Pilihan di Tangan Anda-GE13

Our previous article was ,”725 seats for GE 13 to be contested” and also “GE13- Battle Royale 1.https://audie61.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/725-seats-for-ge13/  2.https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/ge-13-battle-royale/

PM Najib holds the dates close to his chest. He knows that the Voters would not be fooled anymore. He has consistently benn harping on PEOPLE FIRST, PERFORMANCE NOW. The acquittal of Anwar opposition leader from sodomy is also a feel good factor for the ruling BN government. It shows that the judiciary was not influenced by the government and the political psychology worked.

However the hardliners surrounding Najib feels that with Anwar free they will be in for a bitter and hardfought GE13. The infighting surrounding Sarawak parties in SPDP and SUPP is also hampering preparations as many political analysts points to BN will have difficulties in as many as 12 out of 31 seats.  Moreover Sabah a BN bastion in 2008 with 24 out of 25 seats might also see at least 8 urban and semi urban seats keenly contested.

Najib wants to be very sure of the mathematics involving the 222 seats befgore he decides to see the Agong to dissolve the Parliament for elections. In 2008 BN won 140-82 and Najib musts do better or face the wrath of his own party UMNO.

Najib was quoted as having said,”I hope it will be the right time (for the next election) soon enough, but we still have to deliver on our promises and it’s important for people to have the feeling that the reforms we have promised will actually benefit them.”

PM Najib has until 2013 to call elections and he will use the time available till elections is held to ensure all party machineries are ready and quell any infighting which will have adverse effect on the results of BN.

The key to Putrajaya is very much in the hands of the voters and Najib and Anwar will know its not going to be an easy ride for either BN or Pakatan.

A BN YB in a telephone call even said,”Yes,its in the voters hands and GE13 is going to be very tough and of course the cyber world will also not be an exception. Najib as PM will weigh all options and will have the strategies worked out. You want me to tell you how.”



725 Seats for GE13

Our earlier posting  PAS said :- “Dissolved February 17th Polling 11th March 2011 https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/ge13-pas-17th-feb-dissolved/

Today Mohd Hatta Ramli, election director for the opposition PAS :- “Although I think it (the election) can be as early as March, it could be dragged till June or July,”

An internet portal have this to say,”Prime Minister Najib Razak may call elections as early as March to stay ahead of a weakening economy and dissension within his own party.

However DAP Lim Kit Siang said,”Anwar’s acquittal is likely to affect Najib’s time-table for the holding of the next general elections as the possibility of dissolution of Parliament immediately after the Chinese New Year has receded into the back ground.

He feels it will after the Parliamentary seating from March 12 to April 12, 2012 as it will be the first official opening by the New Yang di Pertuan Agong . The next Parliamentary seating will be from 11th June to 28th June 2012.

All political parties in Malaysia have been anticipating the dissolution from last year after the Sarawak State Elections in April 2011.  There are 725  seats to be contested and with Anwars acquittal yesterday, the opposition will surely not have any hesitation to have their respective State assemblies dissolved to coincide with the Parliamentary Elections.


“PKR’s Statement on Anwar Ibrahim Acquittal”


 We are all happy and relieved with the decision. It has been some 3 years and the gross injustice was inflicted not only on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, but his family and all his friends and supporters. The prosecution and the trial was a frontal attack on Malaysians’ sense of justice and public credence of the judiciary.

From the beginning, it is a lose-lose game for the BN and in particular UMNO and a win-win situation for the Pakatan Rakyat.

The case for the prosecution was helplessly weak and it makes a mockery of our judicial system when the charge was framed, the prosecution carried the trial through our Court. In any other country, it could not be contemplated that such a prosecution could have been taken place.

What was on the BN and UMNO leaders mind was to wear down DSAI and to break up the Pakatan Rakyat coalition when the case was dragged through the court.

It was fortunate that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition had remained intact. In fact, the bond was strengthened over the last three years.

When it comes to the decision, the BN and UMNO leaders have to make a decision which will do the least damage to the ruling coalition. It is win-win for Pakatan Rakyat as the outcome will fuel the conviction and resolve of Malaysians to greater electoral and political change in this country.

It is obvious that BN and UMNO chose to mitigate the damages by attempting to protect the image of the Prime Minister on his transformation plan by trying to further his pro-liberal and pro-democracy image.

Barring more exposure of corruption and other instances of poor governance and misadministration, it can be expected that the next general election may be called even before this March.

It is a good thing that this nonsensical court drama has ended, and the BN and Pakatan Rakyat will now compete with each other on the coalition’s policies, the track records of their governance and generally on merits of the respective coalition.

“That is what we have wanted. Malaysians have matured. The Two-Coalition System had taken shape and the Pakatan Rakyat are ready to be the new government of Malaysia. We wanted Freedom for Anwar Ibrahim, and we craved for the freedom of all Malaysians.”

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Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah “After going through the evidence, I cannot be 100 percent certain that the evidence can be accepted as there could have been tampering.

“Hence, the court is reluctant to convict on such corroboration of evidence from (Saiful) and the accused is acquitted.

BN “A Political Opportunity”

WE QUIT NOT RESIGNED says Peter Nansian.

Many different analysts have their own interpretations on the SPDP5,Gang of 5.RENTAP and today it was a very HOT ITEM.Mosts major newspapers covered it in detail and there were a lot of phone calls and smses received.

One caller even mentioned and echoed PRS Presidents James Masings words,”Crisis breeds Opportunity” when the SPDP5 had a press conference at PRS Office in which the merger of PRS/SPDP was revived. The SPDP5 have tried all ways to manouvere but each time they came up against an obstacle. Now it seems there have even used the BN as a FACE SAVING WAY to protect their political lives.

BN is a coalition and as such BN is made up of coalition partners which belongs to different political parties and their members are part of the BN system.The legislators are all from different component parties which makes up the ALLIANCE.

Pakatan would have done the same if they have sufficient parties and their application is approved by ROS. Pakatan will also not tolerate insubordination and they too musts have discipline or else the parties within the coalition will also breakup. BN is no exception and at bests the 5 YBs would be called BN friendly YBs.

The next election they will surely feel the heat. If not justs ask Larry Sng and how he was not nominated for Pelagus eventhough he was very much a BN friendly YB and an Asst.Minister with three portfolios. PRS fought hard at the BN coalition meetings to have their own man for Pelagus and they won but losts in the elections.

But the point is ,”BN did not compromise and today they are STILL very much intact..”

We received this sms and we share with all of you,”A political observer said that the trouble  caused by the the stubborn or dissenting FIVE or that suffered by the party now are the BIRTH PANG for the birth of young leaders in SPDP.

It gives hope for the youthand budding politicians.Them five leaving or retiring are justs blessings in disguise becausewith them vacating their seats will provide hope for the youth to become BN candidates replacing the old guards.

Shd  BN give face to the FIVE,it is just approving insubordination and giving wrong signal that members can always lawan tawkey and yet remain in BN. another qn is,has BN approve the BN direct membership thingy to operate as BN members after leaving parties?

According to Dtk Dr.Rundi BN Sarawak SG only the various parties  are members of BN and that only party presidents are office bearers.So how can they say when at best they are just partyless  representatives.? End.


SPDP4 Latest CHILLS..??”

Breaking news:-

Our privelege source have mentioned to us the SPDP4 have issued a Press Statement today 6th January 2012. This is done on purpose to coincide with the Mas Gading Friends amongst Friends dinner on 7th January 2012 in CHMS Hall Lundu where the President William Mawan and his SC will be present.

The Press Statement by the SPDP4 would be their resignation from the party and their disillusion with the party led by Party president William Mawan. However our source says that there are cornered and they are only using that as an excuse to leave the party. They also said that they do not want to get the CHILLS refering to the treatment suffered by their other YB Sylvester Entri.

There are some technicalities involved in their want away from party in which we musts not delve too much but justs to tell them :-CHECK OUT THE PARTY CONSTITUTION AS YOU WERE VERY MUCH PART OF LOOKING THROUGH THE ARTICLES AND CLAUSES.


GE13..”Politics and You..??”

Winnable or Reliable candidate..!!

Your Choice but there are still many hidden truths which one would not even reveal amongst which  are one’s health status. We do get lobbyists running down their opponents ill health justs to score points so that their candidate will have an edge.

After what has happened during GE12 where there were 17 by-elections the parties election committee will include as an important criteria,”Are our assemblyman all having a clean bill of health.?” Should we make it mandatory for them to go for a STRESS TESTS.?

By-elections does not only costs substantial amount of taxpayers money but also a lot of valuable manhours are losts. The article which was written in the national daily does spark a “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” and certainly some party elders would try to implement them in the criteria besides winnable and reliable candidates.

GE13 is justs around the corner as the lobbying intensifies and every aspiring candidate will try to be at their bests of health not to lose out at this crucial moment.