We Will Win”120 to 140 seats…!!”

We will be in Putrajaya. We will win 120 to 140 seats. We will get BN out.

We will …We will..We will

The Pakatan Rakyat machinery is at maximum speed as it engages BN. The feel good factor after the acquittal of Anwar has indeed revitalised the opposition front. The PR strategists are going full trottle to capitalise on the Anwar factor and the shouts of “reformasi,reformasi,reformasi”are ringing louder and clearer.

Even in the final leg of the Pakatan Rally final leg ceramah in Kedah the crowd swelled above expectations to over 50,000 at Stadium Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah. The crowds are there and one needs to look at the mathmatics and where the 222 seats will go.

If that is how the Pakatan Group sees it We will go to Putrajaya it means that Sarawak CM Taib is not too far wrong. He had told one of the senior cabinet ministers after the usual Thursday meeting that ,”We will still be BN in the State but Federal might not be after the GE13.”

If the scenario does happen one would need to justs remember what the Speaker of the House and now acting TYT Asfia often tells those who are politically close to him,”If the horse is seen to be weakening,change or you will fall with it.Get on a horse thats riding with the WIND.He calls it,’

Politics of Survival not only Politics of Perception

Even some PBB grassroot leaders can concur with Asfia.They do feel that some party leaders in BN will switch camps to be with the WIND and not against it. There are a number of unanswered questions and GE13 will not only be dirtiest as some put it but very significant to some political theories.

Seriously though, one would ask where are the numbers which will determine Pakatan take over from BN? Could the slogan ABU(Anything but UMNO) that has sunk into a number of the coalition partners in BN.

Who amongst the BN partners will betray UMNO and join forces with PR?

BN intellegence and insiders knows too well what is going on behind the backs of the BN/UMNO. UMNO has even calculated that in Peninsular they are confidently safe at 80 seats and Sarawak and Sabah will definitely hold the KEYS to the continuity of the BN alliances

This extracted passage is from an internet portal,”There is little doubt that Pakatan will win the next election based on the current sentiment on the ground. This is not just in the Peninsular but also in Sabah and Sarawak. There also many within BN who have already read the writing on the wall and are ready to move their loyalties to Pakatan even before the elections.

Informed estimates of Pakatan’s probable share of parliament seats now range from 120 to 140 seats;  which will be quite enough to oust the BN from power. And we will finally have a competent Prime Minister in Anwar Ibrahim, backed by an honest cabinet, which will actually have the interests of Malaysians at heart.

It seems the final tally will be determined by the slogan ABU. Who amongst the coalition partners will take the giant step to end the rule of BN and fit the final jigsaw of the Pakatan led coalition to rule Malaysia.

BN musts not underestimate the propaganda machinery of PR.The BN propaganda machine needs to keep abreasts with the times and musts stop churning out aging political ideology. Masing PRS President was quick to point out that this message,”No Barisan Nasional, No Development’ in Sarawak no longer works and is ineffective.

The current voters are “not only young but well educated and are very well-informed of happenings around them.They also more prosperous and had more needs than just the basic requirements.

Masing also hints to his BN counterparts,’He said one of the ways was for the elected representatives to be very sincere and honest with them.
“If we cannot deliver, we must tell them so. We must also always go down to the ground.

“I find that voters are more willing to accept the faults of YBs who work continuously and are always easy to reach throughout their term and not become visible only when the election is around.

Masing is very well informed politically and he said,”the Internet has changed the scenario now.We musts be informed and we need to stop all the inaccurate propaganda.”

Who will get it right depends very much on the propaganda which will be accepted by the voters who will mark the ballot papers. The political machinery of both BN and PR will need to get into the mindset of their members that they will only be one winner.2nd bests does not exists in politics.

WE WILL WIN 120 or more will rule Putrajaya for 5 more years.