang says:

    When you mentioned that ” To be given money they will take as its CNY and the issue of white envelope should not be used to whack the chinese who were innocently present.” i totally agree with statement. How can RPK compare it to the previous situation where some DAP chinese wakil rakyat in Selangor boycott any palace function that requires him to wear the songkok? should I even go further with the prostitute story?

    These old folks were caught off guard and to refuse to take angpow is another cultural taboo. Do they have any other choices at the time? We will all die, so might as well die with prosperity and luck, right? Jokes aside, To PERKASA and DAP wakil rakyat : do a bit of home study on other cultural believe before you get any goodwill credit or stupid judgements. As one wiseman says, ” Knowledge is Power”.

    Religion aside, We Malaysians lived in a multi cultured country, shouldn’t we adopt a multi culture way of life? I know we heard of this statement once to many times before until I want to muntah darah. But we should not take it on face value only now, this could be the next downfall of Malaysia as a whole.

  6. Calvin says:

    This will only lead to racial and religious hatred and eventually the extremists in Ibrahim Ali aqnd now RPK will lead to divide and it only take a small spark to put the countrys peace at risks. This two persons should be summoned and locked up.Hishammuddin HOME MINISTER you musts do something

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

      :shock: Hello Calvin ah! Open your eye BIG-BIG la n don’t ‘sai goo ban goit’ that this keris pudding can do RIGHT thing laaaaa sebab dia ini pembela SYAITAN 513……. :shock:

  7. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :lol: This Tiew-Tiew now REGRET n after RESIGN from all porn star party post….he OPEN his mouth n start to tell the TRUTH….ai yo yoyoyo TIEW get perkosa SHIT X3 now.. :lol:

  8. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:


    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

      :mrgreen: Ai yo yoyoyo….Calvin ah!!! not as SIMPLE as u think la,,,,,porn star b-end + perkosa fail project in ‘pak kam’…..perhaps this bananas sub fat human frog should join this DARK VADARRR olee COW (MCD) next…… what say u Calvin??? :?: :mrgreen:

  9. 2012 hope says:

    UMNI is a party of money not politics.From top to bottom, every one is struggling to be in power so as to have better opportunities and chances of winning lucrative govt projects for their butter and bread or commonly know as rezeki to Malays.Talking of servicing the rakyat are all gimmicks and empty promises.That is reality which they know best.Do Msia women need a political reject,Shahrizat to lead their cause.A real shame to the world.

  10. Suarez says:

    Some politicians think they can win votes by dishing our “racist” remarks or behaviour… instead their actions will create hatred and disharmony.. Politicking is a career for them but, please, not to the point of using racial issues to get at each other’s throat for your own politcal interest… Look outside and see what is happening worldwide when hate and revenge is already embedded in the mind of the people.. Keep your racist comments to your self..

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