“SPDP Presidents Facebook Page”

The UMB (Unit Media Baru) SPDP met with the President in anticipation of the upcoming general elections. The UMB team comprising SPDP bloggers and facebookers are all ready to dessimate information and also to fend off any misinformation and  attacks from the opposition front.

There were a number of interesting questions which one blogger put to the President. Firstly,”President we know that your Facebook account has been hacked as reported by a local daily. Is it true?”

The answer,”Firstly I would like to thank the person who has taken the initiative to create a LIKE Page for me. Its a very good and supportive gesture towards me. Unfortunately,I musts stress that certain people have chosen to take advantage of this media to speak foul and say unkindly things which has been reported in the print/media,”been hacked and pasted with several nasty comments on certain Barisan Nasional people” 

Facebook Mawan said has more than 800 million active users. I do keep tabs and very savvy friendly and thats why I am all for the UMB SPDP but it is not an appropriate way to abuse this social media technology. To prevent further misuse Mawan said that he has directed the UMB team to dessimate information to the cyberspace.

UMB SPDP as such would like to inform the cyberworld that the Presidents LIKE page

Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom

will/should not be taken as a page authorised/used by the SPDP President to inform SPDP members.The issue is closed and the FACEBOOK account will be closed soon. The President said,”Hopefully the authorised person who design and uploaded the page has not forgotten the PASSWORD. UMB might justs need to write to Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) “

haha laughter in the air” 

 President also told the UMB team that all relevant questions/functions should come from the party headquarters and UMB SPDP will also assist in informing the members.

Questions were also asked on SPDP after the internal misunderstandings/sacking and also the upcoming TDC in Bintulu on March 17th /18th 2012. The printmedia/blogsphere has written a lot on SPDP in the last few weeks and its time for the party to move onwards and gear itself for the General elections which is due very soon. We need to maintain and win comfortably all our 4 seats said the President to the UMB team.

We need to work as one and we will deliver our seats as expected. President has all hopes for the future of SPDP and he also spoke on the formation of the Puteri Wing which augurs very well for the party. UMB team thanked the President for his time and hope that this information which will be ‘blasted’ in the cyber world puts all stop to the FACEBOOK LIKE PAGE.

GE13 “Sarawak 16 seats Sabah 12 seats”

This article mentioned more or less ” Umno’s in trouble in Selangor” but what was significant especially if its alter ego of Tun Daim Zainudin there will be trouble.

Who is this man to predict ,‘BN could lose 16 parliamentary seats in Sarawak and 12 in Sabah – eight of which will be from Umno.”

Are you in agreement with him.?

This is what was is written about the man himself,”Tun Daim is a dangerous seer. In 2008, he predicted the loss of BN in 5 states. The UMNO generals were up in arms. They vilified him, describing him with all sorts of disrespectful terms. Daim is a pensioner. Daim is out of touch. Daim is irrelevant. When the results came, what Daim predicted was generally true.

31 seats Sarawak losing 16 and Sabah 25 seats losing 12. Statistically both states only have 50% support for the BN seats and whoever directed the man to predict this musts have something up his sleeve. Will the ruling political government be worried?

Forgive my ignorance but mosts political observers justs cannot see where in Sarawak the seats are going to be won by the Pakatan group.16 is a tall order and the parliamentary seats are not exactly urban seats. Sabah likewise and even if there are infighting within the UMNO ranks it justs doesn’t add up. 2008 both states losts 1 each and now in the upcoming elections it is such a significant and dramatic increase with 28 seats.

A political pundit said the worst case scenario would be only a dozen seats losts in Sarawak and Sabah. Anything more would be very disastrous for BN and 28 seats will mean Pakatan will be the ruling government after GE13.