SarawakReport Oh Wow..!!

This internet blog has caught the imagination of the people of Sarawak at large and also those who surf the cyberworld. There have been so many articles which are very well documented with facts,figures and all the necessary pictorial which even can be used for submission of a thesis for a doctorate in a leading political university.

What made me think about giving some of my cyber space for Sarawak Report? Do they need further propaganda or advertisement. They need not as they are so well known that mosts renowned Malaysian political analysts turn to for information in respect of insider information on Sarawak or on the CHIEF MINISTER TAIB MAHMUD.

I was at a dinner function last night and I was caught in a a tunnel squeezed and stucked between heaven and hell. The 2 questions he posed,’How can we rebutt Sarawak report? How can we stop it?

The answer to this is very simple. DO WE NEED TO

It can turn out to be very much like the Khairy Chronicles. The Khairy article is a 33-part written report by Raja Petra Kamarudin published at Malaysia Today that allegedly details the rise and influence of Khairy Jamaluddin in Malaysian politics. A Malay-language version has been printed and distributed in 2006, after which Jamaluddin claimed that the book is fictional[

We are not saying Sarawak report is false but its up to the individual to interpret the newsvalue of the reporting and how it will affect his own mindset. The mastermind behind the reporting has an agenda. It is in their bests interests to keep updates to their readership on the “sensational news” and to make known of their capabilities of obtaining the first hand news.

Rebutt, no need its there for every one to see and of course opposition to the ruling government will use the information given to score points and win more votes to their side. Its very infectious no doubt as everyone are talking about it and the internet blogs would pick up on certain points to add credibility to their sites by forcing an argument in the cyberworld.

A former employee who was working in London with Sarawak report even said to me,”I have written so much until I dont know what to write and its repetitious and I do wonder the people are still reading.” My friend who asked me this question last night should be happy to note that even the former writer who dug up all the pieces and received information is having second thoughts about his writing.

Does that give confidence to the READERS out there? Sarawak report can write no doubt about it but when one of their own turns their back on them and say things which are newsworthy to another cyber writer it throws out many question marks ? Is the writer credible? Who is he? Do we disclose him here? Is he by the way still with them? hmmmm….

Now,now if they can sensationalise news in Sarawak report.. Can audie61 do that too? Yes.obviously we can. 

We have our own readership but not as many though as Sarawak report and we do surrender to their figures and readership. Its not about readership here but its up about HOW TRUTHFUL are the reporting and how the articles can even start a mass revolution against the leaders of the country.

Malaysian authorities (MCMC) can easily put a stop and blanket mosts blog which uses wordpress,blogspot very much like China where they curtail the usage of certain outside ip addresses. That musts have justs answered my friends second question. Do we stoop that low to stop Sarawakreport? No need…..

I wanted to question him back but I will leave it here for him to question himself. Justs 2 questions my friend….

1. Do you exactly believe all that is written by Sarawak Report? 2. Do you comment back in Sarawak report articles?

Well, we all have our preferences in how news is filtered into our heads and we musts be able to deflect out what is real and what is not. Propaganda is very infectious if it is correctly disseminated and it will affect many people and get them all excited and tell tales which they themselves feel its their outer minds sensationalising it but not them in reality.

Cheh! don’t say we have justs writen something which you already know. In actual fact we justs wrote something which happened last night where I was really actually dumbstrucked for more than a minute. It justs goes to show even a writer can be blanketted out what more a blog or an internet portal. By the way it seems you have come this far and read on and we have arrived at a conclusion that..

You musts also be a Sarawak REPORT fan reading this. Anything interesting from them?

By the way do you know who my friend was?

CM Taib.

GOTCHA…… hik hik hik