Spdp “Sms misinterpreted”

Walau eh! Could this be for Real?

 Early this morning an sms went viral with implications pointing to SPDP President William Mawan and instructions to his closest aides. The message was very convincing and each SPDP member who received it resend it out. There was also replies received,” Bro.This is big news and even in twitters there were replies like more like 500 only turning up.”  

The sms reads like this,”Alex,Capt.Zai,paul,Tony.Nansian and Dr.Tiki and northern soldiers  will be showing how angry they are on Sat.Morning bringing down SPDP signage,putting up the BN club signage and later address about  5,000 poor villages at the hall,suggesting CM is behind their activities.This is info their little birdie told me or claim just now.

He also said Nansian has met CM this afternoon to inform him what they will be doing.True or not,we see Sat. msg fr Mawan “

This is very damaging to SPDP President Mawan and a check with the political secretary Paul Igai whose name was also mentioned and he said,”there is no authenticity and its very mischievously done

Another senior member even said,”Mawan musts do damage control now and he needs to keep tabs on his people.”

The implications of this sms is not only damaging but it affects the relationship of the CM with Mawan. The people on the ground will know that Nansians BN club is fully supported by CM and thus they have the “blessings” from the head of BN Sarawak to use the symbol for the time being as they remain as BN legislators.

Mawans message of them(SPDP5) that they are no longer BN members needs to be clarified further.

There was also numerous calls which also suggests that a ‘police report be made” as President of SPDPs name has been used. However further checking we found the correct source and he said,’there was a personal interview from Nansian and the sms was sent to Mawan but it was further elaborated by someone to tarnish the ‘saintly image of Mawan

It was a purely a personal message and it gives further relevance to the statement,”WHO CAN WE TRUSTS AND WHO WILL BETRAY ME? The message went viral and whether it was purposely/mischeviously done one would never know.

Who will be there amongst the 5000 people tomorrow?

Nansian and the rests of the BN group will try to ensure the success and turnout to this function as the press/media will be out in full force. Failing to attract the crowd will have adverse and negative perception for the group.

Let’s wait for the smses tomorrow shall we….