“BN or Pakatan Judgement Day..??”

January the 9th 2012 exactly 18 days from now Malaysia would not be the same anymore says the emeritus professor to audie61 at breakfast this morning. It is already a known fact that BN is seriously facing a mountain full of “problems” as and when they face the electorate come GE13. Only PM and his closest “inner circle”will know when is the appropriate timing to call for the elections.

The No.1 question is “Are the people still steadfastly with BN or have they been disillusion with Pakatan and its promises and left?” He has been keeping his ears on the ground and feels that the Malaysian political scene is really rocking and the grounds are indeed shifting. BN does not need more problems on the plate.The M$500 given out has been twisted with facts from the ground that BN is indeed buying votes from the poor.


The middle/average earners are given goodies even as far as churning out of 1Malaysia TV.Najid even said during the Astro distribution of decoders,”Any group of people marginalised from access to real-time information is in a disadvantaged position and will fail to compete in today’s world.” 

The timing of January 9th is all not too perfect says many for Najib. Anwar’s judgement day he was UMNO Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister when he was sacked from the government in 1988 but now we musts be reminded that he is the figurehead of the opposition alliances. Mosts if not all the corporate giants in Malaysia does not need a political upheavel. Will after GE13 results provide assurances or justification that all will be healthy and well in corporate Malaysia?

The political BN strategists are in a hurry to get it over and done with and the Pakatan group are justs watching and rubbing their hands with happiness to see whether the “BAIT” will be bitten. The swing will be very significant and if elections were called after the judgement day BN will need more than “goodies”to win the middle and fencesitters voters. Malaysia like any other countries have sympathetic hearts and ears for the downtrodden and they will rally to the call of the masses.

The next question is if Anwar is “put away” the likeliest leader would surely be Nurul Izzah his daughter and she has the charm and the fighting spirit to carry the torch through the finishingline and even pushing the government to submisssion. I extract this from an internet portal,”Imprisonment of Anwar will enrage the masses, but a guilty or acquittal verdict will not yield political benefits for BN. If the strategy is to remove him it is not a wise idea. This will incur the wrath of  the people.  ”

What choices does the BN? The quick dollar is to upheld the verdict(we did’t say that hmm)through some manouevering which the think tanks of BN needs to look at the possibilities. We do not need to tell them how its done as Malaysia has already have a slogan,”MALAYSIA BOLEH” It will be all the wiser to have the judgement day after the ELECTIONS. Someone has already seen far ahead we hope and we need not spelt it further as if spoils BN chances and plans the ultimate answer would be,”Sorry judgement today for Anwars case file number is delayed due to No.1 No. 2 and No.3 …………………”

This is the ground feel and BN musts not justs be fooled says the emeritus professor. There are many theories and articles written on the date in question of Anwars day in court but for the greater good one has to sit down and think and to look ahead at what consequences would materialise from it all.

The peoples voices would be LOUD and CLEAR. Do we need to remind ourselves,” It only takes a spark to lit the fire.”

The article which sparked the response:-http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=24855:victory-to-pakatan-jailing-anwar-will-only-boomerang-on-umno&Itemid=2

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