SPDP4 Latest CHILLS..??”

Breaking news:-

Our privelege source have mentioned to us the SPDP4 have issued a Press Statement today 6th January 2012. This is done on purpose to coincide with the Mas Gading Friends amongst Friends dinner on 7th January 2012 in CHMS Hall Lundu where the President William Mawan and his SC will be present.

The Press Statement by the SPDP4 would be their resignation from the party and their disillusion with the party led by Party president William Mawan. However our source says that there are cornered and they are only using that as an excuse to leave the party. They also said that they do not want to get the CHILLS refering to the treatment suffered by their other YB Sylvester Entri.

There are some technicalities involved in their want away from party in which we musts not delve too much but justs to tell them :-CHECK OUT THE PARTY CONSTITUTION AS YOU WERE VERY MUCH PART OF LOOKING THROUGH THE ARTICLES AND CLAUSES.