BN “A Political Opportunity”

WE QUIT NOT RESIGNED says Peter Nansian.

Many different analysts have their own interpretations on the SPDP5,Gang of 5.RENTAP and today it was a very HOT ITEM.Mosts major newspapers covered it in detail and there were a lot of phone calls and smses received.

One caller even mentioned and echoed PRS Presidents James Masings words,”Crisis breeds Opportunity” when the SPDP5 had a press conference at PRS Office in which the merger of PRS/SPDP was revived. The SPDP5 have tried all ways to manouvere but each time they came up against an obstacle. Now it seems there have even used the BN as a FACE SAVING WAY to protect their political lives.

BN is a coalition and as such BN is made up of coalition partners which belongs to different political parties and their members are part of the BN system.The legislators are all from different component parties which makes up the ALLIANCE.

Pakatan would have done the same if they have sufficient parties and their application is approved by ROS. Pakatan will also not tolerate insubordination and they too musts have discipline or else the parties within the coalition will also breakup. BN is no exception and at bests the 5 YBs would be called BN friendly YBs.

The next election they will surely feel the heat. If not justs ask Larry Sng and how he was not nominated for Pelagus eventhough he was very much a BN friendly YB and an Asst.Minister with three portfolios. PRS fought hard at the BN coalition meetings to have their own man for Pelagus and they won but losts in the elections.

But the point is ,”BN did not compromise and today they are STILL very much intact..”

We received this sms and we share with all of you,”A political observer said that the trouble  caused by the the stubborn or dissenting FIVE or that suffered by the party now are the BIRTH PANG for the birth of young leaders in SPDP.

It gives hope for the youthand budding politicians.Them five leaving or retiring are justs blessings in disguise becausewith them vacating their seats will provide hope for the youth to become BN candidates replacing the old guards.

Shd  BN give face to the FIVE,it is just approving insubordination and giving wrong signal that members can always lawan tawkey and yet remain in BN. another qn is,has BN approve the BN direct membership thingy to operate as BN members after leaving parties?

According to Dtk Dr.Rundi BN Sarawak SG only the various parties  are members of BN and that only party presidents are office bearers.So how can they say when at best they are just partyless  representatives.? End.


7 thoughts on “BN “A Political Opportunity”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Bye-bye Mawan like bye bye to 2011.Merger can be revisited says Masing.he further stressed that he is helping BN brothers when they have problems but everybody knows his main motive,to expand and strengthen PRS so as he has a chance to be No 2 in Sawak.

  2. Howel says:

    Ha ha ha, as expected SPDP from a mosquito party now become a sand fly party. From 8 Adun now to only 2, 4mps now only 3. After next G13 if Mawan chose to nominate all the incumbents spdp will be left with 1 MP (tiong although still not guaranteed to win with the PKFZ scandal haunting him), Sagan and Jelaing are expected to lose. With Annuar acquictal PR will set to gain momentum and is expected to gain big in Sarawak and Sabah this time. With the international NGO’s demanding the arrest and jailing of taib, every political pundits will not discount the unthinkable to happen in the near future. Post taib- would it be BN or PR who would rule the country and Sarawak. It look like the divide and rule game by the white hair has gone over board this time. Mawan is just plain dumb. Anyway don’t expect much from him, afterall the power behind his throne in SPDP is that guy from Bintulu.

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