Ada “Dayak” Bising,Tak ada Pun Bising.?

When there is factional fight within a political party the separate groups will use whatever ways or methods justs to score points and also political mileage. SUPP’s Dayak YBs are now at each other throats and this is not healthy for the party as after a disastrous outing won only 6 out of 19 seats at the last state elections the party needs more than ever to consolidate itself.

The infighting needs to stop or call for a cease-fire as the Pakatan coalition is already rubbing their hands and the lasts we heard hmm is even composing a song for SUPP and its called,” Ooh ,Bising Saja lah…”

Moreover it is fact that when one is faced with problems the mind will be clouded and its no different for the political boys/party. Too much at stake says an observer thats why they cannot justs let go and forget the humiliating pain of defeat at branch level elections for some. It’s already entrenched in their minds of their supporters” If we cannot have it theyalso musts not have it.”

One SUPP faction has 6 AdUNS plus 1 MP while the other faction has 4 MPs plus the party headquarters,youth and wanita wings. The ROS will go over the documentations and will be the arbitrator. The ROS will have personal interviews plus both factional interviews.

They will write their reports and present it to the Director/officials within ROS to scrutinize.The final decision will only be made after consultation with the Minister in charge as this is very much a Political case.

The President of SUPP Peter Chin speaking to audie61 has singlemindedly reminded everyone to throw their weight behind the party and ease itself to be accepted as a party for everyone. The factional fights should stop and SUPP members musts get behind the party in the next GE13. When and only if the members in SUPP are united the opposition will find it tough. The party has suffered as there is never ending squabbles not only on major issues but also petty and personal issues.

He vows to ensure the party will be in good hands after serving his term of the Presidency. He has vouched to only stay for 3 years and when he calls it a day he hopes the party will be back to its glorious self.

At the moment the dayak YBs are at each others throat and this should stop he says. It is no good for the BN coalition and he said he has something to offer the Chinese and dayak communities as a whole. Everyone within the partysphere will not be left out and this spat in the public gallery should stop.

Below is the headlined article which Peter Chin’s deputy Richard has his say:-

KUCHING: SUPP newly elected deputy president Datuk Richard  Riot  refused to be drawn into a discussion on a resolution adopted a t the  party’s recent triennial delegates conference which stipulates that the  secretary-general would take over the helm if the president stepped down or was  unable to continue.

That resolution effectively removed any chance of Riot becoming president,  making his achievement of being elected the party’s first Bumiputera deputy  president rather hollow.

Many view his position in the party as mere window dressing to assuage the  bumiputera members.

Riot, who is also Deputy Foreign Minister, said he did not care what post he  was holding in the party as his main focus now was to be re-nominated by Barisan  Nasional (BN) to defend the Serian parliamentary seat.

Riot, the five-term MP, said this yesterday when told that there were murmurs  on the ground that he had been played out by the party and used as a pawn to  counter allegations that the new leadership led by Datuk Seri Peter Chin had  sidelined Bumiputera members in its top posts line-up.

“My focus now is to get re-nominated by BN to defend Serian, and I will not  deviate from that direction.”

When asked if he thought the deputy president post is just a window dressing,  Riot said: “The post is secondary.”

Meanwhile,  Engkilili asemblyman Dr Johnical Rayong Ngipa said the  Registrar of Societies (ROS) should look into    the resolution  which  elevated the secretary-general into the second most powerful  position ahead of the deputy president.

When asked on the disappointment among party Bumiputera members that the  constitution was changed to ensure no Bumiputera member would lead the party, Dr  Rayong said it was not unexpected since Riot was a ‘lone ranger’, being the only  Dayak member in Chin’s central committee line-up.

Dr Rayong said he and four other state assemblymen namely Datuk Francis  Harden Hollis (Simanggang), Datuk Lee Kim Shin (Senadin), Dr Jerip Susil  (Bengoh) and Ranum Mina (Opar) and MP   Datuk Tiong Thai King (Lanang)  were still siding SUPP Sibu branch chairman Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh.

Dr Rayong also claimed that Riot initially was with Wong but changed his mind  at the eleventh hour before the  TDC.

Riot was once a member of the now defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS)  but joined SUPP in 1993.

Another SUPP Bumiputera assemblyman  Dr Jerip Susil said Riot should  have known he would never be given any real power in the party, saying  “All along it is like that and if he  does not know, he is naive.”

Dr Jerip added that by accepting the deputy  president post Riot had  betrayed Bumiputera members in SUPP as the new leadership was merely making use  of him as a window dressing.

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One thought on “Ada “Dayak” Bising,Tak ada Pun Bising.?

  1. sarawakiana says:

    True to form could this problem amongst the dayak YBs lead to the breakup of another Sarawak party? Time will tell…for now we enjoy the disagreements and the allegations on offer.

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